FAQ – 4/13/2020

  • Why do you keep reprinting articles from 3 – 5 years ago?

Well, it is more like I am republishing those articles. And the reason is, because you are a new website user, is the crash that rook place a while back. All my articles were deleted from the website. For over a year now I have been resurrecting articles from a variety of sources. I review them for accuracy, content, grammer, etc. I then republish them in the correct “category”. So I am rebuilding the website over time…while I have been building my retirement house.

  • Why don’t you publish new content articles? And why is your contents page so out of date?

First off…the Table of Contents is only about 2 weeks out of date. I only update it so often because it is time consuming and I would rather bring back old content that was crashed or create new content. So, every few weeks I go back and update the TOC. But don’t fret!!!!  You can always use the menu on the left side of each screen to narrow down the articles to categories.

New content…come on…give me a break! I have been producing new content…check the “COVID-19” category on the left. and yes, there has been other new content as well such as FAQs and more is coming…just please be patient. I still have to make my wife happy with finishing the new house I am building. Yes, I am building it myself…not having it built. And that my friend, takes some time. I will get back after it within a few weeks. And yes, that includes more of my latest book 🙂

  • Do you do book tours anymore? Or speak to groups and what does it cost?

No. I started feeling kind of sleazy do the book tour thing so I stopped. Yes, I still speak to groups as requested, as time permits. It doesn’t cost anything for me to come speak. I do ask that the group cover my travel expenses.

  • A buddy of mine said you did some prepper consulting work for him. Do you still do that and what is your rate?

Yes, I do a fair amount of consulting as time permits. Some over the phone, some via email, some in-person. I don’t “charge” anything, so I have no “rate”. What I do ask folks…if they have the means to pay for it, and feel there is value in my consulting then pay me whatever they feel is fair, or what the value of my advice is to them. If they don’t pay…oh well. If they pay me a $1…oh well. If they pay me $1,000…well, my wife smiles a whole lot 🙂

Seriously, if you want my opinion, advice, or consulting services then just ask for it. If you can pay me something that would be nice. If you can’t afford it…well, ask me anyways…I am grateful for the opportunity to help any way I can.

  • When are you going to publish another book?

I am no longer in the book publishing business. I still write as time permits but the books are, and will be free. I post the books online and you can read them as you wish. I am still converting my first two books to that format so please be patient.

  • Are you going to write about building your retirement home – BugOut retreat?

Yes. But, that is still probably not going to happen before summer. And yes, I believe there will be a summer 🙂


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