SitRep – 6/16/2019

Introduction –

It has been a very long time since I did any new original articles and even longer since a SitRep has appeared on the site. But, that changes today! Why? Because a SitRep is needed, sorely needed. I started writing this SitRep on Saturday morning, finished it late Sunday…with lots of editing during the process. I didn’t want to write it too quickly after the most recent bombing in the Gulf, and I didn’t want to publish it too quickly and not get the right material in it. So here we go…

But, I want to answer a popular question first…

Why has there been little in the way of new website content? That is simple…I’m building the house my wife and I are going to retire in (January 2020). I started clearing and prepping the building site in late February. I just got back from a 5-week stint where I accomplished about 70% of the siding, roughed in the electrical, and completed the utility shed along with a lot of the infrastructure to a nearly usable point. And doing that by yourself when you are 64 years old ain’t easy! Everything takes more time…and plenty of Aleve each day.

One of the benefits to this time building the house is solitude. I have lots of time to think, ponder, and reflect since my wife is 320 miles away. Another benefit is no TV and no proverbial talking heads trying to sound important as well as knowledgeable…and almost always failing. And yet another positive aspect…I am able to read “news” on my schedule and as in-depth as I want. As the last two trips (5-weeks & 6 weeks respectively) have unfolded I have seen some very serious trends developing…and I am becoming ever increasingly concerned. Seriously concerned.

Now, one of the things that I’ve also been thinking about are “people.” But, in a slightly different way than you might be thinking. I’ve also had people ask for more solution oriented SitRep posts. I’ve even had a few folks express their…well…let’s just say disappoint that some of my SitRep posts seem fatalistic. They appear to think that I am somehow suggesting that they do nothing about the current world/national situation. That one surprised me. So, this SitRep will be my normal view/opinion of what’s happening and more details on a “solution”…or more accurately “solutions”.

And…of course I will probably step on a few toes in the process. And that should come as no surprise. If I was simply trying to make ya’ll happy I wouldn’t be honest…I would just be another target-audience pandering website.

And once again…if you are not willing to read this entire post to the end…including the “Summary/Solution” (Part #2) please don’t read any further. And yes, this is going to be a fairly long SitRep…not a simple fluff piece…be prepared to read a bunch. And sorry, I am not putting in pretty pictures for entertainment purposes.

So are you ready to rumble??????!!!!!!!

Flood & Food –

I figured I better get this one out of the way right off the bat.

I am not concerned about the current flooding in the US as it applies to food production. The US is a very large country with many areas able to produce the food that is being affected in the Mississippi flood plain. While individual farmers are facing terrible conditions, crops wiped out, cropland unusable for this growing season, etc…the nation as a whole is not suffering the same fate. As such, I don’t see a significant and worrisome condition as it pertains to available food due to flood conditions.

In a strange way the reduction in food exports to China due to the tariff wars has to a degree mitigated the reduction in food production due to abnormal flooding this year. 

Financial –

He we go again! If you were to listen to one particular group of financial “experts” you would think our country has never been in better shape financially/economically. Yeah, and it is motivated by, and originates from, a political viewpoint. But, if we are in such great shape as a country…

1 – Why do 60% of US citizens have mental anxiety and/or physical stress over their financial condition according to a recent poll? And especially when 55% approve of Trump’s handling of the economy?

2 – Why is private debt reaching an all-time high?

3 – Why are annual federal budget deficits running at record levels?  Especially considering that tax money is flowing out of the private sector (citizens and companies) to the federal government at historic levels?

4 – Why is the national debt skyrocketing the last couple of years? Well, actually for a couple of decades now? But, I am more concerned about the later year figures.

5 – Why is GDP softening and so dramatically falling below projections/expectations?

6 – Why is the Federal Reserve making it public that they are considering lowering interest rates?

7 – Why is the IMF announcing a softening in the US economy and reducing its projections of US economic growth?

8 – Why are new and existing home sales dropping? Why are pending home sales dropping? (Yes, according to national NAR statistics.)

