Feedback & Comments: 1/15/2021 #2

FAH Trimble Feedback and Commentsrom Michael in response to our discussions lately.



Very good discussion – I always appreciate your attitude on things. I think at this point minor semantics on what happened on 1/6 are irrelevant – the left got what they wanted and will repeat it ad infinitum, and even if the facts eventually show something different, it won’t matter because the narrative has already been written.


I woke up this morning with an interesting though (completely unrelated, but related at the same time) that for the “right”, the military industrial complex was their sugar daddy. For the “left”, it’s Big Pharma/MSM/Big Tech that is theirs. Follow the money. It’s all about money and power. Satan’s goal – everyone must be controlled.

Amen! I’ve been preaching about “money & power” for years…it is destroying individuals, families, communities, and been doing a number on our country since “lobbyists” came about back in the mid-1800’s. Nothing makes money for the ruling class like a good war. Just look at what Bush/Obama/Trump did to us over the last nearly two decades.

Another non sequitur – you made a point the other day that won’t leave my mind. You said “you must work even harder to clarify the principles in which you believe, stand firm in those principles no matter what, and prepare for everything that is coming.” That phrase has been stuck, playing over and over in my mind, and making me really ask questions about myself and my views. I knew where I stood before, that’s not at issue. But when the light of day is shone upon my values, do they withstand the pressure that will inevitably be placed on me over them? Will I be willing to sacrifice my job? My career? My home? I have asked those questions before but suddenly they have become more than simply an exercise in “what if”. They have become reality.

You got it! And I can well imagine the answers to your questions…simply by the way you stated the issue and what it means to you. You’ll be fine my friend! Remember the last line of the Declaration of Independence…

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

I also loved your last line in that same post “I beg you to get ready, to be prepared, to be sane and grounded in reality, avoid idols, avoid worshiping man, avoid politics as usual, grasp the iron rod of good…and don’t let go!” The fact that you mentioned idols is interesting because I have done a little study on idols in our modern day. Most people would think idols being movie stars, sports heros, etc and while true, that is a myopic view. It’s much much much more than that. It’s sports in general (ie what happens if you can’t watch your team play this week or tonight?), or having to watch another movie, or play that video game. All idols of our modern day. How about a new car? Idol for most people. So many of our neighbors are putting in swimming pools. I’m not talking one or two – like 7 just on our street alone! To me, that is idol worship – have to be as good as your neighbors or better.

I’m trying really hard to look at each piece of information I receive from the light of truth. Not everything can be discerned right away. But the one thing that stands out is that there is NO way to know truth from falsehood unless we are grounded spiritually and know how to listen to the Spirit or our conscience. So many people out there have chosen to ignore their inner whisperings in favor of power, money, influence, personal desires, you name it. And so here we have a situation where knowing how to listen even closer to that is more important than ever.

Sorry for the spewing of train of thought. I just want to reiterate – keep writing. Keep publishing. And I’ll keep reading.

Thank you so much!  Hearing from you really perked up my day…and makes me keep this site alive and me writing. It means more than what you might imagine. Thank you again…I love hearing from folks!


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