Hoax Alert: 8 – 20 Million Chinese Died from COVID-19

Hoax AlertThis article is actually a combination of an actual article and then a lot of comments of the real number of deaths in China from COVID-19. The top end of that range was 20,000,000 that was touted as accurate.

Article headline – “Mobile Phone Market Data Suggests That Over 8 Million Chinese Have Died From Corona Virus”

So that sounds very, very scary that the Chinese government is hiding the true number of deaths. And fortunately for me, the source article was included…in Chinese. Yeah, the article was all written in Chinese, unable to be read by this poor schmuck. So the person posting it couldn’t even read the source document, now there is some good quality vetting!

But no fear! The source of the number must be reliable…right? Ah, how about a mobile phone company (China Mobile) who simply reported that they lost 8 million customers recently. And from that comments showed up that it must be due to people dying…8,000,000+ from the COVID-19 virus. And so a US based website, who is known for their sensationalist reporting to promote their products and services, picks it up and takes off with it. Before you know it…the number was estimated to be 20+million people dead in China.

So what does your commonsense tell you? How about your use of logic and reason?

Yeah, thought so. It is a fraudulent hoax that started with a dubious report, exaggerated by people without direct knowledge, promoted by a questionable website who didn’t verify the original source, and then published again by another sensationalist prepper website. So the information is, at best, fourth hand and completely unverified.

Yup….hoax!  Not even China could conceal 8,000,000 dead people within a few months from COVID-19.



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