I could go on but you get the idea. Now, if you are a political ideologue you either applaud my questions/implications or you think I am full of crap. Yes, that implies I am calling you a Trump hater or a Trump lover. And you would be dead wrong! I am simply pointing out substantial financial/economic information that objectively clarifies where we are financially/economically as a country. And my friends………it ain’t good!

The #1 concern of mine is “debt”…and that means private and public debt. Both are at record levels! And the private debt quality is getting lower. That means a combination of amount of and days that payments are delinquent, and it includes the amount of sub-prime debt. Those two figures, and trends, are in critical territory as far as I am concerned…and getting worse by the week.

And what happened the last time debt became this much of an issue combined with a weakening housing market? I am very, very concerned about the state of the US economy and our overall financial situation. I think it could tumble very easily. And when it does (notice I didn’t say “if”) it will go down hard and fast. I believe the probability of that happening has increased significantly over the last year and is growing more unstable by the week.

War –

This is one that I’ve not talked a whole lot about in the past…but now I must.

First, let’s talk reality…we’ve been at war continuously for nearly 20 years. The longest time period of US war footing in the history of the United States! And more to the point…What does the United States have to show for it? We’ve lost thousands and thousands of American military lives in that time frame. Tens of thousands more have been gravely injured and lost limbs, etc. Tens of thousands of families have been destroyed due to repeated deployments to war zones. Veteran and active duty suicides are at record highs. Conservative figures place the current suicide rate at a minimum of 20 per day….every single day we have our military folks killing themselves. That means more of our military people are dying from the aftermath of war than the war itself.

Next, reality check…What have we gained for 20 years of war? Well, we completely destroyed Iraq and hundreds of thousands of civilians died in the process. We opened that country up to one of the biggest scourges that this world has ever seen…ISIS. And we rained destruction down on Afghanistan…as if you could tell since it was a desolate country to begin with. We eliminated al-Qaeda and beat back the Taliban…just for the country to be ruled over by war lords and corrupt politicians. And then to have the Taliban reemerge as we withdraw.  Then we went after Syria. Again…our military crushed them as they were asked to do. But, what did we accomplish? Did we change their leadership? No. Did a whole lot of civilians die? Yes. Did we make the country/region ripe for ISIS? Yes. Did we eliminate ISIS? For the most part, but they still exist and are still operational in some limited area in Syria. And tell me again…what else did we accomplish in Syria? And yes, I could go on and on referencing a long list of other countries where the so-called “fight against terrorism” continues. And what could you state has been our significant accomplishments in those many conflicts?

And now the toughest question…Realistically, can you honestly say that our accomplishments over the last nearly two decades of continuous war warrant the horrendous cost to the lives of our military men and women?

Now, factor in the trillions and trillions of dollars spent to rain down all this destruction -the trillions and trillions that our federal government borrowed- and ask yourself this, “Besides the terrible cost in lives…was it all worth the $’s spent?”

My God…I hope you answered a resounding “No!” to the last two questions.

If you can’t be honest enough with those two questions through a “No!” answer, then the rest of this post will be of absolutely no value to you and I urge you to read no further.

As we look at the potential of yet another hot war (i.e. Iran) we can see ourselves being able to crush them militarily…but their terrorist activity would increase significantly because Iran will not go down quietly. And remember, they clearly won the last time we engaged them (1980), and they directly killed hundreds of our troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria (2003 – 2018) at relatively minor cost. And there is a wildcard when going after Iran in a shooting war…Russia. What will/can they do in supporting their close ally Iran? If Russia abandons Iran they lose all hope of influence, and credibility, in that region…and I don’t see Russia willing to accept that.

Now let’s talk about war with China. And please…only reality talk. I don’t want to factor in anyone’s dream or vision of some fantasy in this regards. There are other venues for that, but not here.

