Avoided Crypto Loss !

AH Trimble Feedback and Comments

  • Thank you! Thank You ! THANK YOU!!!

We had money in Bitcoin and we had basically broken even when we found your site and read the info on crypto you wrote. We got out right then. Had we not sold we would have lost a lot of money we did not have to lose.

How did you know what was coming?

I did my research, applied common sense, and stuck to the basic rules (i.e. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.). Plus, the economy just can’t support junk crap like that. Heck, the economy can’t really, and won’t be able to, handle much of anything…probably nothing.

I am really happy to hear that you didn’t lose money. I just saw today that the crypto market has recently lost well over a trillion dollars. Yup, I told everyone it would happen!! Glad some folks such as yourself listened and took steps to avoid trouble.

Sad part…we are just seeing the surface of the bubbles that are, and will, burst. It is looking real bad. I am seeing some disjointed information points showing up on economic matters. I am trying to sort it out…but it looks bad at this point, maybe even really bad.



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