Immediate Action Warning!

7/18/2019 – 0500



There is a new app out there called “FACEAPP”


The software in this application (FACEAPP) uses a face in a picture and manipulates the facial features aging it, inserting a smile, etc. The software uses very sophisticate “DeepFake”software to manipulate facial features.

There are three primary aspects of the app that make is very dangerous for you to upload or use.

  1. It was designed, programmed, and is owned by a Russian company that has connections to the Russian government.
  2. It uses some of the best artificial intelligence (AI) technology commercially available. This is “DeepFake” technology that I warned about in my SitRep – 6/16/2020. <click here to read the 6/20/2019 SitRep>
  3. The user agreement gives the software access to ALL of your pictures for their storage and use. Even if the exact terms of the user agreement change, once agreed to, the software can access all of your pictures, download them, and store them in Russia. And due to the sophistication of the software…it has the ability to access any feature of your phone…any!

I am warning you…do NOT use this app…do NOT download this app!

I warned you about this kind of AI technology and told you about its dangers a month ago. Well, it’s here in the mainstream now. The pictures the app produces are so incredibly lifelike that few people can tell that they are artificially produced. While the software may seem like a novelty…IT IS NOT!!  This app is a small view into what the Russians (and others) are capable in terms of AI…and that should worry you.

Also, the other aspect of this app is its ability to access your phone…entirely. That means contact information, GPS, and any other app on your phone is vulnerable to being accessed.

Finally, the app can download pictures, all of your pictures, and they can get stored in Russia. Why is that important…and dangerous? Well, think about it for just a second and you will have your answer. If you need a little prompting…Russia is our natural and sworn enemy…and they are using AI to attack the USA.

From many aspects of life we are living in very dangerous times. This technological angle of danger is one…a very serious one. Do not let yourself fall victim to this DeepFake technology. Do NOT use this FACEAPP !

Update: 7/20/2019 – 0730 More information is appearing on TV segments now and “experts” are confirming the material I provided two days ago. The absolute consensus is…Russia is behind it, it is very good AI powered deepfake graphic software, you give up rights to your photos, and you give Russians access to all of your phone. Well, you give them access if you choose to ignore my warning. Think about this…what are the implications to teenagers, politicians, and innocent people being charged with crimes based on photo “evidence”?

Update: 7/19/2019 – 0900 There are many articles no appearing going over material that I mentioned early yesterday morning. While much of it continues to confirm what I posted, there is new material indicating that it may be worse than I stated. I have not been able to confirm any of the new material. That being said, I don’t find issues with most of the speculation of the severity of the problem.

Update: 7/18/2019 – 0700 I just read an article that appears on the website that provides more details on the app. I just finished reading the article and I can’t verify the accuracy of all of the information in the article at this time. But, much of it seems to confirm what I had already researched. I believe it would be worth reading if you are interested in these things. <click here to read the article>



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2 thoughts on “Immediate Action Warning!

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  2. Thank you once again. I took this opportunity to go back and reread the first two parts of this SitRep on 6/16/2019 1 & 2

    As is my custom I went over your article for any clerical errors of the kind that software lets slide by. Not very many. AND then I took the first of these 3 articles and started to break it down into almost 1 sentence paragraphs.

    Why? Because you my friend, make so many salient points that I feel people will skip over. These points should all be highlighted, imho. so that they all give pause in a thorough re-reading. But who wants to read most of your article in yellow?

    So making each point into a tasty morsel seems the best way to allow time to digest. And as ever, I am trying to maintain an off line archive. Who will be able to go online, should there come a day?


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