SitRep – 11/2/2020

I am going to make this a brief SitRep this morning, I have a lot going on and need to get after it.

  • Election
  • Food Shortages
  • COVID-19

Election –

Already there are huge numbers of early ballots being rejected. Most states have no requirement to notify people that their ballots were rejected and no requirement to “cure” the ballot problem(s).

DHS cybersecurity director is gravely worried about the election related cyber security issues.

DHS and certain military units have been preparing for this specific election and its potential outcome and the possibilities that may arise from it. Read that as you wish…my sources tell me that some of their preparations have to do with a “coup”…one involves a military coup.

Democrats have a 100% chance to retain the House of Representatives.

With recent developments in the election, I put it at a 40% chance that the Republicans will lose the Senate. I pray that the Republicans maintain the Senate.

Joe Biden…man, oh man! I have been watching Joe Biden closely for weeks now. I was looking for certain “tells”…and I found them. Most of you already have it figured out but let me share my opinion. Joe Biden is physically depleted. Meaning, he is in serious trouble when it comes to his health and physical capabilities. All signs indicate that his physical condition has collapsed to a pre-death or pre-incapacitated level. But, even more troubling…his mental state. Joe Biden has a seriously depleted mental state. No, I don’t mean his political beliefs, etc. I mean his brain in dying…he is losing his cognitive abilities. The more he speaks the more it becomes apparent that his mental capacity is serious declining. Between his physical condition and his mental state I expect Joe Biden has less that 1 – 3 years before he is 100% incapable of performing his duties as President (should he be elected).

And that plays right into the Democrats’ plan. Kamala Harris is a radical leftist…a left-wing extremist in her beliefs and actions. There is no doubt about that…it is obvious and unquestionable. But, notice her background…the judicial system side of law enforcement (District Attorney & Attorney General). What does that mean, or why is it important?

All political parties and virtually all politicians have a single goal in mind…power. And all governments have a single goal in mind…maintaining existing power and acquiring more power. That is the very definition of authoritarianism. And Kamala Harris is one of the chief advocates of those goals…and has proven so all her career. She is the ultimate Democrat…superficially Progressive in beliefs, and a pure authoritarian at her core. Actually, she is a perfect Republican as well…clear on her goal to use the federal government to advance her political goals.

Should Joe Biden be elected chances are almost certain he will not be able to serve out even his first term. And then who would become President…Harris. And then the real show begins. And to get an idea of the “show” look at her proven past and what she advocates…EVERYTHING that is unconstitutional…EVERYTHING that would eliminate rights, liberties, and freedoms…EVERYTHING that is directly opposite of our Founding Fathers…EVERYTHING that is is unAmerican!

Will Biden win? I put the chances at 90% that he will receive the popular vote…just as the Democrats won the popular vote in 2016. I put it at 50/50 that he will win the Electoral College. Yes, I am saying there is an even chance that Biden will become the next President. And yes, I hope I am wrong, very wrong!

Prepare for a Biden Presidency. Yup, I am encouraging you to begin preparations for Biden/Harris as President. Should Trump win, your preparations will not be in vain…because should Trump win, the country will catch fire.

Will the election be fair and honest? I say 100% absolutely not. This election could well be the most fraudulent in US history.

Food Shortages –

I finally got all my personal food industry connections contacted and digested what they had to say.

My opinions:

  • We are still seeing limited food shortages in the stores.
  • Those food shortages were primarily due to “hoarding” and people wanting easy to prepare foods and “comfort” foods.
  • People are once again beginning to “hoard” and food shortages will return.
  • I include paper towels and toilet paper in the “food” category.

COVID-19 –

As I have stated many times…the real COVID numbers will never be known and the current COVID numbers are fraudulent.

The reported COVID numbers (new cases / infections / hospitalizations) are increasing dramatically. Why? There could be several reasons. But, I believe that it has to do with the election in two ways.

1) Increasing COVID numbers tend to make many people think that Trump is doing a poor job of dealing with the problem. And it would influence some people to seek a change in leadership.

2) With large COVID numbers, and an alarming increase, it would give Biden (should he win) every justification to enact radical, and I mean radical, steps to shut the country down…and permanently reduce rights, liberties, and freedoms. Yes, that means moving the country more firmly into the authoritarianism category. Have no doubt about that…he will use it…it is a perfect opportunity for them.

Summary –

Get your preparations done now!

Clarify your foundational principles now!

Vote your principles…VOTE!

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9 thoughts on “SitRep – 11/2/2020

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  2. Today, I have seen some (weak) efforts by others in Costco and SAM’S Club to add to their supplies. Toward the end of the day toilet paper was gone and water was in short supply. I did see some full carts but not as many as I expected.

    I fear most of my grown children are poorly prepared, perhaps thinking they can just return home, which is correct, but I do wish they could see the handwriting on the wall and do some of their own preparing.

    Thank you for your sitreps. They help me see areas I need to bolster. I worry a bit about not having a place to bug out to but also worry about the very limited escape routes along the Wasatch front. In any large emergency the highways would immediately become jammed to a standstill.

    I wish I knew a way to determine the state of my neighbor’s preparations and defensive abilities without exposing my own level of readiness. I don’t know who I can trust and talk freely to. I have suggested your web site as a place for good preparedness information, but mostly see blank stares.

    Thank you for continuing to research and present this information.

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  3. I also concur. WE spent today checking our preps and identifying defensive points. We have most of our gear
    ready. As crippled as I am I will put up a fight if need be. I will only prevail if there is a miracle.

    Liked by 1 person

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