Yaesu FT-60R Ham Radio : Storing and Transporting Case

Yaesu FT-60r handheld Ham radionote: article first appeared in January 2015

In this post I will go over how I store my 60R, what I store/transport it in, and what I store with it.

In a previous article that was posted about 15 minutes ago I went over the Yaesu FT-60R radio and accessories.

So let’s go over my standard format, what is the mission for all of this?


Mission –

To safely store two radios and all components with which to operate the radios.

Requirements & Restrictions –
  1. Cases must be sturdy, at least to military specifications.
  2. Cases musty protect against dust, dirt, and water impingement.
  3. Cases should protect the contents against damage due to reasonable heights and rough handling.
  4. Cases should be low profile and not draw attention to them.
  5. Case should be light enough for one person to easily carry.

SKB i-series 3I-1711--68-C.The case I chose was the SKB i-series 3I-1610–58-C. These cases are waterproof and as sturdy, if not more so, that Pelican cases. And they are cheaper that Pelican cases. They come with “cubed” foam ready to be cut to size for your equipment.



SKB i-series 3I-1610--58-C for my Yaesu FT-60r handheld radios

So this is what my case looks like for my two Yaesu FT-60R radios.  The case is clearly labeled for easy identification.

SKB i-series 3I-1610--58-C for my Yaesu FT-60r handheld radiosYaesu FT-60R Radio Case –

Bottom Level:

  • 2 x Antennas, Dual-Band, 14.5″, Comet SMA24
  • 2 x RF coaxial cable SMA female to UHF SO239 PL259 femaleRG58
  • 2 x FT-60R Owner’s manual and US Amateur Bands chart in a Ziplock bag
  • 1 x RT Systems Programming CD

SKB i-series 3I-1610--58-C for my Yaesu FT-60r handheld radiosMiddle Level:

  • 2 x Yaesu-VC-25 VOX Headsets




SKB i-series 3I-1610--58-C for my Yaesu FT-60r handheld radiosTop Level:

  • 2 x Yaesu FT-60R radios
  • 2 x Antenna, 7″ (rubber duck)
  • 2 x Battery packs, rechargeable, L34D
  • 2 x Battery trays, AAA
  • 2 x Chargers, 12vDC (cigarette light style)
  • 2 x Chargers, 120vAC
  • 2 x Surveillance style earpieces with lapel microphones.
  • 1 x RT Systems Programming Cable

I have given you a list of the equipment needed to run the Yaesu FT-60R Ham radio. Is it everything you might need?  This was meant strictly for the radio equipment itself and the essential equipment to get it going.

Take this list and use it as a starting point for your specific need and mission.

Note #1 : I specifically didn’t store batteries (other than the rechargeable pack) because I didn’t want to run into a corrosion issue.

Note #2 : This is a smaller case than the ones I use for the FT-8800, FT-8900, and the FT-897. Why? Because I bought this case first. If I had taken the time to measure everything out first I wold have stuck with the SKB i-series 3I-1711–68-C for all my radios.



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