Then they came for… (part #3 of 3)

So yesterday I posted Part #2 of this 3 article series. In that post I put forward my typical “summary” of the previous day’s article. And yes, that means the summary also included some action plan suggestions. The “Part #1” identified exactly what issue was that prompted me to this 3-part series of articles.

The “issue”? The FBI specifically targeting Catholics as terrorists…and the US government’s declared war on Christians in general.

If you have not read those posts…you need to in order to better understand today’s Part #3.

< click here to read Part #1 >

< click here to read Part #2 >

So what is this “Part #3” all about? Well, it is kinda a batch of leftovers. I will talk about some of the things I referred to in parts 1 & 2 but didn’t go into enough detail or where I just want to expand a bit on a point.

The article picture (upper left-hand corner of each post) –

This is a picture, used for the posts, is from the FBI attack on the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX. On February 28, 1993, 70 federal Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agents launched a military-style attack on the home of the Branch Davidians (a religious group) near Waco, Texas. In that violent assault by ATF agents multiple civilians in the house were killed or injured. The Branch Davidians defended themselves from the attack causing causalities among the ATF agents. The FBI then assumed command of the federal agent forces. On April 19, 1993, the FBI commander sent in military tanks that demolished much of the Davidians’ home crushing to death some of the men, women and children inside the home. As the tanks continued their attack a fire broke out. All objective and unbiased evidence supports the fact that the tanks introduced the accelerant that started the fire.  That accelerant also caused the rapid expansion of the fire that ultimately totally destroyed the structure and burned to death nearly 80 men, women, children, and infants. The FBI also prevented any firefighting or rescue efforts once the fire was started. This picture will be referenced later in this post.

“When they came for…” –

Those four (4) words come from a poem from Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984). He was a Christian clergyman that lived and preached in pre-Hitler Germany, during the darkest days of Nazi Germany. Niemöller was actual imprisoned in concentration camps from 1938 to 1945. After the war he wrote about how he was initially a supporter of Hitler’s national conservative policies, “Germany First!”, and the accompanying pro-nationalism/patriotism rhetoric, including making the German army the best and most professional in the world. Finally he realized what Hitler was really all about and began to preach and speak against Nazism. That got him imprisoned.

In 1946 he wrote a poem regarding his regret during his early Nazi supporting days…

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

That short poem has brought me to tears at times. Think about the deep regret, the profound emotion, the sincere pain in what he is saying…that turned into desperation when “…they came for me…”

I do not want to ever be in that position…and I am sure you do not either…no decent person would.

Eyes to see, ears to hear… –

In Mathew 13 Jesus says, “blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.” This is a reference to Christ’s use of parables (stories) which was a common way for Jews of the day to speak. However, Jesus used that form of teaching for specific reasons; 1) each person is in a different place in their life and will hear the story differently as it applies to them and their situation, 2) it gives the opportunity for the Spirit, the Holy Ghost, to teach each person specifically what they needed to hear. And to non-believers, or those who wished to do harm to Christ and His believers, it would be nothing more than some silly, virtually meaningless story.

I write this series of posts to you…individually to you. You will hear/read what is important and relevant to you and your situation. Some part of it may strike a cord and inspire you to do something, change something, say something, or write something. For others, these posts will be totally meaningless and will be dismissed as worthless and/or craziness. And sadly, for the FBI, DHS, and other federal law enforcement agencies it will be fuel for labeling you and me. And you know with which label I speak of. But, I am counting on you to have eyes that see, and ears that hear…and for you to recognize and know the truth…and how it applies to you and your situation.

The slow boil process –

Just about everyone understands the concept of boiling crabs in a pot of water. You put the crabs in a pot of cold water, then slowly turn up the heat, the crabs don’t get it. Then eventually the water is boiling, the crabs are dead and cooked, and then they are consumed. This is also a very common tactic by authoritarian governments. The seldom employ radical overnight changes to subjugate and oppress their people. They begin with rewarding their subjects…water for the crabs. Then they slowly begin to place layer upon layer of government controls on their people until all aspect of their lives are controlled by the strong, tyrannical central federal government…its chains of oppression. And the brutal violent repression/suppression of resistance by their people is carried out by ruthless thugs who once were seen as saviors providing law & order.

Nazi Germany used this same tactic with Jews in the 1930’s and 1940’s. From an earlier post of mine“Notice the designation of ‘war’, then demonizing a certain portion of their population, then dehumanizing them, then forming special units to provide a solution to the problem.”

