FAQ – 9/18/2020 (deception warning)

  • Where do you find trusted sources?

I don’t. I read a lot of news articles, some opinion pieces, and listen/watch news casts. While doing so I look for two things; 1) quoted facts that stand out, 2) trends.

When I find a fact that stands out I look into that “fact” from as many sources as possible. I verify that it is, or is not, a fact; and then, if it is a fact, I see if it fits into a thing that has my attention. I call those the “dots” that I try to connect. If I see news, opinion, and such that appear to be a trend I look into the background of the basis of which they are speaking. And if it appears to be a valid trend, then I try to extrapolate where it ends up. And once that is done I see if it is of concern or not.

Maybe to get to the crux of your question…I don’t have a single trusted source. I do place a lot of confidence in “facts” that Glenn Beck exposes. His staff’s research is beyond good! When he says it is a fact…he has the documentation to back it up. Even then…I trust but verify.

  • With the peace and economic deals recently, I am just curious what your thoughts are.

It is all fluff. When in the last 120 years has a “peace deal” resulted in a lasting peace? If you are speaking to the recent Muslim/Jewish peace deal…seriously, do you think there will ever be peace between those two groups? If you are talking about recent economic deal…when has any economic deal positively affected you personally? Or when has any one of those deals made a positive difference in any of the sliding economic trend curves?

To be clear…all of these “deals” are photo ops, opportunities for opposing parties to regroup, fluff, static, nonsense, of no lasting value. How’s that?


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