Something to think about…I ask you

What a very strange day yesterday…that spilled into this morning. Actually, it started a week ago when I started working on a new SitRep…and then the whole George Floyd thing erupted. Then came my “Something to think about…” post which drew some serious flak from a couple of readers. Then my follow-up which agitated a couple of those who were already ticked off at me. Weird times we are living in.

So then I decided to write an influencing and spectacular essay on some historical fact and perspective…impressing one and all with my keyboard prowess. So I began my research for that post. I love doing that kind of research and writing. Finding “dots” and then connecting them…especially when those dots span hundreds of years. Now mind you…all of this while I am stilling trying to get the new house more livable for us, tend our micro-garden, get the solar system settled in (including installing the new PV array), and try to unpack/organize my shop. Yeah, a little busy. And lest I forget to state the obvious…preparing for what is coming…the storm on the horizon.

Yesterday was a real gem…I had am 8-hour round trip journey on my hands going to the big city to pick up my $50 250w Canadian solar panels. Now I will tell you…I was excited about that! Yup, excited to be adding six 250w high quality panels to my system which is in dire need of more sunshine harvesting. $50??? Yeah, you read that right…$50! Now, they are used of course. The company I bought them from buys whole solar farms worth of panels when they get swapped out every couple of years for the newest, latest, and greatest PV panel. They test them, clean them, sell them, and stand behind them…at 20cents a watt! I checked em out, talked to a guy who has bought from them multiple times, was satisfied with the company, bought the panels and picked them up yesterday. Great trip! Well, kinda. OK, not so much.

On the way to the big city there were these huge information signs over the highway. They are computer controlled and can inform the driving public of whatever message the government wants to put up there. Very 1984ish! Well, yesterday they were informing drivers of the emergency order by the AZ Governor putting the state on a lockdown…an 8pm – 5am curfew. Yeah, a 9-hour per day police state. I was truly discouraged to say the least, more like depressing, possibly more…saddened might be more appropriate.

And without thinking I had been listening to various talk shows as I was driving. For whatever reason I started to really pay attention to what was being said and how and to whom. I noticed the following:

  • It was a black vs white thing
  • It was a AntiFa vs establishment fascist thing
  • It was a Democrat thing vs Republican thing
  • It was a criminal vs everyone else thing
  • It was cops vs everyone else thing
  • It was the military vs civilian thing
  • It was a Trump vs the world thing
  • And on and on and on and on…

The point being…it was one group vs another. Yeah, truly it was everyone vs everyone. Not that many days ago I called it cultural cannibalism, because as a nation we are eating ourselves alive.

About two years ago I was trying to figure out a solution to the problems America is facing. Trying desperately to come up with some new, fresh idea that would save our beat-up and drowning nation. I thought I had figured it out and even had a catchy title for it. I floated the idea on a website I belong to hoping to get some feedback from folks I respected…and for the most part, trusted. Wow! Was I in for a surprise.

Shortening that whole story, my post was almost universally rejected or ignored. The worst of the replies being ugly and unbecoming to those who would call themselves Christians. So basically, combining the responses, it came down to this…I was a Trump hater, Hillary lover, and wanted the conservatives to lose all future elections…and everyone should hate me for advocating correct principles over the realities of politics. Yeah, it kinda got under my skin…and I dropped the whole idea. Yesterday, after listening to the radio chatter, I decided to dust off my idea, change it up to my current thoughts, and bring it to you on this website.

Why “here”? Why “now”?  Because I think it is a sound concept, one that could work, and will work with the right people hearing it and understanding it. And of course, I have very limited influence in the world as a whole. My adult children listen to me to some degree. My wife does listen to me…but mostly to be polite I think. My neighbors don’t know me well enough to trust me enough in this matter. So that leaves you guys. I have hundreds and hundreds of people who have signed up to “follow” the website. Maybe as many as a couple thousand folks who visit this website fairly regularly. So that must mean you guys have some degree of trust in what I say…or ya’ll simply see me as some level of entertainment. I am good with either.

