What would you do? (9/19)

If you haven’t read the post on September 1, 2019 that explains this post…well, go read that post first (91/2019) and then this post will make more sense.

It has been six months since the collapse of America. There is no electricity or other functioning utilities. There is no help from the government. The food distribution system shutdown months ago and grocery stores are basically empty shells. Many folks who couldn’t take care of themselves relocated to massive FEMA Family Care Centers. In the FEMA-FCC’s they provide lodging in tents and basic food to eat. But, for those benefits, you also have to work on large-scale infrastructure projects in the bigger cities scattered around the country like, New York, Los Angels, Chicago, etc.

You and your family had been preppers for the 1-1/2 years prior to the collapse. You got excited about prepping after your best friend shared AHTrimble.com with you one day. You followed the “layers” system of prepping and subsequently you were ready when everything fell apart. You have developed a pretty self-sufficient lifestyle with a close knit group of other preppers. But there is a problem…

Your nearly 1-acre garden is showing signs that someone is coming in at night and stealing some of your crops. large Vegetable Garden for food during disaster, emergency grid-downSince your garden is essential to your family’s survival you are very concerned. Your garden has just really started producing after 4 months of hard work getting it to this point.

Each morning for the last four days you have noticed about the amount of food for one person missing each morning. Nothing else is disturbed or damaged. No large amount of anything is missing just about enough of your garden for one person to eat each day.

You have been looking for tracks but they have been brushing their tracks out to cover any evidence that they have been there. But, this morning you found a single track about 12’ away from the garden…a size 6 or 7 shoe print Shoe Printthat appears to be from a tennis shoe.

What do you do next?




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5 thoughts on “What would you do? (9/19)

  1. It is most likely a child or woman due to the foot print, but maybe not. I would be on watch a few nights. The individual is trying to eat to live. If after a few nights observation, IF I felt no other threat factors, I would show myself and offer food for work. Perhaps this is a situation that could prove beneficial. Another protection to your home? Maybe not! I would follow my gut on this after much prayer. I would act accordingly.

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  3. Sneaky little bugger is hungry and doing a fair job of not being seen. Let’s see who it is , have a talk, then decide from there. That’s a small foot. But I bet there’s more than one set of feet involved here. Maybe a little Grace is required here.



  4. What do you do next? Set a hidden watcher over the garden. No killing unless it is absolutely necessary. The point is to catch the thief red handed. The print seems to be that of a small person. A medium sized child? A woman? A small man? If they are just hungry and not a threat then a compromise could be made their labor for food. If they are a danger then some other remedy should be employed.


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