Once the Nazis had sufficiently demonized the Jews, they labeled them, then motivated the populace to rise against them, then they used the Nazi government’s law enforcement officers (Gestapo) to raid them, arrest them, imprison them, and murder them…by the millions.

The DHS & FBI have demonized their way through militias, patriots, conservatives, libertarians, gun owners, free speech advocates, pro-lifers, veterans, MAGA supporters, and now Christians. The same FBI & DHS have also labeled those same people such as; 1) violent domestic extremists, 2) domestic terrorists, 3) violent militia extremists, 4) Christian Nationalists, 5) White Nationalists, etc.

Strange, 99% of those people are simply patriotic, Constitution loving, average family-loving Americans…yet, they are demonized because they are seen as some kind of threat to the US federal government.

Then, to make it even worse, the FBI & DHS come along and label patriotic symbols as clear indicators of violent extremism…symbols such as any symbol of the American Revolution. What!?! The symbols that come from the courage, bravery, divine inspiration of the Founding Fathers, and the American Revolution are now indicators of violent extremists????

Then the FBI even identified a Christian symbol used by billions of people as a symbol of violent domestic extremists!

Yes! To the FBI & DHS any reference of opposition to tyranny and any support for rights, freedoms, and liberty must be demonized, then negatively labeled. All this so they can then move against those people/groups with extreme force crushing any indication that rights, freedoms, or liberties have any place in their authoritarian country.

Comply –

I think I will write a separate article regarding “comply” as applies to our current state of affairs with Christians and the FBI/DHS/DOJ.

“Shooting war” –

In case you weren’t exactly sure what I meant…I meant a war between US federal law enforcement agencies against average citizens of the US. And that “war” will be a war where those same federal agencies shoot civilians.

Now, those agencies are not stupid, they will do it under the guise of self-defense. Meaning, that their story will be…the federal agents involved were fired upon by radical extremist domestic terrorists…and so the agents were simply defending themselves when they returned fire.

Now, think about the Branch Davidian (Waco, TX) massacre. The ATF attacked the religious group with heavily armed militarized troops/agents. The Davidians saw their families being attacked en-mass and took the position of self-defense, the ATF assault was repulsed.

Then the FBI took over and attacked the families trapped inside the main building…attacked them with military tanks. The FBI assault resulted in a horrific fire in the main building, which subsequently burned to the ground. Nearly 80 men, women, children, and babies were either crushed or burned to death.

And all of this was “justified” by the US government because the federal agents were “defending themselves”…even though it was those same agents who began the “war” with their initial military-style attack against US civilians.

Oddly, almost tragically ironic, is the American flag proudly flying on a military tank as it attacks US civilians on US soil. Can you even begin to grasp the mentality of those personnel in that tank as they fired upon our own civilians…American men, women, children, and babies. And then killing every last one of them!

That is the kind of situation I an referring to when I say a “shooting war”…as well as other situations…such as the sniper kills of a child and mother (holding an infant) at Ruby Ridge. Or the cold blooded ambush and murder of Lavoy Finicum. And the list goes on and on. The FBI and DHS know how to frame a situation with the right publicity to cover their tracks. Now, with the use of QC, AI, and deepfake technology…the government will be overwhelming in their ability to produce self-serving propaganda.

Bubba Effect –

This is a reference to reactions by civilians to events created by personnel from the US government. Example: The ATF & FBI use snipers to kill a child and mother at Ruby Ridge…then White Supremacists react by bombing a building occupied by US government employees.

So the “bubba” part is a reference to rednecks…and their tendency to act quickly to a perceived wrong. Often times “acting quickly” to a wrong, perceived or real, is not the right course of action. And sometimes the reaction itself is not the right course of action.

The US government law enforcement agencies know about the “bubba effect” and will use it to their advantage. Example: The event was the perception that the 2020 election was fraudulent. Notice the term “perception”, the truth or falsehood of the actual event is irrelevant. The “Bubba Effect” was the 1/6 attack on the capital. That attack was 100% the wrong thing to do! It was ill-conceived, ill-planned, and carried out by people who were not thinking clearly…or at all. The result was massive arrests of people who are/were Trump supporters, patriots, Christians, militia members, conservative movement leaders, etc. Now many of them sit in prison, more are headed that way, most have criminal records that now prevent legal gun ownership, and the more general movement has been intimidated into virtual silence and inactivity. Their “bubba effect” was used by, probably orchestrated by, the US government operatives to hurt the broader pro-liberty, anti-authoritarian movement. And quite possibly prevented Trump from even running again, let alone winning the Presidency for a second term.

