FAQ – 3/24/2020 (COVID-19)

  • I go to several websites throughout the day to see what is happening with the virus. One of the sites is fantastic and has dozens and dozens of articles each day about what is happening. Why don’t you do that with your website?

Because it is damaging. Yup, damaging and destructive. How so? 1) It is information overload. Too much information can be worse than too little information. It’s called “paralysis by analysis”. It is far more efficient to take in only that amount of information you need to make a high-quality decision. 2) How much of that information you are ingesting is fraudulent, false, or misleading? Could you even spot that stuff? 3) How much time do you spend each day doing that? Would your time be better spent actually doing something else…like seeing if people needed your help? 4) How is your attitude affected by taking in all that panic promoting, hype hustling, hysteria pushing?


  • What is the #1 &#2 things you are worried about right now with the virus?

#1 – I am concerned about people and their reactions. Too many people are being stupid and acting as if they are lost and confused. They are panicking and making stupid decisions. But, most of all…they are following people with questionable, or outright nefarious, agendas.

#2 – I am concerned with what the state governments, but especially, the federal government is going to do in regards to their virus actions. I see all kinds of rights, liberties, and freedoms being encroached on. And worst of all (referring to #1) I see people all too willing to accept it…even beg for it.


  • Why are you so worried about “hoaxes”?

Because people need quality information that has been vetted for accuracy. Many websites, including prepper sites, are publishing articles and promoting rumors that are far more damaging than the virus itself. That is irresponsible of them.


  • Do you see a bigger problem behind all of this or a hidden agenda?

ABSOLUTELY !  I have been working on that since the outbreak and I will be producing a SitRep concerning it in the next couple of days. Look for it!!!! It will be worth it.



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