To accurately understand the background to what I about to propose we must go back 250 years. Back to England in the decades prior to the American Revolution…and then tie it into our Founding Fathers of the late 1700’s. One of the things our Founding Fathers dreaded most and spent considerable time worrying about was political parties. Why? Because they had watched what had happened in England earlier in that century. Basically it had torn England apart, caused a huge division amongst its people, created a civil war…and the Founding Fathers wanted none of it in the new America. Yes, I speak directly about “political parties” and the inherent evil they bring with them…ALL political parties. But, that is still not my point…well, not directly anyways.

So you can read that every Founding Father detested the idea, the concept, of political parties. Why? Because political parties divide people, cause strife, lead to violence, and destroy the underpinnings of countries…and has often destroyed countries all together. The founders spoke vehemently against such things infecting America. Too bad they couldn’t and didn’t prevent it.

Almost immediately after the Constitution was put into place, elections held, and our first president elected we find that two factions developed; 1) strong centralized government generally supported by businessmen, bankers and merchants, 2) decentralized governance to the local level generally supported by small farmers, artisans, and craftsmen. It became a bitter divide, almost sinking our country in its earliest years…and continues today…those who support big government and those who know better.

Strangely enough these differences in political beliefs were set aside when developing the principles that became the Constitution. All of our Founding Fathers and a host of other leadership of the day laid aside many of their personal political philosophies for a more purposeful endeavor…ensuring the best possible document that would guide our country into the future. Oh how sweet it would be if we could see that behavior in our day!

George Washington spoke passionately against the establishment of, participation in, and the use of political parties…and for good reason. He stated specifically that they would create domination, cause damage, and produce vengeance against members of the opposing party. He especially saw it, along with many other Founding Fathers, being in direct opposition to our Constitutional Republic principles and a sure way to destroy our country. Obviously he was right.

How does this manifest itself in today’s world? Really?!? Maybe I should I ask a far better and more realistic question…How does it not manifest itself in this conflagration of America we’ve seen now for decades?

So what is my solution…my vision of the future…my all-encompassing elucidation…my illuminating edifying concept? Oh sorry…it is not mine at all…simply a resurrection of the original idea of our Founding Fathers…principle vs politics. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Let me give an example or two…

No one but a psychopath serial killer would approve of police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd killing him and the continue to do so long after Floyd was dead. And especially when you consider that Floyd was handcuffed, begged for his life, couldn’t breathe, and three other police officers stood by and watched Floyd be killed. That is cold blooded murder…a principle that no one, other the most mentally ill, could approve of. No one can justify that kind of behavior from our police officers…no one. Well, no one that is sane or has an ounce of morals in them.

At the same time, no one but the most deranged and radical anti-Americans can stand by and watch buildings burned, cars destroyed, and worst of all, police officers shot at, pelted with bottles/rocks, and harassed. As a result of Floyd’s murder the wanton destruction of property, the perpetration of violence towards our police is simply unacceptable…morally wrong. The principle of such behavior is wrong by any standard by any decent person…period!

As I listened to the radio chatters yesterday on my drive for the PV panels there were only two sides…those supporting the violence and destruction, trying to justify it…and those opposed to it, and attempting to justify any and all action to stop it…including more killing. So we have two opposing parties in this issue…and I bet if we did a little research it would break down along Democrat/Republican lines. Maybe more accurately…along liberal/conservative lines. Then again it could also be broken down to…anarchists vs law& order folks. But what I didn’t hear…not a single discussion about the principles involved. Killing is wrong…wanton violence and destruction is wrong…protesting is right…objecting to police violence is right.

Here’s what I am getting at…take the same people on either side and stop talking politics and start talking principles. What might happen?

Ask the group for a show of hands…

  • How many people think it is right and allowable for police officers to kill unarmed, handcuffed, compliant men who are begging for their life and can’t breathe?
  • How many people think it is right for groups of people to burn down local businesses, destroy people’s cars, and try to kill police officers?

Don’t give them a chance to bloviate…just a simple show of hands…they approve of each or not.

Other examples…

  1. How many people think it is right to be legally able to kill another person at will?
  2. How many people think it is right/allowable for a national government to be able to violently suppress their citizens with those citizens having no right or ability to defend themselves?
  3. How many people think it is right for a group to be able to forcibly take money from another?
  4. How many people think it is right for a group to be able to put you in prison for not paying a debt?
  5. How many people think it is right for a government to charge you to live on your own property?
  6. How many people think it is right for a government to force you to do certain things to your children?

