SitRep – 08/29/20 (Part 1 of 3)

There are times when I, as well as others, “connect the dots” and show how something has occurred that is not readily apparent to everyone but various data points exist, and existed, to show it would or has happened. Then there are times when a series of events, called strains (a.k.a. trends), come together to produce a large and significant situation. That “come together” action is called convergence. It is interesting to read the formal definition of convergence. However, in the context of this article…it is the meeting, joining, merging of several strains of major occurrences taking place in the world…specifically the United States. And that convergence…well, it is producing a mega-storm of potential destruction that could change the face of the United States forever. And I am not talking a good change.

Before I get into the meat of the article me explain, or rather “re-explain”, how I present material. I provide “predictions” in terms of probability. I don’t remember ever saying that such and such will (as in 100%) happen in regards to the material contained herein. I present it in terms of what I think will happen…but in terms of only the probability of it happening, not the certainty of it occurring.

Example: Earlier this year, after the plague started, I laid out the case for the collapse of the US economy. I gave a timeframe for that collapse in 4 – 6 weeks from the time of the article’s publication.  In that “prediction” was my assessment that the collapse probability was better that it would happen, than it would not happen. Did the economy collapse? No, at least not in the traditional sense of the term, nor did it collapse like I saw the potential for it to. It actuality did collapse further and deeper in some aspects than I thought it would…but didn’t collapse in the sense that it ceased to function. So the collapse beat my expectation on it’s probability. More on the “economic collapse” later.

This SitRep article uses the exact same concept…probability. And there is a significant difference between the percentage of probability of something occurring vs the certainty of that event occurring. In this article I am saying there is a high likelihood, or high probability, of events taking place…not their certainty. Now that all of the clarification is out of the way…on with the SitRep.

In this article I will explain how four areas of concern (AOCs) have matured and are now merging together to create an impact that I feel compelled to write about…to warn you about. Fortunately, for those of you that have been following my website and reading my SitReps and Immediate Action Warnings…none of this will come as a big surprise.

Also, something a bit different from me…this SitRep consists of three parts. Today’s part covers the first three AOCs. Tomorrow I will cover the 4th AOC and Summary. And finally I will provide my thoughts on some specific issues in regards to this SitRep and make some suggestions.

AOCs –

Basic emergency preparedness for emergencies, disasters and grid-down. check listThe areas of concern I will be referring to are:

  • The Economy
  • Civil Society
  • Politics (which includes the upcoming Presidential election)
  • The X-Factors
The Economy –

As mentioned just a few paragraphs above, earlier this year I presented the probability that the economy would collapse before or during the summer. While the economic collapse did not occur in the traditional sense of the word or as I expected it would, let’s review a few things:

  • The unemployment situation is in massive trouble. While the administration is touting the job creations numbers (i.e. 1.5million jobs created in a previous month) they conveniently neglected to also point out that 1.1million people filed for first-time unemployment the previous week. If it were not for the special supplemental federal unemployment benefit of $600 per week, the economy would have been decimated along with tens of millions of families months ago.
  • The Federal Reserve (Fed) has created as much as 15 trillion dollars of “funny money” since the beginning of the plague. Yes, the Fed has digitally created that money out of thin air with nothing to support it but the full faith and credit of the US government.
  • The Fed is now virtually the sole purchaser of US treasury notes and bonds. Why? Because no one else wants to buy them. Well, that is not entirely true. Other countries and some individuals would buy them…if the yield (interest rate) was high enough. But, allowing the interest rate to that level in the free market system would expose how precarious the credit rating of the US actually is. So the Fed conveniently steps in buys those government notes… keeping the interest rate artificially low.
  • There is a substantial amount of information out in the financial world stating clearly that the US credit, financial outlook, etc. is diminishing…actually falling to dangerous levels. While not degrading the US government credit rating, as has been done in the not too distant past, they use terms such as the “outlook” for US government economic stability is weakening. Another way they go about it is stating things like, “US economy recovery potential is softening.” But the signals are there, in abundance, and all showing that, as is well-known around the world, the US economy, propped up the Fed, is extremely unstable, headed downhill, and in a very precarious position right now.
  • The Fed has been pumping about $150 – $250 BILLION dollars per week into the US financial system…banking and the stock market. Without this massive influx of cash the US economy would have ceased to exist months ago.
  • The money that I just mentioned…has all been digitally created…yes, meaning “funny money”. But worse than that…it is money that the US government is borrowing…and adding to the national debt.
  • Due to all of this digital creation of money and massive borrowing of funds by the US government…and then it being artificially pumped into the banking system and stock markets…we are seeing a substantial reduction in the dollar’s purchasing power. That is also known as inflation. Granted, inflation is not being seen in all aspects of the US economy, the dollar’s purchasing power is being felt by all US citizens except for the very rich.
  • In terms of who owns the underlying mortgages of private property in the US…the federal government is now the largest private landowner in the US. And yes, the federal government is already the largest public landowner in the US.
  • The federal is also virtually the sole holder of all student debt in the US. And essentially the only game in town for student loans. And the student loan default and delinquency rate in historic territory.
  • The days delinquent for residential mortgages, car loans, credit card balances, and car title loans is also growing substantially…as in growing into collapse
  • Business bankruptcies are at historic levels.
  • Commercial real estate is becoming over built, sitting more and more empty.
  • The trend in personal bankruptcies is indicating that we are looking at historic levels in the near future.
  • Small business brick and mortar businesses are closing their doors at an historic pace.

