POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES : Part 4 (new) – Mass Murderers

This is an additional post to the series titled “POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES”. This article, written in December 2022 – January 2023, will touch on the phenomena of outwardly normal people, everyday people, becoming stone cold killers, mass murderers, for their government or cause…think, Nazi killers.

When I originally wrote the original article series I knew I was missing a group of individuals who went from apparently normal law enforcement, or other regular people, to demented, committed, deranged killers of men, women, and even children and babies. A lot has been written about the psychology of this evil and plenty of photos exist of them carrying out their heinous acts or brutality. Well, I am finally ready to insert an article into this series that covers this unique area of what to expect during and after the worst of disasters (grid-down) that we can expect…government tyranny to the extreme. And I firmly believe we are now experiencing the early stages of here in the United States.

So who exactly am I talking about? This group were normal everyday average police officers in Germany during the 1930’s and into the 1940’s. They weren’t a specific age group, nor Nazi radicals, and they weren’t “Final Solution” fanatics…they were just your average cop enforcing the law…till they turned. They were simply men from the general German population and spread out over the nation’s broad demographics, 63% taken from the working class populace. Most, not all, held essentially normal German beliefs of the society of the day…pre-Hitler fanaticism…they were just doing their job…till they went to the extreme. Interestingly, post-war interviews found them continuing to maintain that they were “just doing their job”.

The key to this is “how” they turned, or the process that took place that turned them…turned them into nothing less than monsters.

Let me set the stage for you…in the 11 months from March 1942 to February 1943 55% of all Holocaust victims were ruthlessly killed. They were exterminated by gas, bullets, beatings, hanging, and being burned alive…they were old men, young men, all ages of women, teenagers, and even young children and infants. All were mercilessly murdered by the most demented, insane, and evil people the world has rarely known. And many of these deaths were at the hands of, or lead to their deaths by, German police officers.

The early mission of German law enforcement officers transitioned almost is disguise. While the German army was busy conducting war, personnel were needed to keep “law & order” in the new lands that the army now occupied. To “keep the peace” many police officers were formed into battalions and fully militarized with military grade weaponry and training. As of 1939 the “Police Order” consisted of 131,000 men…young men in their 20’s, middle-aged men, and even those approaching retirement age.

It was July 1941 when their police operations began in earnest under Nazi SS control. To initiate this new phase of police operations they deemed it a “war” against revolutionaries, criminals, and such. And that is a very important point…they deemed it a “war against…”. Did you catch that particular terminology?

However, the war escalated to include whole groups of people based on residence, physical disability, ethnicity, and religion. These police actions escalated into mass murder in an extremely short period of time.

Would it be reasonable to see the burning to death of nearly 80 men, women, and children being considered “mass murder”? Do you know what happened at Waco, Texas not that many years ago? The victims crime…being a slightly different version of religion than conventional churches and not submitting to an armed attack by federal police officers.

As part of the training of German police officers they were trained to be easily identified as such; and physically intimidating via outward recognition such as uniforms, hair cuts, and “swagger”. Their academy training taught them to be “tough, determined, and ruthless”…a “comply or die” mentality towards civilians was adopted. And that mentality didn’t take long to turn into “comply and die anyway.”

Additionally, part of their training also included a “socializing” aspect as a unit. Their leadership was instructed to ensure that police officers socialized at the end of the day to blot out the mental terror impressions, the trauma, of what they had done during the day. And to assure that the message of “necessity” of what they were doing was for the greater good of the homeland…defending their country, defending their way of life, defending their families, and defending their homeland.

US DHS mission statement:

“With honor and integrity, we will safeguard the American people, our homeland, and our values.”

Another interesting aspect of training was the concept of property confiscation, mostly personal valuables, but real property as well. Unofficially it was called “plunder” but it was government sanctioned and for the benefit of both the government and police units. Today, in the United States, it is called Civil Asset Forfeiture.

So what actually made these police officers, these law enforcement officers, mass murders? Incremental steps.

The first police operations began with raids. Police units were given cards with numbers on them, addresses of the “offenders”. Their mission was to raid the home, detain the family inside, evict them, and confiscate the house. Unofficially it was “political pacification”… but if any resistance was encountered at all the standing order was simple…the entire family were to be shot…”comply or die”.