I would think you would find few people supporting any of the above. However, the topics I was alluding to were:

  1. Abortion
  2. Gun rights restriction
  3. Income taxes
  4. Income tax collection enforcement
  5. Property taxes
  6. Public school requirement for all children

I hope I am being clear…talking about “topics” mostly brings about political posturing. I think discussing “principles” brings about convergence and consensus. And remember consensus does not mean compromise! Compromise is a bad thing…a very bad thing. It means people have to give up things to resolve an issue. And those issues rarely stay resolved for long. But consensus means harmony with all parties in unanimous agreement with the solution.

And that my friends resulted in the Constitution! And I believe that to be the single most inspired document in the history of man.

So what in the heck am I asking of you?

I am asking a lot!!  I am asking you to stop thinking in political terms…and start thinking in terms of principles. And when thinking in terms of principles seek to advocate for and to do what is right. I am asking you to not blindly support a Senator, Judge, Congressman, the police, the President, political party, the military, etc.. Only support principles that result in actions that are right.

Look at what a person or group does…and do you support that action based on correct principles.


  1. I cannot and will not support any candidate or group who advocates for, or doesn’t oppose, abortion.
  2. I cannot and will not support any candidate who advocates for, or doesn’t oppose, the restriction of gun rights.
  3. I will not approve of, or accept, the US military being used against US civilians.
  4. I will not approve of, or accept, the police being able to get away with murder.
  5. I will not approve of, or accept, people wantonly looting and destroying property.
  6. I will not approve of, or accept, people trying to hurt police who are trying to protect life and property from wanton destruction.
  7. I will not approve of, or accept, the militarization of police.
  8. I will not approve of, or accept, the propaganda produced by any level of government for any topic or in any situation.

And the list goes on and on…you get the idea. So how does that apply to a conversation…or in everyday life? Let me stumble through a couple of examples…

If someone engages me in a discussion about the recent riots and they advocate for the “left” and accuse the “right” of causing the problem. I might respond with, “I think it was horribly wrong for a police officer to kill George Floyd and I hope the officers involved are tried, convicted, and see prison time. And I hope they catch all those burning buildings, destroying, and looting because they are nothing more than common criminals. We need to find a solution…we need justice, we need peace, we need respect, we need freedom and rights.”

If a person would say something such as, “I think it was horrible for Trump to tweet for police to shoot looters!” I might respond with something like, “I think we need moral leadership at the national level in this whole thing but the problems need to be solved at the local level where the problems are. And brother, the federal government is always a problem, never the solution.”

If a person expresses something like, “Shoot all the damn looters!” I might respond with something like, “I believe in a blind justice system, that a legal system applies equally to everyone. Those looters should be found, arrested, charged, tried, and required to payback all the damage they created. I don’t believe in a banana republic political system that allows a police force the right to shoot people on sight. I believe everyone is entitled to Constitutional rights and protections.”

Is a person says, “We need the military on the streets to stop all this nonsense and bring back law and order to our country!” I might respond with, “I believe that the Founding Fathers were correct in their beliefs and how they formed our Constitutional rights. The military was never meant to be a standing army and was never meant to be used against civilians on US soil. I support the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.”

I am asking you to decide what principles you believe in…what you believe to be right. Then I ask you to stop advocating for, or in, politics…especially political parties. I am asking you to advocate for, support, and to discuss “principles.”

How do you decide what is “right” when it comes to principles?  I can’t tell you what to believe…you have the right, and responsibility, to decide that for yourself.

For me I use two standards: 1) eternal God-based morals, ethics, and guidelines found in the scriptures, 2) the principles found in the Constitution and advocated by the Founding Fathers. The two are in perfect harmony; there is no opposition between them if properly understood and applied.

This country is all but destroyed. We have allowed politics of the Democrats and Republicans to undermine virtually all of our founding and Constitutional principles. We have allowed an all-powerful federal government to crush state governments. We’ve allowed all levels of government to remove almost every God-given and Constitution-ensured right we had at the founding of this country. As a country we have lost our way…to the point that evils reigns. And we did so by embracing what our Founding Fathers warned us against…political parties…politics over principles.

