Where have I been?

Great question 🙂

Beginning in late February I headed to our RHBOL (retirement home, bug out location) and started building our house there. Starting with a history setting blizzard and ending with getting the roof on…it was a very busy time.

I set the website up to get some articles posted while I was gone and to finish up my online book Escape from Tucson. Remember those automatic postings were written and schedule well in advance…gives the impression I am still around and working on the website. Hope it worked 🙂

But, I am headed out for another month after a very brief visit home to shower and recover a little bit. So, when I get back I will edit a few old articles write a couple new ones, and continue Escape from Home. Yup, you heard it right! I’ve been working on the sequel to Escape from Tucson….Escape from Home. I think you will like developing story-line, the thrills, the twists, the information…along with some real heartache. Look for it in late June.

In the mean time…there are people that need us right now. Answer the call, do your best, prepare for what is coming, and know that we can not just survive….but thrive!

AH Trimble

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