TRAP – Do not rely solely on yourself for survival, you will fail.

LoneWolfThere is a “lone wolf” mentality in the prepper world that says you can survive by yourself (or just you & your family) tucked away in a cabin somewhere away from a fallen society. I say that is pure hogwash!!!

You might make it for a couple of days, a week or 6 months…maybe even a year. But survival takes a lot of skills and resources to be successful. And I am willing to bet that even with a large family you don’t come close to having all those skills.

Example #1: How about security? In “grid-down” with a threat of physical harm you must provide security for your location. How many people does it take to provide 24/7 security? Let’s say just one person at a time on duty. OK, how long are the shifts? How many shifts per day? How do they rest when they are not providing security? Do they have other physical responsibilities when not providing security? I say it takes a minimum of 4 adults to provide minimal security for a location 24/7. And then it is questionable how long they can keep that up before they become burned out and complacent.

Example #2: Your wife’s appendix bursts, how do you keep her from dying? Are you a doctor with surgical capability?

Example #3: Your truck quits working because you blew a rod. Can you fix it? Can you manufacture a new rod?Group-PeopleShooting

Your only chance of survival long-term is in a group with the right combination of skill sets. Plus, it is more enjoyable than cabin fever! Go find yourself a self-reliance group and work with them to make it a great experience…and improve your odds of survival.

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