Please don’t…

Wow!  I’ve been working on 6 or 7 preparedness articles (radios to generators) to get them ready to post. But late today I made a huge mistake! I went to another preparedness website. I really shouldn’t have. Do you want to know why? Very, very discouraging!

Please don’t get me wrong…I go to other sites regularly to get up to speed on different current events and to get a sense of the attitude of other preppers out there. This was not good today…not good at all.

First, the website I visited is a large prepper website. But, they also get into dreams, visions, weird teachings, and some strange subjects that get pretty off the beaten path. The website is largely made up of Christians, as well as being overwhelmingly conservative. By in large I think the people are good, well-intentioned, and just decent people. But…based on many of the posts I read while I was there…dang…they have strayed from gospel and Constitutional principles…and maybe worse.

Let me explain with a couple of examples…there is a man out there who has led two successful operations against the federal government. He has gone up against federal law enforcement agencies twice and won. He has demonstrated solid Constitutional understanding, supported Founding Father principles, and basically been a man to be trusted and he is counted on to be on the side of right. But, he is now being demonized. Yup…demonized! Demonized by the same people who held him as a hero for a long time.

He was to attend a BLM rally to show support to defund police according to an article written about him. So first off, the article is second hand information as best. And people who were posting terrible comments about him never gave that a single thought…at least based on the tone of their writing. Next, we have no idea what exactly he means by defunding police. To defund their militarization is exactly in accordance with Founding Father principles and positions. Defund to do away with police is not realistic. Defunding federal law enforcement agencies to the point of making them go away is a basic Constitution compliant position/principle. But, no one was giving him a chance, benefit of the doubt, etc. Just condemning him was the flavor of the day.

Then another article about food shortages during a lockdown. Well, for bragging about being upright disciples of Christ…they sounded like anything but! They talked about not sharing any food at all and watching people starve to death. Another talked about putting people into virtual slavery just to eat. All the posts were similar in tone and content…if you weren’t prepared…oh well, too bad for you and your kids! It was sickening, let alone disheartening.

I could relate more but I won’t…it is just too depressing. We are seeing exactly what I have warned about. Brother against brother, the sifting of US citizens, breaking into tribes, increase in evil, predisposition for violence, etc. For those of you who are Christians…we are seeing the sifting of the wheat from the chaff spoken of in the scriptures in the last days.

Here is my bottom line message…PLEASE DON’T!!!!   Please don’t forget who you are. Please don’t forget why we prepare. Please don’t forget what is means to be a basic human being. Please don’t forget what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Please don’t forget…just please don’t forget!

Be the person who you are supposed to be. Be that leader that is generous, merciful, understanding, admired and appreciated. Be that follower that understands mercy. Be that Christian who understands what Christ wants us to be.

Stand for correct principles. Don’t get caught up in a crowd mentality. Avoid group think. Reach out to others and build bridges…don’t destroy them. Do not be part of the radical right. Do not be a law & order extremist. Understand who the real enemies are. Think clearly.

Please don’t become one of them…please.

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One thought on “Please don’t…

  1. A little more of how I feel…The left has been “eating its own” for a long time. Anyone who deviates from they party line (i.e. philosophy) gets shunned, thrown under the bus, turned on, demonized, etc. The right has adopted that same mentality. Be careful, very careful. We are in treacherous times.


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