TIP: If your water supply is failing fill your bathtub and…

Water Main Broken city water supply failsnote: first published in September 2015

If your water supply is failing but there is still running water, fill your:

  • bathtubs
  • sinks
  • buckets
  • trash cansfill any container with water
  • pot & pans,
  • bowls
  • water bottles
  • jars
  • glasses

Fill anything that will hold water. You can figure out how to store it and purify it later, but for now just fill up anything at all that can hold water. Water is priceless and the single highest priority for sustaining life.WaterBOB = water storage of 100gal

A WaterBob is a great way to store water in a bath tub should you need to.

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< Information on bath tub water storage >





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