The technology and science reporter from the Sun has written an in-depth article regarding Deepfake AI (a.k.a. Synthetic Media). It was well researched by Wired, well written, and troubling.

Have you ever heard of “revenge porn”? It is pornographic pictures of your “ex” and the purpose it to embarrass them. Yes, there are a large number of websites dedicated to this concept.

Can you imagine breaking up with your significant other and a month later finding pornographic pictures of you being circulated around the Internet?

Think it can’t happen to you!? Oh, you never had anyone take porn pictures of you? Think again!

As a spinoff of Deepfake AI there is now a website that developed the AI technology to create pornographic pictures of you…without you ever having had someone take a pornographic picture of you. Yup, it’s true!

You send a picture of a fully clothed person to the website and the AI software will then create a “hyper-realistic” pornographic image of the person…for a fee of course. And according to the reporter the images are almost impossible to discern that they are Deepfake images.

Of course the authorities are all over this trying to shut it down. But, the website owners are well ahead of the authorities. The original website owners, creators of the AI software, have a “partner program” which has spread the ability to create pictures throughout the Internet making it impossible for authorities to keep up with it.

And they are also hiding how the payments are made under different names, companies, etc. This keeps the payment processing companies from shutting down the money stream.

And to further complicate matters, there are laws in multiple countries against “revenge porn”…but, there are no laws against the Deepfake aspect of revenge porn.

I told you that Deepfake was coming, that it would be common place, that it would be disruptive, and dangerous. Well, this is one more way that it is going to further corrupt and dismantle society. Prepare to deal with it…if, when, it comes knocking.

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