Iraqi “Most-wanted” playing cards – During the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency developed a set of playing cards to help troops identify the most-wanted members of Iraq’s sovereign government…to kill or capture within their country’s own sovereign borders…by an invading army

As time went on special units were formed of the best police operators, the best shooters. And these officers were treated special, including their own pubs, taverns, or “club houses”. And above the actual bar in these locations were painted a Star of David for each Jew shot. Celebrations were held for these “righteous shoots” or “justified shootings” because those shot had broken curfew, insulted a soldier, or any number of perceived acts of defiance. All post-massacres were celebrated with large amounts of alcohol available to the men involved. Alcoholism rates among police officers was rampant.

The pressure on these police officers to perform dramatically increased through key words, slogans, and intimidation. Those who would not act with the utmost of ruthlessness were called “cowards” by their non-commissioned officers and berated by their officers…and their peers…for not conforming and performing.

When questioned after the war many of these police officers stated:

  • I didn’t want to do it, but orders are orders.”
  • I was just following orders.”
  • I had no choice.”
  • When confronted about shooting infants, “Hey, the mothers brought them to the woods, it’s not my fault.”

When men tried to refuse to shoot at the massacre sites, officers often told them they could lie down next to the victims and die with them if they wanted to. Obviously not a single police officer took them up on that offer. Peers would often shout “weakling”, “shithead”, “good for nothings” and other names to belittle and exert peer pressure on those that hesitated to shoot children.

Police officers were told to join the “brotherhood” and, almost to the man, caved to the peer pressure to conform to their police unit pride in carrying out their missions…”mission first”. The pressure to enjoy the bonds of comradeship was intense, few were willing to be seen as “too weak” or “cowardly” or “to lose face” or to “abandon comrades”. It became a form of “group think” or “mob mentality” at its very worse.

What became clear after years of post-war research of the involved individuals during the massacres was “a definitive concern for their standing in the eyes of their comrades was not matched by any sense of human ties with their victims. The Jews stood outside of their circle of human obligation and responsibility.” It was a clear “polarization between us and them.”

Over time the policemen did not become “crazed killers”, or “go crazy”. “Instead they became increasingly efficient and calloused executioners.” They got better at their job, forgetting any ties to humanity being replaced with “just doing their job.” They became “desensitized” to their jobs requirements.

One group of police officers who I found particularly interesting were the “transporters”. They were not the killers, the murderers, the chamber operators…that wasn’t their job so they considered themselves “blameless”. But, they knew all along where they were transporting their victims to…their deaths. Rationalization personified to avoid any responsibility for the slaughter going on around them…a personal disassociation

And eventually the most brutal specialized group, the shooters with the highest body counts, the most ruthless of all were formed into “special operations” units. These were those police officers who were also the most committed, the most dedicated, and the most trusted to carry out the most heinous of all massacres. These special operators lost any inhibitions of carrying out their duty…they were 100% committed to their mission…regardless of what that mission was…including the face-to-face slaughter of babies.

I could go on, but it makes me sick to go over all that material again. I just want you to think about who may be the single most dangerous group during the grid collapse and immediately after it. Think how relatively normal people can be turned into cold-blooded killers…mass murderers. Those killers thinking that they are doing their duty, losing their humanity, and just following orders…because it is their mission, their job.

And if you think there will only be a few like those mentioned above…think again. There will hundreds of thousands, if history repeats itself…as it has always done countless times before.

Added on 1/31/2023 – So here are 5 thugs who murdered a man (sorry, allegedly), beat him to death (sorry, allegedly), joked about it, tried to cover it up, but brutal killers all the same. These photos come from their arrest and booking after being charged with a long list of crimes including kidnapping, assault, and 2nd degree murder. All charges based on video and audio recordings…clearly showing them committing their heinous and vicious crimes.

Look at their eyes, look at their facial expressions…you can see a lot of things inside a person’s soul by looking hard and trusting your instincts. They look like typical big city gang-bangers, thugs to be sure, murderers by their own actions all caught on video as their crime took place.

But here are pictures of them taken not that long ago…

Yup, these stone-cold killers (sorry, alleged killers) beat a man to death (sorry, allegedly). Why? For not complying to their every demand, command, and whim. Every single act of theirs when this horrific crime occurred (sorry, alleged crime) was calculated to cover-up their criminal behavior.

