SitRep – 1/18/2022

There are so many things going on in the world today…and it is planned, albeit not all coordinated. The design of the chaos in the world today is simple and straight forward; create enough chaos, create fear/panic, and then offer the solution. And their solution is not good…not good at all. I urge you to stay focused and to not get caught up in the static that is so abundant right now.

It has been a month since the last time I wrote and 8 months since I posted a SitRep, much has happened in my life…some personal and some just being busy preparing for what is to come. And I have been doing a significant amount of research during this past month as well…about 1 – 3 hours per day, sometimes more.  Now I have to get some things off my chest…a mini-brain dump of what I see happening and why.

Topics for today’s SitRrep:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Voting Rights
  • Law Enforcement
  • FBI
  • Biden Judges and Appointees
  • Civil War
  • Principles vs Politics
Cryptocurrency –

Yeah, it sucks! Yes, all cryptocurrency sucks! And cryptocurrency is NOT a prepper item and is only, at best, a highly speculative and volatile investment. And I hate even giving cryptocurrency the undeserved title of “investment”!

So far this year (YTD) Bitcoin has lost 10% of its value, losing over 2% so far today. That is an abhorrently terrible performance…unless of course you are talking a general crash of the entire financial system. How does it compare to other highly speculative investments year-to-date?

  • Silver is up 1%
  • Hog Futures down 1%
  • Aluminum Futures up 7.5%

So just about any “futures” as speculative as cryptocurrency is has far, far out performed Bitcoin. Well, silver is not nearly in the same “speculative” category as cryptocurrency. At least silver can be held in your hand.

Nassim Taleb, author of “The Black Swan” (reminder: Black Swans are extremely unpredictable events that have massive impacts on human society) and Nassim Taleb is considered one of the world’s top intellectuals…and he has clear opinions of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, he very recently shared those opinions of Bitcoin, they are:


  • “infectious disease”
  • “worthless”
  • isn’t a “currency or a store of value”
  • isn’t an “inflation hedge”
  • isn’t a “haven for investors”
  • “it doesn’t serve as a hedge against anything”
  • it isn’t “a haven from government tyranny or catastrophe”
  • “Almost nothing in financial history has been more fragile than bitcoin.”

In a very clear statement Taleb says, “Bitcoin is a contagious disease. It will spread and its price will rally until saturation, when every sucker stupid enough to buy the story is invested. Bitcoin is not competing against ‘fiat’ currency. It is competing against the thousands of other sucker products that are born every year.”

That should clearly cover cryptocurrency. If it doesn’t for you, then nothing else ever will.

Voting Rights –

This is a simple and easy one…but vitally important and a clear indicator of who is who and what they believe in.

The right to vote is NOT a God-given right. There is no mandate from God that a person has a right to vote (i.e. a say) in their government elections. It is however a right granted via the US Constitution. And as such can be regulated…as in regulated to ensure integrity at the ballot box and throughout the entire election process.

When our Founding Fathers designed our system of government it was far harder to vote than it is today. Actually, with transportation methods it is almost a breeze to vote in today’s elections. Showing identification to prove who you are before voting is not limiting voting rights, it is ensuring voting process integrity. Voting on election day at a specific voting location is not limiting voting rights…it is ensuring a clear, clean, open election process.

So why are so many folks so adamantly against elections with integrity? Let’s go down their road:

  • Constitutional Republics require an election process with integrity and some reasonable restrictions. The United States was founded as a Constitutional Republic.
  • A democracy is simply mob rule with no regard to elections with integrity. The more people whose vote can be manipulated or is fraudulent in nature ensures mob rule.
  • Liberals and Progressives want the USA to be a democracy.
  • Finally…

Democracy is the road to socialism. Progressives and politicians love it!

Socialism is authoritarian/totalitarian in nature.

Note of interest: Less than two weeks ago New York City just gave the right to vote to over 1,000,000 non-US citizens. Think about that…a radical leftist city just allowed over a million people to fraudulently vote and direct this country who are not even citizens of this country. Think about the “why?”

Law Enforcement –

Police abuse, cop kicks woman in the head.Some of you are going to not like this section, some will misinterpret it, some will simply kneejerk react to it, and those of you who are independent thinkers will understand and get the message.

Law enforcement, as an institution, is lost…as lost as the military…probably worse. For close to 10 years I have been watching and studying the law enforcement community. I worked closely with them for 30 years, I have trained with them, I have trained them, I have very close friends in the community, and even some relatives who are LEOs. And there is a single, clear, honest, blunt, and accurate statement…law enforcement, as an institution, is no longer a protector of citizens, rights, property, or even supporters of the Constitution and its associated rights, freedoms, and liberties.

Now remember, I said as an “institution” twice, I am not referring to any specific person or department. And my conclusion is based on thousands of LEO videos, hundreds more court cases, and personal experience. It is not based on bias, bigotry, prejudice, etc. It is also not scientific, it is all subjective…my opinion.

