Ginsburg Dead! & Armed Rebellion Coming? – UPDATED

Yesterday I posted an article warning about the potential for violence, if not outright armed rebellion, if Trump and the Republicans tries to replace RGB. <click here to read the article>

I really looked all over the Internet this morning for several hours and found a large list of groups calling to “burn down” the system (including Congress) if the current administration tries to replace RGB.

And, not so strangely, there is a long and growing list of celebrities calling for the same thing.

For this to gain so much traction so quickly is worrisome to say the least. The next “dot” to watch for are actual protests or demonstrations that would support the “burn it down” advocacy and how quickly they show up.

Even Pelosi is talking about another impeachment attempt before the election or if Trump is defeated, during his lame-duck period.

Keep your eyes open, become more prepared, fill the holes in your pres, and stand-by.

And one more thing…get your principles defined, solidified, and be prepared to stand up for them.

Do not succumb to “politics”…stand for your “principles” ! !


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2 thoughts on “Ginsburg Dead! & Armed Rebellion Coming? – UPDATED

  1. Ding dong the witch is dead!!
    May she be tormented by the untold number of aborted babies for eternity. (She was part of that travesty)!
    Yes she served her country and she was a beacon for causes, but a they were all to foster the communist take over of FUSA.

    Trump better get a judge in there and fast. A 4 to 4 court is not what we want after this election boogaloo.



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