A short word about last night…

Well, there was certainly no Republican “tsunami” for sure. And the “red wave” appeared to have died out. A “red ripple” may not be appearing on the horizon either.

As of now it appears that the Senate will be under the control of the Democrat Party who actually have taken away a seat from the Republicans. And at this time the Republicans have not gotten a majority in the House either, but that could change as results continue in those undecided races. State Governors fared even worse having flipped two state houses to the Democrats.

And certainly, based on the projections by Republican leadership (including Trump), it was a devastating losing night for the Republican Party.

I went to bed last night in utter dismay at what was happening, what the voting results were saying about America. I woke up this morning with a feeling of both dread and sorrow. I laid there in bed for a few minutes and in my head I started to write my opinions of what took place in this mid-term election, but I had to stop myself. Because what would pore out of my head and heart onto the keyboard, and then would appear on your screen would not be appropriate and in no way actually and accurately reflect what I am thinking/feeling. So I will hold off for a bit before I write my commentary on what Americans just did.

To those of you who voted yesterday…thank you. You did both your civic duty to our country, and your spiritual duty to your God. No one could ask more of you…you did your duty, you met your responsibility, you did your best.

For now, let’s just keep our shoulder to the wheel, continue prepping, keep in mind our families, our communities, and our congregations…and how best to face the coming future. And keep a prayer in your heart that there may be some glimmer of hope in the outcome of the House election results.

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8 thoughts on “A short word about last night…

  1. I am sick at heart. I am so saddened by the choice this country made last night. I know this has to happen to hasten the Lord’s coming, but I don’t have to like it. I feel somewhat like Mormon felt as he led his people in losing battles. Then. Moroni carried on alone and pursued for the rest of his life.
    I pray for this people for they know not what they have done. The Lord said He would have a righteous people on this land, or he would sweep them off. The choice was made let the games begin.


    • I hear you. Our state went so far left it is embarrassing and infuriating. I am sure it is due to Californicators moving in and large numbers of native Americans on the reservations voting for their monthly checks from papa.

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  2. Cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh, or that maketh flesh his arm….I never expected anything different. I know we’re toast. I knew it yesterday, know it today. I did vote, thanks to your encouragement. But I knew what the results would be. When the voice of the people chooses evil… Buckle up.

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