What has happened the last two times when we slapped tough financial sanctions on an Asia country? Simple answer…war. In 1949 sanctions went into effect against the Soviet Union and its allies. (Don’t forget, a large swath of the old Soviet Union [Russia] was in Asia.) So what happened? In 1950 the Korean War broke out, and shortly thereafter Vietnam. In 1940 the US imposed sanctions on Japan. In 1941 Japan attacked the USA and a brutal world war erupted. So what exactly do you think will happen if we continue to battle China in an economic war through sanctions?

How much more does it take before we, as a country or us individuals, get sick and tired of useless war and say, “Enough is enough!”?

Well, as long as we have war mongers like John Bolton in positions of influence we will continue to have devastating wars, and threats of war…with few, if any, accomplishments to show for it.

What are the chances of going to war? First off, we are already in numerous wars. Second, we could end up in war with Iran any day. The US government has been pushing very hard for military action against Iran. Granted, Iran is a “bad guy”…an evil regime of which there is no doubt. And, we (the US) have bad guys as well pushing for war with them, John Bolton is at the head of that list. Over the last few months there have been numerous attacks on oil infrastructure in the Middle East. They include attacks on refining facilities, shipping facilities, and shipping. Most recently Iran attacked several oil tankers with mines…indisputable proof of such activity via drone footage. War with Iran could break out any day, they’ve already fired missiles at our drones. One was shot down in Yeman. We will strike them…then it will be up to Iran if we go to war.

I am saying it plainly…We are already at war, and there are three more potential wars that could spring up overnight. And if those wars would involve Russia or China…we will not win. If any kind of major conflict would develop with either country we will lose. Maybe not militarily, but the end result would be devastating to the US and to the rest of the world.

Why would the US government seek more war? Oh come on! You know the answer to that question already. War is a primary tool of any government to distract its own citizens from internal strife. ALL politicians are capable of using that tool when they feel their power is in jeopardy…no exceptions. And if that isn’t enough…the military-industrial complex make huge profits during times of war. Money and power…the root of politicians…and evil.

Political –

Right after the inauguration of Trump I laid out the coup that was taking place against him. And I identified the major players on the ground. I was 100% correct then, and I even identified the players by name and position who were waging the coup against him. And I believe I am just a correct as I share the following with you.

But first, let me clear up a misconception. You will hear many folks speak of a “soft” or “hard” coup. I don’t believe those terms to be correct. A coup is a coup…period. And any attempt to remove a President from office outside of the electoral process is a coup…period. Now, there is a difference in the means of a coup. But, not aligned with soft or hard terms. Coups are either violent or non-violent. An impeachment attempt of a President is a non-violent coup. An assassination of President is a violent coup. So, let’s be clear…way back after Trump was elected a non-violent coup began in earnest with the Whitehouse, DOJ, CIA, FBI, DNI, NSA, as well as others. Its plan was to create such a cloud of “treason” against Trump that he would never become President. I also believe that there were plans for a violent coup in the inner circle of conspirators as well…and that would include the armed intelligent agencies; CIA, DNI, & FBI with the assistance of the NSA.

The initial non-violent coup has failed. Although the second non-violent coup (impeachment) has the democrats -meaning Democrats, Progressives, liberals, RINOs- still fighting that fight. What we have to look at is the renewed resurgence of the non-violent impeachment coup via additional activity of the House of Representatives towards that end. They have somehow taken the Mueller Report results and convoluted them into the foundation of their coup efforts.

Even if the House impeached Trump they know that a conviction in the Senate would be highly, highly unlikely.  However, the impeachment alone would be enough to destroy Trump’s chances of reelection in 2020. In the event of impeachment there would be little impact on Trump’s base, but it would rally the democrats for the election to a fever pitch. And most importantly, it would ruin Trump’s chances with the bulk of independent voters for their support. Why? Conflict…people would be tired (if not already are) of conflict and controversy and ready from some peace and quiet. And that would be the democrat’s mantra.