Quantum Computing –

This is not easy to explain. Traditional computers, such as the one I am using to produce this article, use transistors to perform operations at the electronic level, lots of transistors. And it uses a basic binary code of 1’s and 0’s to do so.

So how many operations per second are today’s conventional computers capable of? Well, depending on the computer…100 – 200 million operations per second. Yup, that’s fast.

Quantum computers (QC) operate at the atomic and sub-atomic level. They can perform a quintillion operations per second. So let’s visualize that for a minute…

Let’s say that a traditional computer could only perform 1 operation per second. Now, compare that to a quantum computer…

1 vs 1,000,000,000

Yup, that is 1billion quantum computer operations for each conventional computer operation…per second. That is why we have to be worry about artificial intelligence running on quantum computers…they can out think us. In real terms a quintillion looks like this 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. Depending on the person, an average, healthy, unconscious brain has the outside capability of performing 10 – 11 billion operations per second. But, a conscious human brain can only handle/process about 40 – 50 bits of information per second. Yeah, that means a single quantum computer can out process all the conscious processing power of all the people in the entire world at one time. And yes…that should scare you.

Artificial Intelligence –

There a lot of parts that collectively make up artificial intelligence (AI). Historically AI “learned” based on someone programming the computer on how to learn, the process by which a computer would learn new information. Now there is “machine learning” which is the computer’s ability to learn new information without being explicitly programmed on how to do the learning. In other words…the computer not only learns on its own…it figures out how to learn whatever it needs to.

And yes, it can learn how to protect itself and it can even decide what its mission/goal/purpose is…and change it as circumstances dictate.

What hasn’t been tested, that I know of, is connecting multiple QCs together, all of which have AI-machine learning running.

Here is something to consider looking forward…think of every “smart” device there is right now that people all over the world are using. Watches, fitness devices, refrigerators, cars, home control devices such as Alexis, computers, door locks, cars, cell phones, etc. They are all connected somehow to the Internet, a WiFi, etc. So along comes a single QC, or a number of them communicating with each other, how do they, would they, use all these smart devices…including military devices and spy agency devices?

But, in the here and now…those QC computers, along with super-computers, are being used by the US government. That is how they can gather every single electronic communication, including video, and process it to identify single individuals and/or groups…and know everything about them.

Deepfake –

OK, I’ve written about this before a couple of times, here are two of those posts:

The technical and proper name for this technology is ”Synthetic Media.” Deepfake is created by a computer using artificial intelligence (AI), normally on high-end conventional computers. The AI software “learns” a person’s voice, scans their physical features, and then after processing that information takes the instructions of the computer operator and creates an animated version of that person saying whatever the operator wanted it to.

Low-end deepfake is pretty easy to spot. The high-end, sophisticated material is extremely hard to spot. If you search online you can find thousands of examples of speeches, songs, etc. produced by deepfake…including revenge porn, if you are so inclined. And I mention porn for a reason.

Let’s say you see a video online that involves your favorite politician that you are helping to get elected. The video is porn with some disgusting images, maybe even including the worst of the worst…”kiddy porn.” Your politician now has no chance of being elected, let alone staying out of jail. But was it a real video or deepfake? At that point it no longer matters…they aren’t getting elected…the damage was done.

There are already videos of leaders of countries giving speeches…some of which could start wars. But, they have been identified clearly as deepfake, some of which was obvious to the average person.

And now let’s add in quantum computers (QC)…and all of their exponentially more powerful capabilities. Couple QC with the best of the best AI based deepfake software. What can be done with that? Can they make videos with foreign countries declaring war on the US? How about showing a religious leader committing adultery? How about a conservative politician meeting with a leader of the Chinese Communist Party? How about a libertarian-patriot who exposes government maleficence, committing a audacious crime? The possibilities are endless/limitless…and dangerous to a startling degree. Especially if deepfake material would be introduced as evidence into a trial allegedly confirming criminal activity.

There use to be sayings such as, “I won’t believe till I see it!” That no longer holds up…because what you are seeing may be completely computer generated BS.

I strongly suggest you read these articles regarding deepfake:

A difficult part of this issue is this…who/what do you trust?  As a believer I feel the only trustworthy “thing” left in today’s world is God, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Second only to that is my wife. If she tells me something I have learned to trust her and what she says. True, I might not be understanding her exactly…but I know she is telling me the truth.