First off, ALL federal level law enforcement exists for only one purpose…to protect and increase the power of the federal government. Further, there is no Constitutional authority for any federal law enforcement agency. If you think otherwise…then go read the Constitution and share with us where they are authorized, if you can find it.

If you want to see the deprivation for yourself, a good place to start would be to watch the police officers themselves, in action, interacting with the public, in their own words. To do your own research simply search for “police audits”, “audit the audit”, or “1st amendment audit” and then see the proof of what I am saying. But that only scratches the surface. There is also &

I don’t want to go on and on and belabor the point, but I do want to point out a few things:

  1. The larger the law enforcement department the more likely they are to be “lost” but that doesn’t eliminate smaller departments. Some of the most egregious abuse of power and unconstitutional actions can be seen in small departments.
  2. There are some outstanding LEOs out there. And they prove themselves as “outstanding” by not violating people’s rights, by not using unnecessary force, by not employing “comply or die” tactics, and by actually serving and protecting people.
  3. Some of the abuse by LEOs comes from lack of training, carelessness, and ignorance of the law; most of it comes from the “blue culture”, from mental illness, from job stress, from peer pressure, from a “thug with a badge” mentality, and a few other despicable origins.
  4. Just because an LEO is a nice guy as a friend, a good husband, a good father, etc. doesn’t make him a good cop. It is only their actions/behavior while on the job interacting with citizens, and supporting those principles that are compliant with the Constitution and keeping true to their motto of “to serve and protect” that makes them a good cop.

Just two weeks ago it was revealed that inside the federal infrastructure bill passed by the Democrat controlled Congress is a cute little gem for law enforcement -and authoritarianism- a “kill switch” in all new cars. Yup, the law and order freaks and those who are looking forward to a totalitarian state can revel in the idea that any/all new cars can be completely disabled by government officials. That whole concept should send chills of Nazi Germany down your spine.

Why do I make this law enforcement point, sound the alarm, expose the problem now? Because in the days ahead you must not depend on law enforcement officers to support the Constitution, serve and protect your family, or do anything other than protect the power of government against the people.

The FBI –

As I have written about before…the FBI has been a disgrace and a black mark against America from its very foundation. Its founder was as despotic and perverted a person as one can imagine…and the agency has followed his lead.

I have endlessly documented their corruption, their killings, their outright lies to citizens and members of Congress, and their perjury in the courtroom. Their leadership role in the coup against Trump is well documented…along with their countless violations of the law and Constitution.  I have documented and written about how they are the lead agency to label, investigate, track, charge, and kill a long list of people that qualify as “domestic terrorists”. To see if you qualify see the list here <click here to see the list>

I’ve spent many, many hours reviewing Congressional testimony by FBI officials and read numerous reports in the last year. The FBI, clearly and undeniably, is in a war against both the Conservatives and the Constitution in the USA. And sadly, they are winning.

Go back to their role in the coup against Trump, then fast forward to their recent targeting of parents at schoolboard meetings who are voicing their opinions against critical race theory. Yes, parents at schoolboard meetings now have FBI records and are flagged as “domestic terrorists”!! And yes, that is officially proven to be true in Congressional records.

And we know from court records that the FBI had its people inside the militia group that was accused of planning to kidnap the Michigan governor. And what did those FBI personnel do? They initiated the idea, did the planning, and then asked the group to consider it. And then arrested the militia members!

And we know from recent Congressional testimony that the FBI had personnel in the crowd that attacked and entered the Capitol on 1/6/2021. And they just weren’t there as spectators. Records, including video, show those FBI agents instigating the building entry and violence among other activities.

Let me make this clear…the FBI is actively working against the citizens of the United States, the FBI is working to establish an authoritarian federal government, is working against the Constitution and the rights guaranteed therein.

Why do I write this now? Actually, I have been warning you about this for years. But it is imperative that you understand this now. In a very short time the FBI will be one of the biggest threats to Americans’ rights, freedoms, and liberties that we have ever seen…if they aren’t already.

One piece of advice…NEVER EVER talk to the FBI without your lawyer there with you. It will NEVER hurt you to have a lawyer present no matter why the FBI is talking to you. But, without a lawyer…you could end up in prison…or worse. FBI agents are highly trained in myriad forms of questioning, interrogation, and deception…you can’t out think them, you can’t out talk them…have a lawyer there no matter what the reason they are talking to you.

Biden Judge Nominees –

I have been watching the Senate confirmations of federal judges. On my gosh!!! Let me make this simple…they are ALL radical leftists, partisan extremists, and clearly rabidly dedicated to all things liberal and Progressive. And I am not saying they are committed Democrats. I am saying these nominees, to the person, are extremists to the very letter of the word.

Why is this important? Because these judges collectively will act thousands of times a day all over the US challenging the Constitution, our rights/freedoms, and working diligently to forward the goals of an authoritarian regime in America.

