TIP: Socks

Socks Smart Wool socks for preppersnote: first appeared in October 2015

#1 – For serious preppers…only go with wool socks. And the only real brand I use to recommend was SmartWool. They are simply the best wool socks out there that I have personally worn over the last 20 years of hard wilderness and back-country use. They stay cool in the desert, and warm in the snow. When wet they won’t tear your feet up. However, I have Socks Wool REIbeen trying a couple other brands in the last 2 – 3 years or so. I am liking Minus33 and REI brand wool socks just as much. They rate right up there with SmartWool.





Socks Wool Minus33

#2 – If the seams of your wool socks are bothering you then turn your socks inside out. The seam will not bother your feet because you will have the smooth side of the sock against your skin.





#3 – Wash your wool socks inside out and they won’t get those little “balls.” I also always use the “air” setting on the dryer, never any heat setting (well, if you want them to last as long as possible). And I am perfectly accepting of laying my wool socks over the back of a dining room table chair. Yeah, my wife loves that option 🙂


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