TIP: 2 for 1 special!

OK, first “Tip”…I love Columbia and North Face outerwear gear. Their jackets, coats, vests, etc. are top notch and what I personally use. I don’t think you can go wrong with those two brands.



Second “Tip”shopgoodwill.com !

This winter we decided it was time to update and replace much of our outerwear. We did our research and came to the conclusion that Columbia and North Face brands were really good and best suited us. But…that stuff is very expensive when purchased through normal channels. So my wife starts looking around for deals…and BINGO!  Shopgoodwill.com

We did a test run and bought a used item from that website. It was amazingly low priced and when it arrived it was in perfect shape. We have now transitioned to far better quality outerwear than we previously had. And we did it at about 10 – 25% of the price of new. And everything we bought was in “like new” condition. Actually a couple of items came with the store tags still on them.

Go check out shopgoodwill.com and see if it will work for you!

Bonus “Tip”…try to buy items in the off-season when there is lower demand.



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3 thoughts on “TIP: 2 for 1 special!

  1. My friend and I frequent several thrift stores including Goodwill. We call them our Specialty Stores. Like you said shop “out of season” for the best prices, or just before a seasonal change for the best choices. Sign up for their email notifications for advance notice of sales. Yes they do have them, often an additional 50% off of marked prices.

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