I won’t keep going on, you get the picture. The picture is simply this…the US economy sucks! We are in precarious, if not perilous, times from an economic perspective. You might well point out the stock market performance as contradictory evidence…and you would be right to do so. It is doing amazingly well this year…and specifically during the plague. Why? That’s an easy one. Another question, maybe more appropriate, would be “How?” And that answer is just as easy. The Fed. Yup, the Fed has been pumping 10’s of billions into the stock market…each week. That’s the “how.”

Going back to the “Why?” Well, that answer is multi-fold; 1) to transfer massive amounts of wealth to the Fed’s member banks and the rich ruling class in America, 2) to artificially prop up the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, 3) to give a high-profile example of how well the US economy is doing…albeit a “false front”.

Economic X-Factor : a wealth transfer economy and inflation as a tool.

Economic Summary –

We have never, ever seen economic times like this in the history of the US or the world. But, that is not the point. The point is…”Why is it all happening now?” And that is why it one of the top convergence factors…but also just a part of the convergence. By itself the economic situation is not insurmountable. In combination with the other convergence factors…well, wait for the “Summary” at the end of this article.

Civil Society –

I actually chuckled when I typed the above term. I had to ask myself…What civil society?!

Now, don’t get me wrong…I am not referring to individual people, or even specific small groups. I am referring to the whole of US society. And our society is anything but civil any more. I originally included the next section’s topic “Politics” in this section…but quickly realized that politics needed its own section. But, back to civil society.

I won’t go into painful discussion on this subject. Simply turn on the TV, read the news, watch the videos, listen to the reporting, and talk to people you know and you get an idea of how uncivil society has become.

The obvious is just that…we can see the classic example in BLM/AntiFa protests that turn into riots, especially when confronted by opposing groups…it becomes uncivil and quickly…sometimes violently. But, we are also seeing it in the COVID “masked vs. unmasked” confrontations. We see it in teachers striking to not go back to school…and parents demanding that face-to-face classes restart. We see it in proponents of COVID-19 treatments…and those who oppose those treatments. We see it in those who want restrictions of rights and freedoms in favor of safety and security…and those who want freedoms and rights…including the right chancing to die of COVID-19.

We see peaceful protests corrupted and turned into violent clashes, rioting, looting, and all manner of criminal activity against their own community. We peace officers try to fight criminals and maintain the peace…then it turns into chemical warfare, thug-like violence, military armored vehicles, and military troops being used against US citizens.

We see a middle-class, middle-aged couple defend their home against trespassing criminals known for rioting, looting, and destroying…then they are arrested by police, police confiscate their weapons, and the judicial system charges the couple with criminal activity.

I could go on and on about the breakdown of society…and the exponential falling apart of society since the onset of the COVID-19 plague. But do I need to…or do you see it clearly enough?

There is an old saying about the times that try men’s souls. To me, in my lifetime, I’ve seen stressful times/events do two things; 1) good people become better people, 2) bad people become worse. Yeah, yeah…I know that is very judgmental of me. And that judgement is very, very subjective in terms of my personal observations. I understand all of that. But do you disagree with my statement? Do you find that stressful times/events make bad people better and good people worse?

And please, don’t chastise me on using language such as good and bad in terms of who people are. And I am talking about the “real” person, the inside person…NOT who they appear to be on the outside. And just for your information…I almost used the terms “good and evil” vs “good and bad”…so you got off easy. Yeah, yeah, I tried/trying to be a little more soft and tender.