I am asking you to join me in trying this simple but daunting mission. Forego political parties, reject them as our Founding Fathers pleaded with us to do. I am also asking you to start choosing to follow, advocate for, and support only correct principles…and stop with the politics.

I am asking for, advocating for…principles vs politics.


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13 thoughts on “Something to think about…I ask you

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  2. While I liked the principles you listed, what concerns me is that what I hear and read about the thoughts and ideals of most everyone running for office seem to be forgotten when they enter office. Whom can I trust?

    That’s a hard one. So far, no one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well Robin, You made me think…and that is dangerous…and/or somewhat comical. I don’t think they forget their true thoughts and ideas when they enter office. Granted, they may forget what they say and promise. But, I believe their personal thoughts and ideas never see the light of day with the voting public…before they are elected. And to answer your question…NO POLITICIAN!!!! Yeah, sounds a little cynical and jaded…but 65 years of experience have formed that opinion of mine. AH


  3. Yes, you will be welcome. I think any true Christian would welcome you.
    OK, so what would you do if I showed up at your door…without any preps coz I am a refugee?
    You have me interested…what evil have we been choosing? I have my ideas but I would really appreciate hearing your opinion.
    You talked about Satan raging…you are right he is…for now. Please remember, as I am sure you do, who wins in the long run.

    Liked by 1 person

      • And there you see a true prepper, one who knows why he preps. And even more important…by far…you see a true Christ-like attitude and spirit. Thank you brother! I needed that. This is exactly why this website is important to me…people like you. AH

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I think people will slowly practice civil disobedience. I don’t feel represented by the decision making of people who are for letting our military and Banks and large corporations bleed the country dry. The article showed too much sense and makes you wonder about how people think all over our country.

    Liked by 2 people

    • “…showed too much sense…”???? OK, compliment or deriding me? I think it was a compliment 😉
      You know what they say about too much of a good thing??? Too much of a good thing is a GREAT thing!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. One thought struck me in the past hour or so

    We are to defend our Nation from enemies Foreign AND Domestic. There is a battle to destroy our nation from within happening NOW!. I think we can recognize that.

    So how do we fight against Domestic enemies in this situation we find ourselves in? First off, do our managers (so called leaders) know this? Are they ignorant of this war/enemy? Or are they part of the enemy? When does the real shooting occur against American citizens who are of the enemy and will stop at nothing to destroy this land? It is a very fine line to allow people to continue with destruction because they have Rights and when to stop them (because they can and will take us down), even with the military.

    Because if the enemy is not stopped, they win

    I fully understand that the real method to stop this is if people truly repent of the wickedness that has been manifest in our nation. but, well, enough said

    Liked by 2 people

  6. What you write is correct. We have been lead astray for decades, if not hundreds of years diluting our thoughts on Principles. As stated in the movie War Games, the only way to win is to not play (the established “rules”). That is what our Founders did. They brought forth something new. As Cleon Skousen asserted, “The Five Thousand Year Leap” established something very New.

    But seeing the Truth of the way things are, does not change the end result of the coming impact of where we (as a majority) are headed, given the direction and velocity of the train that we nationally are running on. “Seeing” correctly can help individuals if they “prepare for impact”, but consequences will come since nationally we have chosen our path.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes! “Intentions” are for the weak…or at least the naive. “Outcomes” are for those that think clearly, act decisively according to correct principles. As individuals we can choose personal outcomes for the most part. Nationally…well, the outcome is pretty much set. Brace for impact! AH

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve been mulling over the principals in this article. As Doug said the train is leaving the track at a high rate of speed. Rhetorically speaking, if I show up at your door, with as many of my preps that I can bring seeking refuge, will I be welcome. Conversely what will I do If you show up at my door. It’s the good samaritan lesson, Along with the second greatest commandment that is to Love Your Neighbor as yourself. This choosing of the lesser evil is still choosing evil. We have been doing that for a very long time. I submit wehave been choosing the lesser evil for centuries. look at all the horrible rulers and the wars and the inhumanity that has occurred since Cain killed Abel.Satan rages and we morn.

        Liked by 2 people

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