Feedback & Comments: 03/23/2020 – 1

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsMark writes…

Thank you for your solid refreshing and well reasoned thoughts and observations. I follow your posts and totally agree with your assessment that the panic we are seeing is a far greater threat than the disease. And the results we are seeing are disheartening to say the least. But there are many bright spots that aren’t making it to us and I’d like to share one . This is from a local beloved restaurant owner that we have known and loved for years and are his own words:

“You guys are absolutely incredible. When I heard we were going to have to close down our inside dining I honestly was really upset and worried. I couldn’t sleep all night and just came down to the Restaurant to work. I would like to apologize. Im sorry i doubted you, our loyal customer base. You’ve never given us any reason to doubt you. You’ve always been there for us. And WOW 😂🤣😂🤣I was worried i was going to have to lay employees off. Now my concern is that I’m going to wear them out. My head cook said he thought we were going have to close down, Not have a re grand opening. Insane, awesome and unbelievable is all i can say. I can’t believe how crazy it was. All take out. Our staff did absolutely incredible. Though I know we had some huge mistakes. I apologize to those who fell through the cracks. Please let us know so we can redeem ourselves. I apologize to those who couldn’t get through, we had to shut our phones off several times. This is only our second night. We’ll get better. We’ll be better prepared. Ill be up all night again catching up so my cooks don’t quit on us. Thank you Thank you Thank you. We serious love you, and look forward to given back and serving you in the future. God Bless and stay safe “

Bottom line….. we can and should do everything in our power to help those around us cope with this situation. We are all extremely blessed to live in this country, in spite of our flaws, and I know we can get through this together especially with the help of the Lord.

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