What shows up on my radar as dangerous are the recent calls for 100+ rallies for “Impeach Trump!”. And this could turn into a violent coup attempt. Granted, there were only a few dozen rallies that actually occurred that weekend. But, the important note of that is…there were a few dozen rallies that occurred that weekend. If the street level “Impeach Trump!” movement begins to gain a head of steam what do you think will happen? If you said violence you are exactly right. Remember, historical facts show the Democrats are the party of violence and war. And what would the reaction to that protest/rally violence be? Yup, increasing violence coming from both sides…then from law enforcement. This scenario is a threat that many folks haven’t looked seriously at as of yet.

Now, second to last in the political arena…the 2020 elections. There will be no winner in the 2020 presidential election. Certainly not the country. There will be only two outcomes if Trump runs…he wins, or he loses.

First, if Trump wins…the democrats will go absolutely crazy, out of their mind, insane. And the more extreme of those radicals will go violent. Another issue will be, not maybe, a violent coup. There are still many, many deep state (shadow state) players in the government. The DOJ, DNI, FBI, NSA, and CIA are full of them. And they have the training, capability, and motivation to carry out a violent coup against Trump…they just need a spark.

Second, if Trump loses…there are some very radical Trump supporters fully capable of violence. Perhaps not nearly as many, nor as insane as democrats, but they are there. What do you think they will be motivated to do? And how newly empowered do you think the democrats will be? They are already talking about prosecuting Trump once he is out of office, do you think they would follow through with it? If they did, what do you think the radical right’s reaction would be?

If Trump doesn’t run…there is only one reason he would not run…he knows he would lose. And that knowledge might come from polling, from impeachment, or from blackmail. If Trump doesn’t run, democrats win by default. Why? Because if Trump doesn’t run his 4-years as President will be seen by Independents as a failure. And that vision will be all the motivation they will need to go for a democrat.

And now the unpredictable…what if the democrats win the Senate? Look out! Couple that with them winning the Presidency and the country is 100% screwed…at the speed of light. And what do you think some of the crazies on the right might do when they see that happening?

Once more…there is absolutely no winner for the 2020 elections. I think the campaign will be extremely turbulent at best, extremely violent at worst. Be prepared!

Note: I think the 2020 election will be one of accountability. Yes, which political party will be held the most accountable for their actions. But, I also firmly believe that we, as individuals, should look at being held accountable for who we vote for…regardless of the office in question. I would like to lay this out there for your consideration…vote for the person who most closely mirrors your personal and political beliefs. I mean in terms of ethics, morals, and the Constitution…vote for that person regardless of party affiliation. Basically…vote your conscience.

Final point in this political category…the Electoral College disbandment. Before I get started I want to make sure that you understand a very, very important point…the United States of America is NOT a democracy! The USA is a Constitutional Republic. There is a massively huge difference. If you don’t know that the USA is a Constitutional Republic, or you don’t understand the difference…PLEASE research it out now.

One key aspect of preventing the destruction of the USA is the fact it is not a democracy and was never intended to be such. The Constitution was specifically written to prevent that. And one of the key elements to prevent the USA from degenerating into just another sewage based country is the Electoral College. It was designed with the intention to prevent mobocracy (a synonym for democracy). It was also designed to prevent a single party being able to so deceive the public into bring back a monarchy or some other undesirable form of government.

And so what are the democrats up to…continuing to destroy the USA…which they have been working at for over 100 years. This time they are trying to do it through the elimination of the Electoral College. There are 15 states now, controlling 195 electoral votes, with laws that require their state to cast their Electoral College votes for the popular vote winner. That is in 100% direct opposition to the Constitution. And the democrats are 100% behind it!

So, why are democrats so intent on this move? Simple, they want to change America into a socialist country to be able to implement totalitarianism. And they have a plan to do that through the destruction of the Constitutional Republic via instituting democracy.

Technology –

This particular category has risen in my opinion as being one of the biggest threats to freedom the world has ever seen. Actually, one of the biggest threats to humanity that the world has ever seen. Yes, there are many good things about technology and its uses…there is no denying that. But, it is being used for evil (and will be more so in the very near future) far more than it is being used for good. How?

