FAQ – 2/11/2019

  • Whatever happened to your Bug Out Location – Retirement Home?

It is going great! I am loving working on it. I usually go there for a couple weeks, work, and then return home for 10 – 14 days before going back. Yeah…wife likes to have me around…go figure. A lot of people have asked me to post articles about it, including pictures. Well, that would be OK with me if enough people would like to have that included here on the website. So take the poll below and I will abide by your wishes.

  • On another website you have gotten flamed pretty badly by a couple of people. What’s up with that?

It is perfectly normal. Some people will agree with what I say and appreciate it. Some people will have no opinion, not care, or simply not respond to things they don’t agree with. And then there are some (3 – 5%) who seriously disagree with what I say and make it known…sometimes through bad language, etc. That’s OK. I think they are good, well-intentioned people who simply don’t think that what I am saying is right. It upsets them, they get angry, and then they get vocal.

Sometimes I try to talk with them via posting but it almost never does any good. Once a person has dug in their heels in opposition they rarely change their mind. I move on since nothing constructive or productive comes of it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion…even those that disagree with me.

  • OK, touchy question…do some people confuse emotional with spiritual? Meaning, do some people think they are having a spiritual experience when they are actually having an emotional experience?

Yes. Emotions are powerful, very powerful. At times they can be overwhelming. Spiritual experiences can be the same, the scriptures are full of those experiences…powerful and life-changing. And it can be very hard at times to know which is which.

One Sunday I was teaching a Sunday School class. I started relating a particular story of one of my ancestors as it related to the class topic. I got very choked up and started to tear up. However, I recognized it as emotional not spiritual. On other occasions I’ve read passages of scripture and clearly felt a spiritual prompting of the truth of what I was reading…or a special insight to a verse. That was clearly spiritual in nature.

The danger can be not recognizing the difference. Normally emotions are physiological reactions based on what is in our head, be it past experiences, beliefs, love, hate, etc. Spiritual experiences are far, far more than that. Spiritual experiences go beyond our head, beyond our hearts, they go to our very soul. Many refer to it as “the still small voice.”

You are always 100% correct following and acting upon spiritual promptings and inspiration. Acting on emotions can sometimes get you into danger, grave danger…or at least get you into trouble…but not always. So there is the challenge…knowing that there is a difference between spiritual and emotional…then recognizing it within ourselves. That will lead you to be able to make far better decisions on when to act, on what to act on, and how to act.

Thank you!!!  That was a great question, one that I enjoyed pondering and responding to more than most.




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