Feedback & Comments: 1/15/2021 #1

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsGreat response/reply from Jason regarding my posting of his “feedback” yesterday. I love it when folks reply/respond and then we can discuss issues a little more. It is folks like Jason and his willingness to talk and listen that will make those of us who live in reality be able to stand up to what is coming.

I woke up being prompted to read my email right away. I read Jason’s email and it simply made a great start to my day! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

What I mean about the FBI is that they are involved, meaning that they are not just hoping for armed citizens, they may have even written the flyer to instigate it. Or it was created by the left to finally destroy the right, which it would do if the right is so ignorant to fall for this ploy.

I don’t doubt either of your proposals…either or both could be true. I remember back to when the FBI wrote a horrible anonymous letter to Martin Luther King, Jr trying to convince him to kill himself. Of course he didn’t fall for it. And it wasn’t too long after that he was assassinated.

And Jason, now you see why for a very long time I have been telling folks, pleading with them, to not attend these kinds of events. You never know what they can turn into…and they can have really bad outcomes.

I certainly do not agree w everything Trump did either. There are some thoughts that Trump is “playing chess” & many moves ahead of the left, I am doubtful that the following is true but there are thoughts that he will have many arrests from the Swamp. That he has planned to get back into office after all of the arrests, including Biden/Harris, etc, and that the left will be so upset which is why he has called in the troops in advance to stop the riots that will occur from them, but he got the left to believe that this is only to prevent the far right from their riots instead.

It sounds like a QAnon message…pure fantasy…all of it a complete fraud. Sorry, I don’t believe a word of it. The swamp was hardly drained during Trump’s 4 years. Actually, none of even the swamps 3rd tier players were touched, let alone any leaders. No, there is no widespread draining of the swamp now by Trump or any time soon by anyone. Trump is gone, Biden/Harris and the radical authoritarians will now rule over us. At least for a time.

The way you wrote to me was certainly more kind than mine to you, I thank you for that. I know you have said to be careful of conspiracies, but to be honest there is so much info out there that it is hard to know what is true and what is not. In the end it is much better to be unified & kind to others than fall for all the divisiveness that exists. So I apologize for my lack of kindness, and continue to appreciate your thoughts.

The way you wrote was fine, nothing wrong, your were expressing yourself. Now, I could show you some stuff people (self proclaimed Christians) have said to me that would curl your toes and you might lose faith in humanity. Your feedback/comments…well, no offense taken at all by anything you said. It was like we were having a frank discussion face-to-face. Please, no need to apologize…none at all.

There is too much information out there…WAY to much. And what I mean by that…a whole lot of it is purely made up, some is disinformation from political and governmental (foreign & domestic) sources, and then there are folks who are trying to create their own fantasy world of what they want things to be. Unfortunately we all have to sift through what we see and hear and read…then decide for ourselves what to believe…then live our lives accordingly.

In the end it is much better to be unified & kind to others than fall for all the divisiveness that exists.

Amen! Amen! and Amen!  The only way evil will be defeated is our being unified as disciples of Christ and practicing His teachings.


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