There is a two-pronged attack via technology in the war against the human race taking place right now that are very significant in nature. And I mean it in every sense of the term “war” in a very real sense.

First, there is the refinement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). And within this first point is:

1 – AI being used more and more to replace humans. No, not supplement humans…replace them.

Emerging and increasing popular use of armed machines, controlled by AI, used to kill people. We see the technology used widely in the war on terrorism in the form of armed “drones” which are now capable of making independent “kill” decisions. We are also seeing AI used in law enforcement work. We saw that back in 2016 the Dallas PD used a robot to kill a suspected gunman. The technology has refined exponentially since then.  Then there is the law enforcement agencies use of computer software, AI based, to predict criminal activity. That has been going on for at least a couple of decades on a community level but has recently made a quantum leap on the individual citizen level as AI has evolved to truly scary point.

2 – And a very weird category of AI is in the use of sex robots. While mostly ignored, usually scoffed at, it will have more impact on civilization/humanity than all military and law enforcement use of AI combined. It is already shown through studies that humans are increasingly more favorable to robots as sex partners than humans. Think of those implications. Enough said.

Second, the dramatic creation of refined “deepfake” media. Deepfake media is media produced that is not real (i.e. fake) but appears to be 100% real and true. The form of deepfake that I am most concerned with is visual media. Do you remember watching comedy based TV shows where they would take someone’s face and superimpose moving lips to say jokes, sing a song, etc.? That was kindergarten stuff!

The technology now exists to make videos using someone’s entire face/body and they appear to say whatever the creator wishes. It is almost impossible to notice any superficial movement to the lips/body or in voice manipulation. And since the voice is actually the person’s real voice whose words are being manipulated it sounds like them in every sense of the word. Now, all that being said, the software (powered by AI) is currently being refined to make it impossible for the average person (i.e. without the aid of sophisticated technology) to tell the difference between a person giving an actual speech or one that is completely fabricated through the use of deepfake technology.

The truly frightening aspect of this will come to play in politics. Politicians, including national leaders, will appear to give a speech or comment…and the question will be…is it true or not? Unfortunately, most people will be fooled into thinking that deepfake media will be true media. And, I believe it will appear in the 2020 elections to some degree. And both foreign governments and US based political operatives will use it against the public.

Now, the horrifying aspect of this technology will come to light as governments begin to use it through its national level intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Think of the prospect of US agencies having the technology to present media to the public that is completely fabricated and indistinguishable from the truth. How far do you think the US government would go using this kind of technology against its citizens?  Now, if you don’t remember what I laid out in the “political” category go read it again. Then ask yourself…How far would the US government go with deepfake capabilities…based on what they have already done that we know to be historical infamous fact?

Why is it so scary? Shortly, very shortly, you will not be able to believe what you see or what you hear. So then, how are you going to discern truth from lies? Reality from fantasy?

People –

This is the most disheartening category that I will write about in this SitRep. Why? Because it is so disappointing to see people changing so much lately.

Before I get started I want to publically thank the Catholic Church. While it does have serious issues and problems right now that are very public, they are leading the public fight against abortion/infanticide. For that valiant fight defending the unborn children…Thank you!

First group I am worried about…democrats. Remember, I include Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, and RINOs in this collective term. Why? Because it is applicable and an easier to term to use when typing.

Democrats have become the party/group of evil about 100 years ago. And yes, I mean evil in the true sense of the word. They are the backers of infanticide. They are trying to eliminate the Electoral College and hence destroy our very Constitutional Republic itself. And let us not forget…they want to install Communism in the US…and violently if needed. Penny Kuzmich, Colorado democrat politician, made that clear in June 2019.

The Democrats have corrupted the education system in the USA. Remember John Dewey is regarded as the father of public schools? Yeah, did you know that John Dewey was a rabid socialist/Communist? Did you know the ideas he brought to America to establish government education here were based on European fascist government’s original development of the so-called public education system? Yeah, I hope you did…but many don’t. To this day teacher unions are some of the most socialist/communist based organizations in the country. And it is they who are educating the vast majority of our children…and have done so for well over 100 years.

