Immediate Action Warning!



This last week I’ve had the opportunity to watch and listen to a lot of news reports, public statements, political events, news releases, campaign ads, opinion pieces, etc. I intentionally exposed myself to all of this…for a reason. Test!

All of it was “static”…meaning it was almost entirely designed to make people lose focus on what is really happening in the world around us. And 99.99999999999% of it was pretty much worthless. And the closer it was to any (and I mean ANY) mainstream outlet the less reliable its content and intent.

As I sat and thought about how it would affect us I could only clearly think of one thing…Expect Deception.

That is my warning to you going forward…Expect Deception!

No, I am not limiting it to just the types of information I listed about, I am expanding that to apply to virtually everything that you hear or see. Expect Deception!

Yes, this is especially true with it being an election year. I have watched ads from our local Senate race and both presidential candidates. Let’s just say they range from mildly deceptive to outrageously incorrect. Whatever the case, it was deception.

Be on guard! I’ve received emails from trusted sources as well in the last month. As I read them they ranged from rather strange in content to outlandish in nature. I looked into them…they were not true…not even close.

Make sure anything that comes to you appearing to be “information”…doubt it until you can verify that it is true. And do the verification yourself…don’t trust others to define what is true for you. Use multiple trusted sources…then still be a little wary.

I’ve seen several examples of “deepfake” already…and it is good, really good…but fake all the same. You may not know where this deception is coming from.

Keep your eyes open…Expect Deception !


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