SitRep – 9/21/20

Let’s review Presidential election process and succession:

  • President is elected for a term of 4 years. (Article II Section 1)
  • Electoral College will cast votes for election of the President, not the “people”. (Article II Section 1)
  • Congress determines when the Electoral College votes. (Article II Section 1)
  • Each state’s governor is responsible for certifying their states’ voting results.
  • The Electoral College voters meet the next month after the popular election. In 2020 it will be December 14th if I am not mistaken.
  • Then on January 6th 2021 the votes will be officially counted by Congress in Washington D.C. Then a motion requesting any objections and resolving objections takes place. The winner is announced after that.
  • When the President can’t serve, the Vice President takes his place. (Article II Section 1 & Presidential Succession Act)
  • The power to decide who becomes President in the absence of the President and Vice President is given to Congress. (Article II, Section 1, Clause 6)
  • If the President and Vice President cannot serve then next in line of succession is the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. (Presidential Succession Act & Succession Act of 1947 (as amended))

Now, some information on the Electoral College:

  • 30 states and the District of Columbia now have laws that require their state Electoral College electors to cast their votes for whoever wins the popular vote in their state.

Among them are:

      • California (55)
      • Colorado (9)
      • Florida (29)
      • Michigan (16)
      • Ohio (18)
      • Virginia (13)
      • Wisconsin (10)

TOTAL ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES: 150 (270 required to be elected out of 538)

Trump lost the popular vote against Clinton in 2016 by millions of votes. Specifically he lost:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Virginia

TOTAL: 77 Electoral College votes

So consider this:

  1. On election night the counting of mail-in voting will not be completed…not even close. Some experts estimate it could be weeks, maybe months before the mail-in vote count is completed and certified by the states.
  2. Clinton and others on the radical left have told Joe Biden to not concede…period! He has been told unequivocally to not concede the election to Trump under any circumstances.
  3. The Democrats have been sending a message for months (especially in the last few weeks) that the Post Office, on orders from Trump, is subverting, either directly or indirectly, the mail-in voting process.
  4. Trump himself has stated on numerous occasions that mail-in voting will be fraudulent.
  5. US security agencies (FBI & CIA) have both stated that Iran, Russia and China are already interfering with the US Presidential election and that interference will increase as the election approaches. It appears that Russia is attempting to weaken Biden, while China and Iran appear to be attempting to weaken Trump.
  6. The media (with rare exception) is clearly anti-Trump and working to subvert Trump’s Presidential bid, and to raise doubt in the election process.
  7. Election night comes and goes with the media not declaring key states (mostly controlled by Democrats) of having a clear winner…mostly due to incomplete mail-in vote counting.
  8. Governors are delayed in certifying their state’s voting results…or prevented from doing so by the courts.
  9. The counting process and court challenges drags on past the deadline for Electoral College voters to cast their votes on December 14th.
  10. Since the Electoral College votes can’t be cast by the deadline, then the Congress (specifically the Senate) can’t officially count them by January 6th…or declare a winner in the Presidential election.

So why all the technical information and what’s the big deal?

Well, Trump’s term expires on January 20th…period. There is no extension, no exceptions, nada, zilch, end of conversation. So the President is out on January 20th if he is not declared the winner and inaugurated! And since the election results are the same for the Vice President…he is out as well at the same exact time.

So who then becomes President via the Constitution, the 25th Amendment, the Presidential Succession Act, and the Succession Act of 1947?  Yup…Nancy Pelosi (assuming she is reelected).

So let’s step back, change the subject, and ask ourselves…why all the violence, civil disturbances, deepfake, protests, riots, looting, subverting the confidence in the election process, promoting mail-in voting, raising questions about the integrity of mail-in voting, reports of interference in our election process by agents of multiple foreign governments??????

I am proposing the end-game here might be an end run around the election process all together. A perfect storm, a convergence, of events/issues/problems that may well give us a radical left-wing extremist as President WITH NO VOTE OF ANY KIND MAKING THE DECISION! And who do you think she would name as her Vice President?

And she would remain President until the election is officially decided…by Congress…potentially by the Supreme Court…or replaced by her Vice President should something happen and she would be removed from office…or prevented from serving.

And how would the original Presidential election determination process go if accusation after accusation of voting fraud were to be made? State’s election results challenged in the courts…and then appealed…and appealed again?  And then one Congressional committee after another launches investigations into fraud, abuse, illegality, tampering, and foreign interference?

And ask yourself this…how would you feel about the Supreme Court deciding the election? Is that even allowable under the Constitution? No, the Presidential election process, under the Constitution, does not involve the Supreme Court.

And of course, all along the media scream their heads off for “fair”, “legitimate”, and “valid” election results. Wiping folks into a frenzy. Yes, the radical left media (99% of all media) and also the conservative media.

And let me now throw this into the mix…

First, what would the radical left be doing this whole time?

Second, what would the radical right be doing all this time?

Third, what would the average Trump voter be doing all this time?

Fourth, what would the markets and economy be doing all this time?

Fifth, what would unfriendly foreign governments be doing all this time?

Most importantly…what would you be doing all this time?

Think this is a bit out there, maybe even crazy?

Try this on for size…On September 18th (yup, 3 days ago) Dan Coats, former DNI, called for a Congressional commission to oversee the 2020 Presidential election. He did so in an op-ed piece in the NY Times.