So, I think we can pretty much agree that society has become anything but civil…especially true when you start bringing in politics into the equation. But, have you ever asked yourself the question…”Why now?” Why is society becoming so uncivil right now…during this particular time in US history?

Hold that thought…

Politics –

Oh Boy!

If there was ever a can of worms…it is now…and it is discussing politics. But, I am not going to talk about politics in the traditional sense of the word. Why? We all know the state of politics… it has never been more divisive than it is now. The Republicans and Democrats are eating each other alive…and themselves as well. And actually…they are eating the entire country alive in the process…eating way at the very foundation and fabric of the United States.

But, if you have been following me for any length of time none of this is a surprise…I’ve been pointing out the details of it for a very long time. And most of all…our Founding Fathers warned us about political parties and their inherent evil. They warned us against them, warned us about not joining them, clearly warned us that political parties would destroy our Republic. And our Founding Father were right…they have destroyed our Republic. The United States of America is a dim shadow of what was built over 240 years ago. A shameful, dim shadow at that…thanks to political parties and their blind lust for power…and I speak of Republicans as well as Democrats.

But today, right now, in the summer of 2020 we are seeing our political system at its very worst…at its most destructive. We are seeing demonization that is unprecedented. We are seeing for the first time such things as multiple former Presidents coming out and publicly speaking in terrible demeaning terms of the current President.  We are seeing a sitting President personally attacking individuals at a level that was unimaginable until just a few years ago. We are seeing demonization of both sides by both sides…demonization at unthinkable levels. And the media…well, they have fallen to such partisan depths of muck and mire that I need not even take the time to give specifics or details.

Have you asked the question…”Why?” and “Why now?” The answers to both are important.

In my opinion, in my way of thinking, the answer to “Why? Is very simple…the lust for power. No, not the less extreme, quest of power…but the extremist…”lust” for power. And not power in terms to fix or restore America…and certainly not restore the Constitution or the founding principles of the Republic…no, not at all. But the demonization as a tactic, a despicable and evil tactic, used in politician’s raw lust for power, for authority, for subjugation.

To me I see this demonization as using a nuclear bomb on the battle field by both sides, with troops from both sides still on that battle field. The Generals’ lust to claim victory…their lust for power…overshadows the idea that they kill all of their own troops along with all of the enemy troops in the use of that nuclear weapon.

Yes, that means that our politicians, both sides, are killing the American Republic in their lust for power. And the worst part…they know they are killing the American Republic.

So now let’s talk about the election for a moment. I started talking about this a couple of years ago. No one will win this election, both sides, everyone will lose. I explained it as this…the outcome of the winning political party will be contested by the opposing political party. I stated that fraud and interference (foreign and domestic) will be claimed by the losing side. And we are seeing both political parties lining up thier arguments…putting the ideas in the heads of Americans.

One political party is demanding wide-spread general mail-in voting. And we know for a fact, indisputable fact, that there has been and will be widespread fraud and abuse via mail-in voting. It will simply be a fraudulent election process. And a process not even allowed for in the Constitution.

At the same time we have leader of the opposing political party talking openly about delaying (i.e. canceling) the election. And to be clear…there is no Constitutional authority for that to be done.  However, I chose my words carefully…and that is an X-Factor to be discussed later.

We are also now seeing more reports coming to the surface that Russia interfered with the last Presidential election. Of course they did!!! That is the job of their state department and spy agencies…that is not news and it is not new. And FYI…the United States does the same thing!! The US State Department and US spy agencies have done it for nearly 120 years. And in many cases when those US government agencies can’t swing an election…the CIA simply goes in and topples the sovereign government of that country. And when it is unfeasible to topple a government the CIA has simply killed, or attempted to kill, the foreign country’s leader. So when Russia, or any other country, interferes with our election…well, it is called karma…or payback…or business as usual. Whatever you call it…it is common…and the US does it as much, or more, that any other country in the entire world. And everyone in the US government knows it…and yes, that includes all the national level politicians.

But again, that is not the issue! The question to ask is this, “Why all the posturing of political parties to be able to claim election fraud, and why all the reports of past and future election interference, and even talking about delaying the election…why now?” The answer in the political X-Factor.

This concludes Part #1 of the 8/29/20 SitRep. I will publish Part #2 tomorrow.



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