FAQ – 2/7/2019

  • Why are you such a Trump Hater?

Well, well, well…here we go. Your premise is wrong…I am not a Trump hater. First off, I don’t know the “man” all I know are his actions and the outcomes of those actions. And that “know” is seen through the prism of my bias. Lastly, I try not to “hate” anyone. I may not like what they do, or what they represent, but I try to avoid hate since it is the exact opposite of what the scriptures ask of us.

That being said…yeah, you knew that one was coming didn’t you! Trump does some good, some bad. The outcomes of his presidency is what matters to me. Some of the outcomes of his presidency are good, some…not so much. So, some of the economy is doing well, there are more people employed, etc. On the other side home ownership is more difficult, interest rates are going up, public and private debt are going up, etc.. What bothers me is when people go on and on about how great Trump is AND ignoring the bad actions/outcomes he is responsible for. When people become blinded to the downside, or justify it, that really worries me. That begins to enter the realm of “cult/people worship.” When that hits critical mass we end up in very dire straits as a country. I try to maintain balance in my views of a person’s actions…see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And I love the line, “He beats the alternative!” Really? So you would rather get shot with a .22 cal rifle than a .308 rifle? “Getting shot by the .22 beat the alternative!” That’s known as a false narrative. An assessment should not be between a bad/worse option. I try to assess something/someone against the principle of what is right. Take theft…someone steals change out of a Coke machine…they are a thief. Someone takes $10,000 via identity theft from a checking account…they are a thief. Both are thieves, both run as the only candidates for town mayor. You vote for and elect the Coke machine thief as Mayor of your town. You now make the statement, “He sure beat the alternative!” Ah, but he is still a thief. It goes back to the saying, “I voted for the lesser of two evils.” What???  You still voted for evil! My view is…look at the support, or violation, of principles by a person/politician. If he violates good principles = bad. If he supports good principles = good. If he does both = untrustworthy and unreliable (go find someone who supports the good principles…ALWAYS!)

And then there are those that would say, “But, this is politics…there has to be compromise!” Really? You are willing to compromise principles? Let’s say you agree with that statement. So, test your position. Example: Your spouse says they’ve been cheating on you and have had sex with 10 other people in the last year. You are outraged!!! Your plan is now to leave them at once and take the kids with you. After hours of negotiations the two of you compromise…they will only have sex with 5 other people per year vs. the 10 they originally intended to. Everything is cool, you are back to a great loving and trusting marriage and all is well. The perfect example of marriage for your children. Yes? So compromising principles is a good thing in your opinion?

  • Why am I getting so many emails from you and your website?

I am rebuilding the website and apparently every time I post an article or new page of information you will get a notification of that action. Also, I am posting the daily journal entries for “Escape from Tucson” every other day, that adds to the email notifications.

  • You seem so pessimistic, is EVERYTHING going on now bad?

First, let me apologize to you. I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic. Especially so when I feel so extremely optimistic about what is going on in the world. There is more good in the world than bad. However, right now…the bad stuff that is going on is really bad and negatively affecting virtually everyone. The good stuff that is happening tends to be very localized…as in specific to individuals. So, there is a lot of cool/great stuff happening and you should rejoice in it…I do. I will try to lighten up a bit but I try to make sure I point out those things that “could” be of such magnitude that might negatively impact everything/everyone.

  • Does everything fall apart in 2020 because of the election?

Ahhhhhhhhhh, maybe…maybe not. There you have it!!!! That is my prediction for 2020. And I will be 100% right!

OK, seriously now… maybe…maybe not. A couple of article ago I wrote about Trump and the 2020 election. If he loses the Democrat Party (the communist/socialist party) will run wild. And the country will become far, far worse than it already is in terms of good vs. evil. If Trump wins the Democrats (the communist/socialist party) will go absolutely crazy. They will try to get the election results nullified any way they can. Knowing that won’t succeed I could them then trying any other means to remove Trump from office…any other means. So the 2020 election gives us a “no win” situation at this point. Granted, the situation could change in the next 1-1/2 years but I doubt it.

There comes a point when the lid gets blown off the pot. Objectively said…we are under far worse regulation and taxation now than before the American Revolution. And, as a country, we have not been this divided since the Civil War. There comes a point, will come a point, when a group of people in the US says, “enough is enough!” At that point we will see a violent problem. And just a further note of information…remember, throughout history, the Democrat Party is the party of violence.


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