FAQ – 3/17/2016

  • Which is better, bug-out or shelter in place?

First, let me congratulate you on using the correct term, shelter in place. Some people use the term bug-in and that is not the correct professional term. I think that sheltering in place is always the preferred option. You have everything with you, don’t have to transport it, best organization, and most familiarity with your surroundings. That being said, sheltering in place, is not always possible. I think a person should always have a minimum of four options to bug out to.

  • How important are guns for preppers?

The most important “thing” for preppers to have is a gun…or 5 or 10. You must be able to defend yourself and your family. If you can’t defend yourself from the bad guys then all your stuff becomes their resource. Along with the weapon itself, you must have the mentality that you can and will pull the trigger to defend your family.

  • What do you think is the number one worse thing that ever happened in the United States?

The creation of the Progressive agenda in the later 1800’s. I can honestly and sincerely say that event ensured the downfall of the United States much like the creation of a Roman Emperor was the turning point that ensured the downfall of the Roman Empire.

  • How much ammunition should you have on hand as a prepper?

I like to joke around and say if you know how much ammo you have, you don’t have enough. And, I prefer to answer that question in relation to each gun you have. Here are my thoughts for minimums –

– Pistol: 200 rounds of Hornady XTP or Golden Saber

– Shotgun: 300 rounds of 00 buckshot, Slugs, Hornady SST

– Carbine: 2000 rounds of a good penetrating round if 5.56, FMJ if 7.62

  • What is your favorite knife?

Not easy answer for that, I have several I like. I look for a quality knife that will hold an edge, easy to sharpen, and doesn’t need a lot of care. It also depends on the mission for the knife.

– Survival: ESEE 3, 4, or 5

– Combat: Gerber StrongArm

– Fighting; CRKT Hishotiam

– Every Day Carry (clip): Syderco Paramilitary

– Every Day Carry (pocket): Gerber model STL 2.0 (black) knife

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