Religious Freedom, Indiana, Constitution and Politicians: Threats – Post “Grid-Down” (Part 2)

Christianity is under attack by progressives, christianity is under attack by the government, christianity is under attack by LGBTOriginal post appeared on 2015, updated/edited 2019.

If you haven’t read part 1, read it from yesterday’s post.


Washington politicians, and most state-level politicians, have absolutely no desire to uphold the Constitution. Actually, most politicians have no true understanding of the Constitution to begin with. To Progressives the Constitution is a hindrance to their remake of society to match their vision; a vision that should scare the hell out of any thoughtful, reasonable and intelligent person. A vision that will make Communism and Nazism look like picnic partners. However, going into the details of their vision, or scaring you about its content, is not the intent of this post. I am here to tie today’s politicians into the support of the recent anti-Constitutional LGBT threat of violence and their destruction of all who stand in their way.

LGBT extremists violence against christiansIn my last post of this 2-part series I went into detail about how violent and destructive the LGBT extremists can be and how much of a threat they will be after a “grid-down” event. I cautioned you to not underestimate the violent LGBT element and their just as extreme Progressive co-conspirators. If you have not already read that article I would suggest you do.

So how do politicians tie into the LGBT community, the recent events in Indiana and how does that all threaten preppers?

Seriously? Really? I have to explain that?

OK, enough of my sarcastic approach to humor. I can explain it quite easily. Here we go…

Harry Reid is attacking christians, harry reid attacks christianity, harry reid a liarHarry Reid – In 2012 Harry Reid claimed Romney hadn’t paid income taxes in 10 years. Reid knew at the time it wasn’t true and didn’t provide a single shred of evidence or name a source to prove that it was true. His outright lie contributed to the defeat of Romney in his Presidential bid to unseat Obama. Then in March of 2015 Harry Reid admitted he told that lie. And he went on to say he didn’t regret having said the lie. Then he admitted that the intention of the lie was to help defeat Romney. And finally he gloated about the fact that he had blatantly lied in order to influence a presidential outcome…and it worked. The last tidbit of information came in the fact that Reid told the lie on the floor of the Senate. Due to that fact Reid can never be prosecuted because there is a wavier for Senators lying while on the floor of the Senate…even outright, blatant  fraud.

Obama is a liar, obama hates christians, obama attacks christianity Obama – The sheer volume of Obama’s lies is too long to list in this article. However, from Obamacare to Benghazi to Iran to a huge list of other subjects he has lied about – he is the consummate liar. He has lied about his childhood, his domestic terrorist ties, his radical Marxist beliefs, his college years, his church participation and everything in-between. It will take years to uncover all the lies this man has told in his lifetime. He is the perfect Progressive in every possible evil way you can imagine.

Hillary Clinton is a liar, hillary clinto lies, hillary clinto hates christianity, hillary clinto attacks christiansHillary Clinton – In 2012 Hillary Clinton told an absolute undeniable lie about what happened in Benghazi the night our Ambassador and three others were killed. It was a lie then, she knew it was a lie and she told it multiple times since then. She got away with it. In 2009 she was appointed Secretary of State. Immediately she broke the law by establishing her own private email address and email server, then using it for official US government business. In 2015 she repeatedly lied about the contents of theBill Clinton lied, bill clinto is a liar, bill clinto hates christians, bill clinton attacks christianityemails, the server, and her use of both the server and her email account. However, she comes by lying honestly, she is married to an impeached President…Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was a blatant liar throughout his entire political career; during his Presidency and was impeached for lying.

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, he denied that the NSA spied on CongressJames Clapper – In March 2013 James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, denied that the NSA spied on Congress while testifying at a Senate hearing. In the fall of 2013 it was revealed by Clapper’s additional testimony that not only did he lie to Congress that the NSA does in-fact spy on Congressmen but that the White House is fully aware of the illegal spying and approved of it. Let me digress for a moment, in the 1990’s he held several key positions in intelligence agencies under President Bill Clinton. In 2010 President Obama appointed Clapper Director of National Intelligence which oversees the NSA. You have a man appointed by a known liar and perjurer to a powerful intelligence agency leadership role. Then 10 years later the most rabid Progressive extremist president appoints him to head the most powerful intelligence agency in the country. All three men involved are proven, known liars.

