FAQ – 9/8/2022

  • Why didn’t you comment on Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and her nearly starting a war?

What was there to talk about? No, seriously? When you understand the back stories, these things become real clear. And I never thought it would start a war no matter who said what. IMO the reason for her visit to Taiwan and slapping China in the face were two-fold; 1) slap Biden in the face and let him know that she is powerful, at least as powerful as Biden, 2) Pelosi’s son has close ties to the chip industry, as well as other financial interests, in Taiwan. In other words, he is on the take from them…to the tune of millions and millions of dollars. Paul Jr is to Nancy Pelosi (the Pelosi Crime Family) what Hunter is to Joe Biden (the Biden Crime Family). With the movement of chip manufacturing to the USA by Taiwan manufacturers it was important that Nancy and Paul Jr meet with, and show support for, the Taiwanese companies and reassert their “business” partnership.

So why the China vs Taiwan slap and the power struggle? Again, the back story tells it all. The Biden Crime Family has Hunter as the point of contact with China. And Hunter is on the take for millions and millions of dollars from Chinese companies, which means the Chinese Communist Party. It is all well documented that Pelosi has close economic ties with Taiwan and that Biden has close economic ties with China. So this Pelosi trip was all about money and power. Two crime families fighting for power over the other and reassuring their paymasters/partners that all is well. So what else is new about this? And so, why talk about it?

And since this was all about a US power struggle and Taiwan and China making money…well, war was not going to break out over this trip. It would cost both Taiwan and China too much money.

  • Why no comment on Hawaii and their new 25% tax on combustion engine vehicles?

Because it is stupid beyond belief and it not only can’t happen, it won’t happen. Hawaii can’t generate enough power to charge all those new electric vehicles. And on top of that…Hawaii’s GDP is $73billion and less than $60,000 per capita. The new tax would be unaffordable for the average citizen, let alone those lower on the economic scale. And have you looked at Hawaii’s power grid lately? Yeah, they do not have, and will not have, the generating capability to charge an EV fleet that they want.

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