H.R. 5717 = Declaration of War Against Americans

H.R.5717 – Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

This bill introduced into Congress is tantamount to a declaration of war by the radical liberals against America, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights…if passed.

Fortunately it is a bill that was introduced in the House of Representatives almost a year ago and is not a current bill pending in Congress. However, be aware that it, or a similar bill could be reintroduced by this extremist leftist Congress. And since the Progressive radicals control both houses of Congress it could pass.

Granted, it hopefully would be ruled unconstitutional there are no guarantees of that in this bizarre political environment. And right now…I question even the integrity of the Supreme Court.

So H.R.5717 consisted of these main items/points:

  • Requirement of a Federal Firearms Owner’s License (FFOL) to purchase or possess any firearm or any ammunition. Takes up to 40days to get a license. Expires every 10 years.
  • Denial or revocation of an FFOL can be based on any information that shows the person is a “risk”; the information does not have to be credible or verifiable, and can be a mere adverse statement by someone.
  • Universal background check for all purchases/transfers.
  • Guns must be locked and secured in a lockable gun safe. Failure to secure a firearm is grounds for immediate and seizure of the firearm without “due process” or any judicial process.
  • Bans any firearm that is “semi-auto” or has a detachable magazine.
  • Bans any “high capacity” magazine.
  • Bans any non-traceable firearm. ALL firearms must be traceable, including partial lowers, 3D printed, etc.
  • Bans all suppressors and barrel shrouds.
  • Bans anyone from selling or buying more than 1 firearm every 30 days.
  • All sales, including detailed purchaser information, must be reported to the ATF.
  • 30% tax on all firearm sales.
  • 50% tax on all ammunition sales.

Now remember, I am no legal expert, but this is what I found in H.R.5717.

And what I see is simple, plain, and accurate…it is a Declaration of War!

OK, it is also patently contrary to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Anyone with a shred of intelligence understands that the Founding Fathers wanted us, US citizens, the ability to resist any and all tyranny from government. And the Democrats know that as well!!

The Second Amendment is clear, “…shall not be infringed.” Any law passed by Congress restricting the right to own any firearm is a clear violation of the Constitution…and a move by government to disarm “We the People”. And there is only one reason to disarm US citizens…the imposition of tyranny…the establishment of an authoritarian government. And we’ve allowed the federal government to encroached on this sacred right for nearly 100 years.

Considering the indisputable fact the Biden/Harris regime is steeped in totalitarian ideology…do the math. A bill similar to H.R.5717 will be introduced…and will probably passed with little opposition. When that happens…it is a Red Flag that their hammer is about to fall…and they Liberals, democrats. progressives, statists, communists, socialists support gun control and restrictions.will make the move to suppress what little remains of our rights/freedoms/liberties.

Yes, that means the final push to remove the Constitution and install a regime of no rights/liberties/freedoms…and the goon squads and boxcars will appear.

Why did I call it a “declaration of war”? Simple, the Democrats know that the passage of this legislation would immediately spark a civil war. Just what the Progressives want…gives them the opportunity to crush (i.e. kill) any and all opponents to their agenda.

Now, have you thought this through? Is this a “red line” that you will not let the government cross? What are you willing to do and what are you willing to sacrifice? Will you be ready?

If you are in law enforcement…and your paycheck comes from the government…what will you do? Will you side with the Constitution, US citizens, and what is moral and right…or will you follow your political masters?

Decide soon…plan soon…it’s coming.

note: Thank you to CavGuy for reminding me of this great evil that we are facing.

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2 thoughts on “H.R. 5717 = Declaration of War Against Americans

  1. It totally would be a declaration of war. I’m not sure this one would pass as is, but I have heard rumblings of massive taxes on ammunition and ammunition manufacturers. What is a firearm without ammunition? An expensive club. The prices have already skyrocketed and continue to climb. Shortages abound.


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