Results: by a large majority Millennials (Democrats or Republicans) view socialism more favorably than capitalism. And in terms of all age groups of Democrats…they are evenly split 50-50 as seeing socialism as a more favorable form of economic system than capitalism. That means we are losing our country to the forces of evil…and thanks in great part to our government school system.

And most disturbing and disgusting of all people and their behavior…democrats lauding and bragging about infanticide. It is utterly disgusting that democrats so wholly and enthusiastically support this worst of human crimes. More and more so-called Christians are embracing abortion. It simply can’t be! You cannot be both a Christian and pro-abortion…period…end of story. The sixth of the Ten Commandments forbids the shedding of innocent blood. There is nothing more innocent that an unborn baby in a mother’s womb. End of story.

And now another group of people that I am increasingly aware of…some Christians. And within that group are two  concerns…first, shrinking number of Christians. I pointed that out some months ago what is happening to the numbers…they are shrinking and an alarming rate.

The other trend I am seeing is Christians behaving badly. Not in a general term…for we all sin and fall short. What I am referring to is Christian-on-Christian behavior. I am becoming more aware of some Christians treating other Christians in a way that is wholly inappropriate, ever increasing, and something to be worried about as a prepper. Not that long ago I saw a debate between two people, both professing to be Christians. One person in the discussion pointed out evils committed by a government agency using historical facts to support their claim. Another person disagreed with the first person but used only opinion, not a single fact. The first person came back and stated again that his opinion/view was based on actual documented historical events. The second person (defender of government agency) came back with a very personal attack and threatened to turn the person into the government agency in question. Think about that for a minute…let it sink in.

Why do I think that is a bad thing? Ravening wolf in sheep’s clothing (Mathew 7). These are those individuals that after an emergency, disaster, or grid-down event occurs, will be the first in line to turn in neighbors and fellow Christians to the bad guys to win some disagreement. In a hard grid-down they will see themselves as doing a great community service to let government authorities know who has food and water storage, guns, ammunition, or who have expressed anti-government sentiments in the past. They will be the “Judas” of their time against fellow Christians. Sad, but true.

Another type of person I am starting to see more of is the self-righteous, deluded protector of truth. This type of person takes the position of being perfectly right on every subject/point of Christianity and demeaning all others who don’t agree with them on every point. Normally that kind of person would only be viewed as obnoxious, irritating, or pitied. However, when viewed in a larger picture…they can be dangerous. What, if after grid-down, this person decides that you aren’t sufficiently Christian enough…and they are in some position of power? What if you are living in a Christian community and somehow he becomes the developer or enforcer of rules/laws of the group? When I think of people who take the position of self-righteous, deluded protectors of religious truth and attack others for not living up to their standard…well, I think of the Taliban. That is exactly the kind of behavior those monsters (the Taliban) displayed…to the fatal detriment of others…mostly women and the weaker.

Unfortunately, some of these folks are well-intentioned, well-meaning, but harm fellow Christians none the less. Then there are others who view, and excuse, the inappropriate behavior as simply being strict, obsessive, a little over the top, gruff, etc. But don’t kid yourself! These “protector” folks are suffering from mental and/or spiritual maladies. And in a pre or post prepping environment they could easily end up being very dangerous to you and your family.

Now, don’t get me wrong…generally speaking there are great people in this world alongside the dirt bags! At our property we have one neighbor that is basically a jerk for a number of reasons. Then there is another neighbor, an Army combat vet who is a gem. We work on our common fence together, he has helped me with projects, and I have helped him to do the same. We’ve shared family time, meal time, laughs around camp fires, and a couple vet-to-vet moments. Who do you think is the person you more likely can count on when the world falls apart? Who would likely be a problem?

What my point is…figure out who your friends, neighbors, and associates really are. Can you trust them, are they a danger, are they an asset, etc.? It is better to have an idea ahead of time rather than when your family’s lives are on the line.