He wants the following to be on the Congressional oversight commission:

  • congressional leaders
  • current and former governors
  • elder statespersons
  • former national security leaders
  • former Supreme Court justices
  • leaders in the private sector

I don’t know about you but I look at that list and I see “deep state” and “radical progressives”…all anti-Trumpers.

Just for clarity and to better understand my opinion on the above list, Dan Coats is:

  • Former Director of National Intelligence (head spook)
  • HUGE anti-gun rights advocate
  • Joe Biden legislative supporter
  • Tax advocate
  • War hawk
  • George Bush friend and political ally
  • Former D.C. lobbyist
  • Anti-Trumper (actually wrote and anonymous op-ed against Trump)

Now let’s do this…a wildcard…Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

I posted about the potential for violence, even armed rebellion, <click to read> and we have to factor this into the election equation. Many folks I talked to only voted for Trump in 2016 because of his potential Supreme Court Justice nominations. Some of those folks are even more disappointed in Trump after four years as President. However, with RGB dead and that seat open, those folks may be more likely to vote for Trump in this election. We’ll see. But that is not the point…the point is even more violence between now and…well, no limits on that end-date at this point.

With a vacant ultra-leftist, radical Progressive seat on the Supreme Court I can guarantee you that the left will fight with everything they can to keep Trump from filling that vacancy. And I put no limits on their actions…including an armed “coup”, armed rebellion, civil war, etc. But, violence for sure!

Another “wildcard”…PEADs. 

If you are unfamiliar with Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs) then I would strongly suggest you read my SitRep – 8/29/20 (Parts 1, 2 & 3). <click here to read the SitRep>

There are two aspects of the PEAD as a wildcard; 1) Trump uses them to stay in power, 2) President Pelosi uses them to keep Trump out of power.

Yes, I believe Trump would invoke any potential PEAD there is to stay in power if he felt the election was fraudulent or illegal. And I for one would understand why he would do it…a belief to maintain a relatively free America. Would he be right in doing so? Dang! That is a whole other question…for another day maybe. But, my point…if he did invoke one or more PEADs what would Congress do? What would the Supreme Court do? What would the government establishment do? What would the violent radical left do? What might the military do…or not do? No need to ask what the media would do…it is 100% predictable. Whatever the case…we are talking a Constitutional crisis the likes we have never seen…and it would end up with some manner of civil war.

President Pelosi’s turn…(that name alone gives me the creeps). So January 20th comes with no properly and legally declared winner of the Presidential election…Nancy Pelosi is now sworn in as President, there is no other legal option. And she would immediately do what all radical leftists would do…start subverting the Constitution anyway she possibly could.

Now, let’s say a month later the Senate finally declares that Trump is legitimately the duly elected President (yes, it their power to do the Electoral College vote counting process and declaration of the winner). And of course in the meantime the House of Representatives has begun 1 to potentially dozens of committee hearings on the election and its legitimacy.

Might President Pelosi use PEADs to stay in power? I believe that answer is 100% “yes”! I have no idea which PEAD or how she would invoke it or what the result would be…but she would try. But, my point…if she did invoke one or more PEADs what would Congress do? What would the Supreme Court do? What would the government establishment do? What would the violent radical left do? What might the military do…or not do? What would the far right do? No need to ask what the media would do…it is 100% predictable. Whatever the case…we are talking a Constitutional crisis the likes we have never seen…and it would end up with some manner of civil war.

My bottom line…Dang! Pow! Ouch!

I think we could be looking at the roughest time in the history of the United States…other than maybe 1858 – 1862.

Now, what can you do about the situation? Basically…nothing. Come on now, you know that you don’t have that kind of influence. Sure, you can be aware, share with others, and contact your DC folks. But that is about it…and that ain’t enough to change the potential outcome of this mess.

What you can do:

  • Be aware and stay aware
  • Don’t become deceived
  • Don’t get caught up in politics
  • Vote in person
  • Make sure your principles are solid and followed
  • Share what you can with others, as appropriate
  • And be as materially, mentally, and spiritually prepared as you possibly can be

This is the most dangerous time in US history for our lifetime, probably in the last 120 years. We could see turmoil the likes that is almost unimaginable.

Think it is very unlikely? Well, maybe. But, in November 2019 who saw the COVID-19 disaster coming along with massive unemployment and a virtually devastated economy? That surprised everyone.

Lastly, there is a nagging question rolling around in the back of my mind…Why are both parties, at least their leadership and candidates, talking that the election could be fraudulent and influenced by foreign governments? I mean, why are both sides trying to sink the legitimacy of the election? I would fully and normally expect one side or the other but not both. It troubles me, gives me an eerie feeling that there is something I am missing, something bigger at play. I mean I have my guess…and it ain’t pretty…actually, it’s evil.

What if there is a layer of folks above the political parties and candidates that are working to ensure that no one has confidence in the election? Meaning…everyone in the USA doubts the outcome, regardless of what the outcome is. And if that is true…what would their endgame be? My concern…that it is actually the end game. Think about that one for a bit. I am not saying I am right…I just can’t help shake that feeling, that question. Food for thought on a Monday morning.

Ask me a question or send me a message/comment …

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