I wanna know…you can speak up…

If I am counting right, I have published 13 posts from my new book Escape from Home. I am publishing them as “pages” this time to make it more organized on the website. However, there are no opportunities to comment on each individual pages that I already published. A couple of folks have indicated they would like that opportunity…they wanna make comments and suggestions. A few folks have some questions about the story line, and prepper content.

Sorry. I simply didn’t enable that comment feature. I will enable it going forward.

In the mean time…here is an opportunity to take a quick survey on my new book and to make comments generally. You can even send me an email if you want to keep it just between us. So here you go…



One thought on “I wanna know…you can speak up…

  1. from LJ – I enjoyed the first book Escape from Tucson, and the continuation of the saga is just as informative and entertaining as the first. Although I have been a prepper type for over 40 years, I continue to learn and find ways to do it better. As the preparedness specialist for my church group there is always something you mention that gets me to thinking, adjusting and sharing. Keep up the great story, thank goodness it is only a story at this point, and thank you for sharing your vast knowledge.

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