Please, I want to hear from you !

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsI want to make sure that I am meeting your needs and expectations. This website is obviously a place for me to opine…but I want the website to be of value to you as well.

I am asking for your feedback. Thank you!







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10 thoughts on “Please, I want to hear from you !

  1. You are a realist and write things as you see them, and I read your writings every time you post, because I know you research everything and stand by what you say.

    But, I have not given up hope, although some cracks in my hope have appeared lately. Today, I have actually seen a glimmer that has buoyed my hope a bit, a little bit.

    I do wish for more preparedness and survival things, but understand the necessity of your saying exactly what you feel. Further, I wonder if, given the present direction of the country, if you can safely continue writing your book.

    Stay safe.

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    • Robin, Funny you should mention writing more of my book. I have been feeling more and more impressed to resume writing. Actually, a good bit is already written, but needs editing and refining. Now that my solar system is complete I have a only one major project to get accomplished before spring…preparing for my larger garden. I think I better start reserving some time to continue the book. Thanks for the reminder.
      And thank you for your concern for my safety. I am sure I am already on a number of watch lists and my time will come. When it does…I will deal with it as the spirit directs me to. In the meantime…I will do as needed.


  2. I haven’t needed to comment. I figured this month you may or may not have misread the inauguration. But time says you may be correct and I was off base. It wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last. Yet I wonder why the troops are still in DC. I wonder why the pentagon is still not cooperating with the Biden admin. Just points to ponder.

    Everything else you’ve written is spot on. And I really appreciate the info on who are new rulers are.

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    • Bob, Please share your thoughts on the inauguration. I’ve explained why I think they are in DC…do you agree or disagree? And sir, from everything I see…the Pentagon is fully cooperating with the Biden/Harris regime like they are on a honeymoon together. Do you think so?


  3. I took the survey. I love the SitReps AND I’ll like to see some updated preparedness articles. There wasn’t a spot for that. It is hard to know exactly how to prepare at this point when the world seems uncertain. So many experts are saying the economy and everything is going to be fine and then there is the current of all the STUFF happening. Many of us have very limited money, resources, and time. updated preparedness articles are always valuable. Kind Regards, Judith

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  4. Been following your articles pretty much from the beginning.
    You, sir; are one of the few voices in the wilderness.
    When I checked “write whatever you want” that is because th answer box would not accept the 3 choices above it.
    As an aside, I’m a bit surprised that Boortz has not decided to get back into the fray, so to say.
    Again thank you for all your time, your effort and your wise words.

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