There is another group of folks, Christians also, that I am also worried about. These folks end up following, like sheep, other people and trusting in the arm of flesh. They allegedly receive confirmation by the spirit that they are doing the right thing and the person they follow is inspired. But here is the rub…other folks put in the same position with the same person receive confirmation that it is a bad situation and that they should not get involved with that person. So what is the problem? Trusting in the arm of flesh and/or not being able to discern spiritual vs. emotional feelings. There are too many false prophets out there today and we know there are more to come.

The number one red flag I see in this regard is a person claiming some special knowledge, path, information, etc. that is contradicted by, or not supported by, scripture. The number two red flag shows itself when they attempt to make money off their specialness.

In my view…with these people you are dealing with the two basic problems that the world has in general…power and money. So I ask myself, “Would an Apostle of Jesus Christ, such as Mathew, have attempted to sell his writings or freely give them to the world?” or, “Would the Apostle John have written a book concerning the last days (i.e. The Book of Revelations) and sell it through Amazon for $24.95?” I think you know the answer. So would somebody who claims to have special spiritual information such as dreams of heaven or a vision of the last days charge you money to learn of such? Would that indicate a true Christian spirit or one lusting for money and/or fame, perhaps seeking power?

Note: If their work is available for free in some form for people to read (i.e. posted on the Internet) but is also optionally published in a book for people to reference…well, I see that as far, far more acceptable. Why? Because they are making it available for people to learn from without using it to make money off of special spiritual matters. In other words their alleged spiritual event(s) is not solely a commercial venture.

FYI…I am an author. My first 2 books were available free online, but in a limited environment. They were subsequently published at the request of quite a few people. My third book was exclusively published on-line, on this website, available completely free. My fourth book will be also available on this website 100% free! When the fourth book is finished being published online I will then publish books #1 and #2 online, free as well. There is valuable information in those book (IMHO) and I want it to be freely available and not restricted based solely on a person’s ability to pay.

Summary/Solution –

For years now I’ve shared with you my opinion on when this country falls apart. And, as so goes the United States…so goes the world. My opinion has been consistent, I believe two basic paths wherein the country falls apart. First, the continued slow descent into totalitarianism that started in earnest back in the Woodrow Wilson administration and continues, albeit accelerating, today. Secondly, would be a single event -mostly unexpected- that will plunge us into a national disaster overnight. I still hold that two-path belief today…more than ever.

During the years I’ve been monitoring those two distinct, but same destination, paths I’ve seen the probabilities of each swing. What I mean by that is this…sometimes we are more likely to experience a single event vs. a continual decline. At other times, the slow decline is far more probable with no single event on the near horizon to plunge us into oblivion. Recently, on any given day, those rather stable “probability” views of mine have swung widely. Why? The events of each day, and the manipulation of those events, are growing increasingly dangerous. And I can’t even tell which is more dangerous…the event itself, or the manipulation of a specific event. What I do know…it is getting worse…exponentially worse.

With the renewed push by radical, extremist Democrats (which means all of them) to continue their overthrow of our US President…it could explode overnight based on their ever increasing call to action (violent and otherwise). As we look at the potential of yet another hot war (i.e. Iran), two cold wars (Russia and China), and two economic wars (China and Mexico), we see that, again, an overnight event could explode right in our faces. Our economic situation is more tenuous than I’ve ever seen it. We’ve never been more in debt, we have huge annual federal budget deficits, and all the while draining more money out of the private sector via federal income taxes. Our GDP is quickly softening to dangerous warning levels. And most of all…our country’s morals make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a Girl Scout camp. Simply put…we are ripe for destruction.

So there is the summary part…not so different than my other SitReps over the last couple of years. But, I want to make this perfectly clear…I believe the chance of an “overnight event” occurring to the degree that it could bring down our Constitutional Republic is greater than it has ever been in my lifetime…and that covers 64 years.

So what is the “solution”????? Ah yes…there is the key. And that will come in Part 2!