George W Bush lied, he is as bad as the clintons or ObamaGeorge W. Bush – A conversation about liars cannot be complete without a hefty reference to President George W. Bush. His use of the Patriot Act, secret FISA courts and the National Defense Authorization Act is well known to have killed most rights under the Constitution. And his repeated lies that it was all to keep Americans safe is the ultimate lie. His actions were nothing more than a well-orchestrated agenda to deny citizens some of our most basic and cherished Constitutional rights. He was the man who secretly grewJeb Bush is progressive, liberal, extremist left-wingthe NSA and the DHS  to the horrific monsters that they are today. The same NSA that Clapper is now in charge of. The same Clapper that was used by both Clinton and Obama. And then in February 2015 Jeb Bush (President George W. Bush’s brother) clearly expressed his unequivocal love and appreciation for the NSA and the work that they do. He also reiterated his unyielding support for the NSA and DHS missions.

DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristsI have touched on just a couple of folks in Washington D.C. politics. But I have tied them all together in their shadow world; the world of immense power to spy on and crush the American people at will. The same shadow agencies (DHS/FBI/NSA/CIA) that describe domestic terrorists in America as:

  • Americans who believe their “way of life” is under attack;
  • Americans who are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”;
  • People who consider themselves “anti-global” (presumably those who are wary of the loss of American sovereignty);
  • Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”;
  • Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty”;
  • People who “believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty;”
  • Anti-abortion advocates (aka Pro-Life);

And let us not forget the 2009 FBI report that had these listed as potential American domestic terrorists:

  • Bulk purchasers of food;
  • People who pay with cash;
  • People who want internet privacy;
  • People who display “liberty” or “freedom” oriented bumper stickers;
  • And my personal favorite…”people who display the American flag.”

And the most despicable of all characterizations of potential right-wing domestic terrorists…”returning military veterans.”

Now, let’s go back to my first article wherein the LGBT extremists so easily targeted Indiana’s religious freedom law. Liberals are Liars, progressives are liarsRemember how the LGBT extremists were so successful in destroying a pizza shop owner and violently threatening not only the owner’s family, but the man who tried to help them. Look at all the long list of names of Progressives so ready and willing to stand by the hateful and violent LGBT community…and their desire to destroy not only the law but the lawmakers and the Christians that support it. Then look at the ties that the Progressives have with each other and the most powerful intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice. Then look at how they, the Progressives, have labeled the most patriotic Americans, those that believe in God, those that believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and those that believe in sanctity of life. Then look at the lists describing what our federal government and all the federal law enforcement agencies consider to be the prime domestic terrorist suspects.

“Preppers” are square in their sights as their prime terrorist suspects.

Why have they done that? It is a propaganda move as old as the use of propaganda itself. You demonize the enemy to make easier to kill them. Michael Bhatia in his book Terrorism and the Politics of Naming says, “Demonetization – In other words, portraying the enemy as malicious and repulsive creates feelings that makes killings easier.” But the practice actually goes back 2000+ years where Thucydides writes “It is a banal fact that political leaders of nations fighting wars habitually demonize the enemy.”

So why would our own government, law enforcement, and political leaders, along with the entire Progressive movement, label so many good patriotic American freedom-loving Christian Americans as potential domestic terrorists?

That has already been answered – they see themselves at war with us.Government Control and native american tribes, us government killed indians, genocide

Now, consider for just a moment when the grid goes down who will they come for first? What will a government full of dangerous proven liars do?

Situational Awareness (SA) is key to understanding what is coming and when it will come. A “plan” is the key to surviving when it happens.

What is your plan?

KKK was founded by democrats and liberals ku klux klan was founded by democrats


Food for thought…Let me leave you with a visual on who the liberals, democrats and progressives really are deep in their heart –






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  2. Quote “However, going into the details of their vision, or scaring you about its content, is not the intent of this post.” Unquote.
    Please, do go there!

    And another wonderfully reprise of a thought-provoking post. Thank-you

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