How will you handle this “deepfake” issue?

FBI vs Gestapo comparison –

Am I comparing, or rather intimating, that the FBI is a modern day version of the Nazi Gestapo. No…and yes. The modern FBI is a central government law enforcement agency with its primary mission to grow the power of the US federal government and suppress any opposition to said authoritarian government.

The FBI agents are trained in very similar ideology and tactics that Gestapo agents were. A strong sense of nationalism, total dedication to the federal government (right or wrong), an “us vs them” mentality, and obviously more…such as interrogation tactics, investigation methods, bureaucratic processes, torture, deception, use of “informants”, coercion of average citizens, etc.

And yes, the Gestapo was a militarized federal law enforcement organization…so is the FBI. The Gestapo had virtually unchecked power, even against politicians…so does the FBI.

An interesting side note…IBM was hugely involved in the Gestapo’s ability to track, arrest, and exterminate Jews in Nazi Germany through the use of a new technology…IBM computer punch cards. IBM is working with DHS & FBI to provide those agencies, and the federal government in general, with a new technology…quantum computers. And those technologies are being used to track, perform behavior prediction, gather and monitor all forms of communication, etc…against anyone who opposes or speaks against the US federal government in any way whatsoever.

One of the most frightening comparisons is the FBI’s belief in, support of, and commitment to eugenics. Worse, the FBI is actively and violently enforcing eugenics against any and all that would oppose it. You see, abortion is a primary premise of eugenics. The concept of abortion was developed in America, then exported to Nazi Germany where Americans trained Nazis in every aspect of eugenics…including abortion. Today the FBI is violently arresting, imprisoning, and intimidating anyone who publicly expresses pro-life beliefs…especially if those pro-life beliefs are based on religious grounds.

And yes, another truly frightening and horrific fact about the FBI…their recent open declaration of war against a religious group. Unlike the Gestapo who went after Jews, the FBI is now going after Christians, specifically Catholics. They have demonized them, labeled them as violent domestic extremists, and have been violently arresting them for some time under the guise of those Christians violating pro-abortion laws…yup, for opposing eugenics.

And that goes back to my comments above in the “When they came for…” section. If you are not Catholic you better be concerned about who the FBI & DHS is coming for!

Has the FBI risen to the level of the Gestapo in their actions? No in terms of gas chambers…but they are close in many other ways.

First they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Muslim.

Then they came for the militias and patriots, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a militia member or openly patriotic.

Then they came for the Catholics, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Catholic.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak or fight for me.

Final Thoughts –
  • The FBI & DHS are extremely powerful US federal government agencies and they are 100% committed to their authoritarian regime goals. When resisted by individuals or small groups…the FBI & DHS will win every time.
  • FBI personnel are well-educated, intelligent, well-trained, extremely well-armed, have a huge resource base, and are utterly ruthless beyond imagination.
  • The average FBI agent has no complete understanding as to what they are actually doing…establishing authoritarianism by destroying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have been brainwashed to a degree that is hard for the average person to understand.
  • It will be impossible for almost any ATF, DHS & FBI personnel to change their ways and return to a belief in the Constitution, honor the Founding Fathers, understand our founding principles and concepts, or return to supporting a Constitutional Republic. They are too deep into their paychecks, their retirement, and the agency culture of “comply or die” and “us vs them” power mentality. These federal law enforcement agencies are the ultimate and perfect example of group think.
  • The FBI & DHS know everything about you to arrest you, or kill you, whenever they wish. If you are reading this post, your beliefs and activity are known to them. And they can use that information at any time to come for you. Any real resistance to them will almost certainly mean death for you…since you obviously threatened them.
  • If you want to reference any of my website’s articles/information I would suggest you print them or save them to a thumb-drive…soon. Yes…you know what I am saying…you have eyes to see and ears to hear…so you know what I mean.

Here is the bottom line for me…Find God. If you have already found Him, work diligently to build that personal relationship with Him. Learn to trust Him, to hear Him, to recognize His voice, to know and listen to the Holy Ghost…and learn how to not be deceived by that which appears to be from God but is not.

Look, I am no perfect, or even good, example of a Christian. I strive to be a good disciple but fall far short. But I can tell you this…I believe in God just as Jesus asked us to…He is my Heavenly Father. I believe in His Son, Jesus Christ and that He died for us…He is my Savior. If you want to talk to me about this, or have questions of any kind, then please send me a message via the form below and I will do my best to answer your question(s) or simply pray with you to help you in whatever your need is.

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