Civil War –

It is funny almost, ironic actually, that I see so many prepper websites and bobbing heads discussing the rash of talk about “civil war”. If you have been visiting my site for any reasonable length of time then you know about the coming “civil war” and what it will look like.

But, why all the recent talk?

Simple, and I’ve explained this before, with the talk about “civil war”, domestic terrorism, right-wing extremism, the attack of 1/6, the arrest and charging of the Oath Keepers’ leadership, and much more, there is only a single answer. The government, with the help of the media, is laying the ground work to further establish an authoritarian regime. The government is creating the problem and the media is reinforcing that deception.

You see, the US government creates the problem, creates the hysteria, creates the fear and panic, and then offers the solution. It is a tried and true, and highly effective, tactic that the US federal government has used over and over again. It started after 9/11/2001 with the federal law enforcement agencies getting massive power and huge amounts of money for their operations against terrorists.

Unfortunately, those same agencies under direction began expanding “terrorism” to include many normal everyday Americans…such as preppers, anti-abortionists, veterans, pro-2nd Amendment advocates, Conservatives, etc.  Then in reaction to the expansion of domestic terrorism we saw an even greater increase of power and money flowing to those same federal enforcement agencies. FBI & DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristsAnd all along the way…rights, freedoms, and liberties have been reduced…some eliminated.

Notice the terms being used by federal authorities, including the military; “insurrection”, “rebellion”, “sedition”, “insurrectionists”, “domestic insurgents”, on top of the previous labels such as “domestic terrorists”.

Why are they using such specific terms/labels?

Once again it’s simple…those terms give so-called legal authority for law enforcement agencies (specifically at the federal level) to take extreme actions against individuals and groups that the legal system would otherwise prevent.

And most troublesome of all…it allows the US military to become officially involved.  I say “officially” because the US military has been operating outside of the Constitution against US citizens for almost 20 years, mostly covertly. Now, the US military can take a more visible role based on a made-up legal point based on nothing more than deception. Remember how fast the US Military jumped at the chance to occupy Washington DC last year?  <click here>

US Veteran Protest Camp in 1932 before US Military Attack (wives & children in camp).

Same Veteran Camp After the US Military Attack: 55 veterans injured, wives injured, 12-week old baby killed.

And why that action and why now?  Once again it’s simple. The US government is taking the next large step in furthering an authoritarian/totalitarian state.

Watch what happens when the next 1/6 happens! And it will happen…the FBI will ensure that it does.

Principles vs Politics –

I have been writing about this for a long time <click here>. But, it stops here and now. You’ve either heard me or not, you’ve either acted on it or not.

Shortly I will be releasing a post that will explain the next, and larger, point that needs to be made…

Principles vs Self-Interest

Summary –

Everything temporal is crumbling around us. The United States of America is no longer as it was founded. Constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties are mostly a thing of the past. The economy is in shambles. People are more deceived and divided than has ever existed in this country. There are actually self-identified patriots and conservatives out there calling for a shooting civil war to start. They could not be more wrong, more deceived, and more dangerous than they can ever imagine.

Civil War, especially a violent one, is NOT the answer!!!  The situation is wrong, the people are wrong, the environment is wrong, the timing is wrong, and anyone who would join such a stupid endeavor at this point would be crushed. And further, it would be the final act of sheer irresponsibility that would usher in an authoritarian/totalitarian state.

Notice the word “temporal” two paragraphs above? There are many, many good and wonderful things taking place. There are incredible people doing miraculous things in our country. They are not radicals, they are not conservatives, they are not federal employees, they are not politicians…but they are people who care, who are unafraid, and who are willing to step-up.

I will reserve the remainder of the “Summary” for a forthcoming article…stand-by!

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  4. You express my thought so clearly. Oh, for the ability to speak as you speak. I think a do over is in order. This time The Lord will be president of the constitutional convention. Gone will be the unconstitutional appendages like the above-mentioned LEO agencies, as well as some other cabinet departments. In will be compassion, Love, and discipline. In the meantime, find a suitable hole crawl in and hold on for very rough ride. The only way our current mess will be cleaned up is by way of the Savior. IT WILL NOT be easy. there is a lot of repenting, soul searching, and pleading that will need to be done by all of us. (Maybe not me I’m perfect LOL) joke aside I’m as guilty as everyone else. We had ONE job: Come here get a body, live the commandments the best we could, and obey with exactness. How are we doing with our one job? Granted we had agency and an opposer to help us lose our way but what happened to us where we find ourselves at this point. There aren’t stripes enough to fix this. WE best get to pleading for the Lord’s assistance in righting this crash. As far as the terrorist watch list Pfsst I’m on it but just what do they think a 75-year-old wheelchair bound gabby ole libertarian can do? humm?) By the way the older I get the less the death penalty or life in prison is a deterrent. I know I’ll gum em to death with my toothless mouth. Now there’s a real threat!

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