FAQ – 3/14/2020 (General)

  • Did you ever figure out if your website was hacked?

No. I had a well-qualified guy come in and look it over. He found “nothing conclusive” as to why it went down. Some irregularities and some lack of attention to security details on my part but nothing he could point to with certainty and say I was hacked. So that is the end of that story.


  • On another website you started talking about a subject, Groupthink, do you have, or can you write, an article on it here on your website? Someone made some stupid post and you got derailed after your first couple of posts. I would like to hear more, I’m interested it it.

Yes, I will write an article on Groupthink and its ugly cousin Confirmation Bias. You gotta give me a couple of weeks. I am still trying to get caught back up to speed on the website…and still finish building the house.


  • Do you think we will have the election in November with the turmoil going on right now?

Yes. What form it takes is another subject. The real key to this is watching the primaries for the Democratic Party, they have already started cancelling primaries. Why? Because they can’t take a chance that Comrade Sanders could become their nominee. He would lose by a massive landslide. They are also afraid of Biden becoming the nominee. It is obvious his mental state is severely depleted. He is no long mentally competent, that is plain to see. Without the primaries they can use their old-school power players to choose (or control) their candidate vs letting their party members (i.e. voters) choose their nominee.

Here is something else to think about…let’s say the panic is still going on in November. Do you think that we would vote as normal? Or, do you think they would turn to mail-in ballots, voting by phone, Internet-based voting, etc.?  And if we would use non-traditional voting systems consider the following questions…

1 – What would the reaction be from the Democrats if Trump won?

2 – What would the reaction be from the Republicans if Trump lost?

3 – How would TPTB react to either situation?

4 – Would the results of the election be more easily manipulated or corrupted? Or at least the appearance and/or claim that it was corrupted?


  • Are you really expecting violence as a result of the virus and how bad do you think it will be?

Yes, there is a high probability of violence as a result of the virus panic. And it will only be bad if you, a family member, or someone else you know gets caught up in it. Reduce the probability that you would become a victim of it and you have little to worry about. Properly prepare for it and you don’t have to fear it. Now, that being said, in the larger population centers it could get very bad if; food runs out, water gets shut off, large areas are quarantined and contained via guns, groups of people feel neglected, ignored, or de-prioritized due to any other number of “bias” reasons. But, the single biggest reason…food. If food runs out in some areas…watch out!


  • Do you seriously blame the potential for violence on “panic pushers”?

Yes…and no. Individuals are responsible for their own actions. However, the panic pushers, hype hustlers, and fear promoters are stoking the mob mentality fires. So yes, those folks will be partially to blame when the violence begins. Why? They are 24/7 pushing the virus…or rather pushing people’s mentality into panic over their non-stop, intense “news”. But trust me… the panic pushers, hype hustlers, and fear promoters will never, ever acknowledge their role in anything negative…let alone violence. They are far too busy stoking their own egos and vying for attention as a “savior” or justifying their actions as “keeping people informed”. No they are not keeping people informed…they are examples of pathetic leadership.


  • I am a member of **** and witnessed the terrible treatment that *********** poured on you. Why didn’t you stand up for yourself more? You should have! Some of us are appalled at his bullying of you and others.

Well, thank you…I think. I am not sure you are showing empathy for me and disappointment in him. Or, showing disappointment in me for not slamming him for being a bully. And trust me…I am sure he doesn’t see himself as a bully, or wrong in anything, no matter who says what.

But, the truth of the matter is a little more complex than it appears on the surface. First, he owns the website and I think it would have been in poor taste to go after him…and rather un-Christlike. But more to your point, I received a couple of private communications that shed some different light on the subject. In summary: he has “gone off his nut a little” (their words, not mine) since a close personal friend of his and former employee got into some potentially serious legal/criminal troubles. And some of that may roll off towards him as well. So he has enough troubles on his mind, he doesn’t need me dog piling on him. He has a history of being a bully, some have called him arrogant. I will let others judge the situation for what it is and our actions for what they are. Case closed.


  • I have sent you email via the AHTrimble website. You haven’t responded, why?

For all the same reasons that the website went down and my distraction in building my house. I will get to the email and respond as time permits…I sure hope you understand.


  • I remember at one point you wrote about “Alert Levels” somewhere, can you point it out to me or repost it?

Ah, ooooppppppssssss! That is one of those articles that I can’t find any trace of. I will have to go back to my Word Doc archives and try to find. If I can’t I will attempt to recreate that article. I kinda like that subject matter. It’s hardcore prepper info! Get me a couple of weeks to see what I can do.


Ask me a question …

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