They even belonged to a law enforcement special operations unit, “Scorpion Unit”. A SpecOps unit of specially trained and qualified police officers who were assigned to a “war on crime” in high crime areas against “low-life criminals”.

Scorpions are interesting little creatures…they are normally highly aggressive and use their pincers to grasp prey to stabilize it, to ensure it can’t get away. Then the scorpion will arch its tail and will hit the prey with its stinger to inject their poisonous venom into the prey, killing it. And it will strike with its singer-tail as many times as needed to kill its immobilized prey.

Yeah, the Memphis Police Department, in their infinite wisdom, formed a unit to wage a war on crime against low-life criminals, the worst of the worst civilians. They named that unit after a creature that has killing down to a fine art. And yup, Memphis got exactly what it asked for…what it sought after…what it demanded…five officers that did their job…they were scorpions just as their police department trained them to be, and wanted them to be.

Notice the designation of “war”, then demonizing a certain portion of their population, then dehumanizing them, then forming special units to provide a solution to the problem. Sound familiar to you?

So how many of you think this was the Scorpion Unit’s first act like this?

How many of you think this is an isolated incident of these police officers?

Do you know that this is a common occurrence in the USA?

Did the fact that their victim, Tyre Nichols, was unarmed the whole time make an impression on you? How about the fact there were not just five officers beating him to death…their was another Memphis officer watching…along with two local Deputies? Eight against one young skinny, unarmed guy…yeah, sounds like the justice system at work…especially when he was calling out for his mother to help him, to save him. She was 80 yards away in her home…the home where her son was going before those LEOs killed him.

Oh, and why was he stopped and beaten to death? Well, the officers claimed “reckless driving” was his crime. Certainly worthy of killing him! Oh wait…not a single shred of any kind of evidence exists that he was actually suspected of that horrific crime. Oh wait…not a single officer even called in the traffic stop. Yup, sounds like “to protect and serve” to me…yes, sir…it surely does.

Incidents/crimes such these, although not always resulting in death, happen dozens and dozens of times a day, thousands of times a year in the US. These incidents are documented on websites such as:

And another issue to think about…4 of the 5 law enforcement officers that beat that young man to death had significant discipline issues…including pretty serious ones. They included reckless driving, failure to report, misleading reports, use of force, and on and on and on. So this was not the first time these officers had problems (i.e. criminal behavior)…this is just the first time they collectively murdered a man…and got caught.

So you think that Nazi Germany and their “brotherhood”, their “Police Order” can’t happen in America? Really!?!?

It is already here…and getting worse…if you have eyes to see and ears to hear you know that.

Just FWIW…ever hear of the Fraternal Order of Police? Yeah, it is the largest police organization in the US…hundreds of thousands of members. Think about that name for a minute…”fraternal” describes the relationship between brothers, but it is also used is to describe a club, society or fraternity, some brotherly group of people — usually men — with common interests or purpose — a brotherhood. Now, consider “Order of Police“…is that just a coincidence spanning 90+ years? Or is it simply reality? Or maybe a forewarning? Or maybe just nothing at all. You decide.

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Note: The two primary sources for this article come from Dr. Jordan Peterson and Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning. But, the article does not exclusively represent their opinion(s) or their conclusion(s), those opinions and conclusions are mine alone.

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8 thoughts on “POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES : Part 4 (new) – Mass Murderers

  1. Only that these articles scare the living day light out of me. I hope and pray I’m a sheep, but what if I am something else? The ideas presented are, for me, a cause for looking deep into my soul. What am I? Who am I? What do I expect of myself? Am I a good guy or a bad guy? Do I follow well or am I a leader? Can I count on myself to do the right thing? Can others count on me to be there when needed, to have their back? All questions I have asked of myself all my life and sometimes I could say yes and sometimes I found out I needed to do something to change while I can. Life is hard it’s worse when you are and id10t. I sit in my chair wondering what I can contribute now. A paraplegic can’t do some things he used to do but I’ve found I have knowledge to share if folks will listen. Listen to the spirit be in tune with the will of God. Let Him be your shepherd. Look for grounded people who can and will serve as sheepdogs. I have no good answers, but Heavenly Father has them. Keep the faith brother you mean a lot to me even though we only met once in Stevenville a long time ago in another lifetime.

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