Feedback & Comments: 11/3/2022

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsI received this from “Mercy” and I really thought it needed to be posted. Read it, think about it, consider what she is saying…then ponder it some more.

The times are are living in require different perspectives, ideas, and sometimes thinking outside the box. And that means looking at all of this scene from a spiritual perspective from time-to-time.

I have just seen too many well meaning, God fearing, Constitution loving patriots completely choose the wrong hills to die on. My dear friend Jeanette’s husband [Lavoy Finnicum] did so literally. And for what? We have continually been, at Bunkerville, at Malheur, in D.C., giving the enemy the rope to hang us with. I think it all comes down to lacking faith in God and His sovereignty. Kinda of like when Peter hacked off the centurions ear. Christ rebuked Him. Did he not know that if the Lord wanted, He could call down legions of angels? Yes, there are times to fight physically, kinetically, but only when led to specifically by God.  It’s hard, I know. It’s so tempting to say let’s go hot and march in with our testosterone and hot lead and whoop-ass. But it doesn’t end well, when the enemy has solidified his control of all the levers of power.

 We perhaps have to be so humbled and hamstrung that we get to the point where God is our only option. Like Alma’s people in bondage. Till we are brought to our knees in repentance and humility….then we can know that it is only He who saves. He is the only one I’m looking to for deliverance at this point. No election, no politician or party is getting my confidence. 

My focus is on digging deeper, leaning harder into the Lord, carving out more time to be still, and Hear Him. I pray for His guidance, to know what I need to know and do when I need to know and do. And in the meantime I try to keep going through my checklists, again, and again, honing my skills, plugging holes in the stores… And trying to find joy regardless. I think perhaps that’s one of our biggest challenges. How do we find joy in the midst of this dark, ugly, bit we’re navigating through? How do we gain the equanimity to trust in His power and promises, and not give in to the temptation to just dig our  own graves, so to speak?  I think maybe that’s the elephant in the room, the $64 million dollar question. Not perhaps the stuff of preparedness blogs, generally… But that’s where I am.

I hope one of these days when we are up to our place there we can treat you and your sweetheart to dinner. 

Thank you for everything!

Send me your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions, and concerns…


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