FAQ – 2/28/2019 (#2)

  • What about the Democrats “new green deal”…is there anything to it?

Well, my take on it is at the 60,000’ level. First off, the details of the proposal are insanity…at best. Seriously, they are totally unrealistic. But here is the important part…it is pure Communism. Yes, this is something right out of the old Soviet Union. A program like this would only ever be proposed by a Communist regime. And here is the main point…Democrats have signed on to it in droves, especially Democrat Presidential candidates.

Now, true that there are Dems that have referred to it as not being practical. But, many of those same people call it “aspirational” or a worthy goal. And there is a subtlety of it all. Those people still embrace the whole idea of the Communist plan, they just know they can’t get it implemented…yet. So they believe in the Communist concepts of the proposal!!!

What does all of that mean? The Democrat Party, and its members, are showing that they have become the party of Communist ideas and ideals. And that should shock you!

  • What is the “cool kid club” in prepper circles?

Ah, had to chuckle at that one. But honestly, it really isn’t anything funny; it is all too plain…and damaging. What? Why?

Well, on the less problematic side of it…go back to your high school years. Weren’t there different groups of kids? Some call them clicks. When I went to school there were the jocks, stoners, rednecks, hoodlums, etc. They tended to hang out with each other and usually didn’t do much crossover socializing. And from time to time there was tension or outright aggression, occasionally violence. Strangely enough the violence almost always originated from the jocks in our school.

In addition to those groups, there were also the “cool kids.” They were usually the pretty people, the athletic people, the cheerleaders, etc. The did the cool things, wore the cool clothes, center of attention at dances, prom King & Queen, etc. A lot of kids wanted to be part of the “cool kids” but those that were “cool kids” usually didn’t accept new members…unless they were cool enough. Yeah for the most part they suffered, egotism, self-centeredness, delusions of grandeur, etc. But, they were still cool…at least in their own eyes.

So, how does that apply to preppers? There is the equivalent in the prepper community of the “cool kids.” Have you seen preppers that have a cult-like following? The hardcore tactical guy? The guy who people have questions of, send emails to, etc., but they seldom, if ever, respond? How about the guy who tries to sound like the final authority on subjects and others praise him for all his wisdom? Look around at the next prepper gathering you attend…who seems to be the center of attention?

So now you have an idea of my opinion of prepper “cool kid club” and it is not a good opinion. Why? Because they tend to hold themselves above others…and a lot of others encourage that.

Why is that a bad thing? Well, in and of itself, it is not. The problem comes in when it actually starts creating different “class” distinctions of preppers. For those of us that are LDS we read in the Book of Mormon over and over again how society suffers greatly when people create class distinctions and elevate some people over others. In the New Testament shows how the Sadducees and Pharisees behaved…they were very pompous and felt they were better than others…and acted that way towards others.

I think the perfect example of how we should treat each other is the example Christ set. He mingled with, ate with, talked with, walked with anyone and everyone. He was a true man of the people. He didn’t elevate himself over anyone. Heck, he even washed folks’ feet for them!

Bottom line…don’t become a member of the prepper “cool kid club”…it isn’t worth it. And, don’t worry about the prepper “cool kid club”…they mostly just seek for the veneration of others…and ego feeding frenzy. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated…leave the ego behind.

Disclaimer: Yes, I got carried away from time to time with who I thought I was. I haven’t always treated people as well as I should have. But, I never, ever thought I was a member of the prepper “cool kid club.” So, if I have ever come off that way, given you that impression that I was a member of the prepper “cool kid club”…I sincerely apologize.

  • Why do you say “don’t believe me”, “don’t trust what I say”?

Well, simple…I want you to do what is right for you. I do a lot of research, I practice what I prepper preach. I believe in what I tell you. But, I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to prove me right or prove me wrong. Why? Because I feel prepping is that important.

And now…I also want you to treat other prepper “experts” the same way. Don’t believe what experts say…challenge what they say. Figure out if what we are saying is true or not. Do not trust the fate of you and your family in others.

There are many folks out there that give some terrible, sometimes horrible, prepper advice. And honestly, it doesn’t matter if they/we are well-intentioned or not. What matters is how it affects/impacts you and your family.

Sorry, I get a little passionate when I talk about this subject. Why? Because I read so many things that I feel is so wrong for prepping. Yes, that is an “opinion” on my part. Look, I’ve been on thousands of incidents, hundreds of large-scale emergencies and disasters, and I see what works and what doesn’t. I see some folks give advice that I know is wrong, other times something just feels wrong. And I have a hard time being quiet about it. Why? Because I don’t want your family to be hurt by bad advice…whomever it comes from. Only you know what is right for you and your family. So you have to take the responsibility to know what to do…or not.

Bottom line…I want you to figure out what is right. So I tell you to knot believe me in the hopes that you will figure out what “right” is for you and your family.

  • Can you recommend good quality 20-year prepared meal food storage?

Here is the central page for all things “food”…avoiding starvation <read more>

Here is the page specifically for long-term food storage <read more>

For specific brands I like Mountain House and Thrive. If you can find a Thrive dealer in your area you can get some pretty good deals…especially if you are willing to host a “party” or coordinate a large group order.



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