FAQ – 3/14/2020 (COVID-19)

  • You did a great job of explain where the COVID-19 virus name came from, etc. But, what does the “19” stand for?

The “19” is for the year that it was discovered.


  • Do you think the virus will mutate?

It already has. I am hearing it has mutated five times already. That is not verified but I have a source that tells me it has. We do know for sure that the virus has mutated once. And it became less deadly as a result of that mutation. All viruses mutate. It is a survival mechanism because they are a living thing and want to survive just like you and me. Sometimes they get more deadly…but that tends to kill off the host faster. Without the host the virus will die. So most of the time viruses will mutate (change) enough to become more virulent (stronger and more resistant to being killed) but not stronger to kill the host more quickly. Well, that certainly applies to non-weaponized viruses at least.


  • You talk like an expert on the COVID-19 virus situation, what gives you that right?

I am no expert on the virus, COVID-19 or any other virus…and I don’t pretend to be or represent myself to be. When I use “facts” about the virus I am using sources I feel to be credible (valid and reliable). And of course I am always expressing my opinion of facts.

As for the “situation”…well, that’s another matter. Unless you have lost track…I began fighting fire and responding to emergencies as a professional in the 1970’s and I retired in 2018. I have thousands of hours of incident response management training and thousands of emergency incident responses for experience. That experience covers a lot of the US, and a couple other countries as well. At the time of my retirement I was a qualified Type 3 Incident Commander, served as a Type 2 Operations Section Chief, had 6 years of experience as a member of a national Incident Management Team, etc. So yes, I have the training, knowledge, qualifications, and experience to comment professionally and expertly on the situation.


  • Are you saying to not prepare for COVID-19 virus?

For goodness sake!!  Have you seriously not read my articles?

Years ago I wrote a series of articles about Threats, Risks, Matrix, Mitigation (click here to read more). It is a step-by-step process by which you can identify those things in your life that pose a risk/threat to you and your family. On there I showed mine…and it had “flu” and “epidemic/pandemic” both listed on it as potential risks/threats. Now, there are many sources and a huge list of preventative measures you can take to protect against both. And many, if not most, of those sources are more qualified than I to give advice and recommendations on avoiding the flu so I don’t repeat/replicate that kind of information here. I try to provide original content.

Now to answer your question directly…I am telling to prepare for COVID-19 in EVERY aspect. My Immediate Action Warning from yesterday (click here to read more) is a perfect example of me telling you to prepare and providing original content. No other website that I am aware of has given out that warning yet. Most won’t. I am also telling you I have personally prepared for the COVID-19 as much as possible. Most of that preparation began decades ago, if not years ago in earnest. So…please prepare for the COVID-19 virus and its related panic.

Does that clarify my position enough for you?



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