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  5. Corporate Capitalism is the name I give to the corrupted form of Capitalism that is manifest today and is rightly pointed to (by the Left and others) as the failure of America. I contrast that with what I call Righteous Capitalism, where a fair ROI good, but not the extreme viewpoint of: It Sucks To Be You, if I can take every dime you have and I seek more and more.

    We can be better in dealing with our brothers and sisters, if we could view them properly.

    As to what our nation can do, well, I think returning to the Ten Commandments would fix 99% of the problems we have today. Short of that, the cancer you have shown in your post, will continue until another cycle runs it course. Jonah was sent to Ninevah to cry repentance. After his detour, he delivered his message and the city repented. Though a few years later, they returned to their own ways and were destroyed. I believe the Lord has seen many a civilization do what our world is doing today.

    What works is when people change their behavior (repent). And the majority need to do so to be impactful


  6. Sir – your thoughts are 100% spot on, and so well articulated in the process. I feel so much of what you are talking about every day. I have discussions about them with others and am shocked at how many people “see” what is happening, but only small bits and pieces, and just brush them off as not that important or they don’t know what to do about them. Then there is the others side – those that are actively seeking the very things that are bringing this country down. They celebrate the Democrats “victories”, the socialism gains, and actively fight against the president because he’s “evil”. But the worst, bar none, is the abortion epidemic. Years ago I read statistics on women who have abortions and what it does to them psychologically – it destroys them inside in every way. Statistically, it blew my mind. And this was a study done in 1987. If there is one things that destroys this world and our country, God cannot stand for the shedding of such innocents for much longer. And to push that boundary in some states such as Nevada, Illinois, and New York, to where abortion is legal up to the moment of birth? I literally shed tears over that even thinking about it. Please please keep posting – the world needs to hear your voice of reason, not emotion. That is another tactic the Democrats use – emotion. Play on the emotions every single opportunity they can.


  7. Illegals attacking
    .gov facilities the illegals
    What boarder security
    Crumbling infrastructure,

    EBOLA! Rears it ugly self again, and 200 Congolese are let loose in Texas to scatter like the cockroaches they are. It’s all planned and financed by whom?



    Liked by 1 person

      • The main point is the one I have pondered before: Millennials and their embracing of the socialists viewpoints, that capitalism is broken and should be replaced with the good of socialism. I thing this is caused by the lack of knowing True history, caused by a poor education system and you pointed out.

        We (as a Nation) will repeat history


      • Hey Doug,

        Interesting point you make…and I agree. First off, I don’t think there is much of “true history” taught in the government school system anymore. Curriculum is highly slanted against fundamental values. And yes, there is a reason for that. Now what I do find interesting as well is a “broken capitalism” view. I agree with that…our system of capitalism is broken to a great degree. And it is due to government interference and a huge interest, an overriding interest with some people, in power and money…and the lust for both. True capitalism is really unique and a terrific system. When you couple it with a solid values system (i.e. Christianity), capitalism becomes almost perfect. You have a virtually unlimited ability to become anything you wish, and you employ “charity” along the way to help others. You could say it is a combination of gold and the Golden Rule.

        Any thoughts or suggestions on what our nation can do at this point to not repeat the bad aspects of history?


  8. superb! but I know you are not doing this for applause. You truly love the Lord, the people and the Country and you are “seeing” Truth as it is rolling forth in a world where the passengers do not understand the issues of the dangerous sea they are crossing. I pondered this last weekend when a grand daughter was married with great pomp and festivities, but doing so after living with her boyfriend for several years. Like them, the world is doing things in the wrong order, if not in the wrong direction

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    • I have a different take on the current view of ‘socialism is needed and we are going to stuff it down your throats if need be”
      I believe that the entire school system has been systematically trained for decades by socialists…enamored by visions of “equality”.
      In other words, one cannot know what hasn’t been taught. And the teachers today are simply parroting what has been shoved down their throats.
      In large part, the entire public education system is rotten to the core now.


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