Hoax Alert: Bank Runs Have Begun!

Hoax AlertArticle headline –“Bank Runs Have Begun!”

So the source for this hoax came from another website, a prepper website. And ti was really easy to spot. First off, no source document. Next, it was simply a person writing about their personal experience. Finally, I was unable to replicate his experience.

So I tried to find any other source that bank runs were taking place. No reports whatsoever.

Then I went into town…straight to the bank. I tried to withdraw a fair amount of cash. Ah, no problems at all!

Here is the problem with this kind of crap…perception is reality. If people start hearing this junk information they tend to pass it on if they believe it. Then other people hear it…then more, then more. And as the rumor cycles back around it confirms the first rumor and so forth. Perfect example of rumors and mob mentality.



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