First Aid Kits & Medical Kits…Types, Sizes, and Contents

The risk of injury or sickness is always present in any emergency, disaster, or grid-down situation. Think of any emergency…now, think of all the ways you can get injured or sick during that emergency. The outcome to your family can be devastating without the ability to properly care for minor and intermediate injuries and sickness. A simple infected cut on your finger could lead to sepsis and that can lead to death if not prevent and/or treated.

I have resurrected the articles where I listed the different kinds of medical/FirstAid kits, the mission for each, and their contents. It is well worth the time to read…and act on.

MEDICAL CARE: Individual First Aid Kit (BOK & IFAK) <click here>

The Individual First Aid Kit (BOK & IFAK) provides you the ability to render immediate life saving first aid to yourself, or use another person’s own kit to provide that care to them.


First Aid - Emergency Medical Care - Team Basic Aid Kit

MEDICAL CARE: Team Basic Aid Kit (TBAK) <click here>

the Team Basic Aid Kit (TBAK) enables you to provide in-depth first aid to your team or family members is critical when 911 or hospital care is not available or will be delayed by hours or longer.


First Aid - Squad Trauma Aid Kit

MEDICAL CARE: Squad/Group Trauma Aid Kit (STAK) <click here>

The Squad/Group Trauma Aid Kit (STAK) provides you the means to render emergency trauma care to one or multiple trauma victims.


Emergency Medical Care - Mass Casualty Aid Kit

MEDICAL CARE: Mass Casualty Aid Kit (MCAK) <click here>

The Mass Casualty Aid Kit (MCAK), is designed to provide emergency medical care to a moderate number of people who have suffered trauma injuries simultaneously.


Field Trauma Care Kit

MEDICAL CARE: Field Trauma Care Kit (FTCK) <click here>

The Field Trauma Care Kit is set-up for a seriously injured patient that needs emergency medical care based on a significant trauma injury in a situation where hospital care is considerably delayed or not available.

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