Criminal Charges for Hunter Biden…Why Now?

Come on…you should know by now why this would be/is happening. This isn’t about Hunter Biden at all…it is all about Joe Biden…President Joe Biden.

Anyone with any reasonable amount of intelligence knows that Hunter Biden is a criminal dirt bag. He was a hardcore drug user, maybe still is. He exploited women by the dozens and even made one or more porn videos. He is probably one of the dirtiest criminals to ever be related to a President. And yes of course, he is the point man, and has been for decades, for the Biden Crime Family. He was the one who received the 10’s of millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party leaders and the corrupt leaders of Ukraine. Yes, that means he was a criminal co-conspirator with Joe Biden when Joe was both Vice President and as President.

So why aren’t the potential criminal charges against him actually about him?

I told you sometime back that Biden has lost the support for him being the party’s 2024 candidate for President. Yeah, big surprise. Joe Biden looks more like a patient in a hospice center than a President. Around the world he is mocked and made fun of because of senility and obvious lack of mental awareness. Here in the US he has ushered in an economic collapse, an energy crisis, gotten us into yet another war, and such civil instability that no one can ignore it…and he is like 176 years old,maybe more…and looks it. And those things don’t make a good candidate at the national level.

Granted, Biden has done what his handlers wanted him to do…and that is why he got the party nomination in 2020 in the first place. Then he could be disposed of when it came time for 2024…he had served his purpose and made a great patsy. But his mission is over…time for the power brokers to move on. And the way they get rid of Joe…bring up the potential criminal charges against his son and co-conspirator, Hunter.


It is clear from both fact and evidence that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI knew about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the huge amount of evidence against, not just Hunter, but Joe Biden as well as early as 2019, probably earlier. And we know for a proven fact that the DOJ and FBI conspired and colluded with both media and big-tech to hide the information prior to the 2020 election. But they weren’t just hiding it to get Joe elected…they were holding it for a time when it would be needed.

There are reasons for the talk about the DOJ/FBI charging Hunter Biden now…1) it won’t really hurt the democrats in the mid-term elections, 2) it will attempt to give the illusion that the DOJ/FBI are fair and going after even the President’s son in the pursuit of justice, 3) the attention it will bring to Joe Biden will give reason to the Democrat Party to not have him as their candidate for the 2024 Presidential election, 4) Since Kamala Harris is linked closely to Joe Biden, she will be eliminated as a contender due to “guilt by association”. And let’s face it…who in their right mind thinks Kamala would be a contender no matter what? She makes a box of rocks look like a Nobel Prize winner.

This is a brilliant move for those who are the controllers behind the curtain…but doesn’t do the country any good.



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2 thoughts on “Criminal Charges for Hunter Biden…Why Now?

  1. I agree with most of your analysis but I think this would also give the president the opportunity to pardon Hunter for all charges once convicted. Of course we would never know that this happened.

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