Personal Message this Evening…

Well, this is not going to be a SitRep, it’s not going to be technical to any degree, and it is probably going to state the obvious for many of you. All that being said I thought it was time to write to you from my heart, just me, nobody special, not a “guru” of any kind, just me…a man watching the little dots appear and someone who is trying to connect them in some meaningful way…before it is too late.

And while I am at it…I apologize again for not really writing any decent “prepper” articles, equipment reviews, gear guides, Tips & Traps, etc. With everything that is going on I am concentrating on 3 things right now; 1) finish the basics of my home and the 40a that goes with it, securing it for what is coming, 2) watching and analyzing the current events that we are witnesses to, 3) helping my neighbors as much as realistically possible. That doesn’t leave me much spare time to write other than the most essential articles. I hope you understand.

So this article is more like just a written conversation from my fingers to your ears and hearts and spirit…I hope it means something to you and has some value for you.

And of course remember one thing…it is all my opinion and nothing more.

Politics –

First off, as I stated before, Biden is the next person to be sworn in as

President. Nothing any of us does will change that. Trump will not be President come January 21st. And again…no attendance at any demonstration, rally, protest, etc. will change what is happening with the presidency. No letters, no petitions, no emails, no phone calls will have any effect on who is the next person to occupy the Whitehouse. It is 100% out of your control or influence. Well, unless there is some special lurker out there reading this…and seriously I doubt that. So I am saying to you…move on from the 2020 election. Let the legal folks, the courts, and the national level politicians handle this from here on out…as for you…leave it alone…it is history…it is the past…move on.

As for the Senate…the Republicans still don’t have a majority. The good news is the facts are showing that they may win one, probably both Georgia seats that are still undecided. Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are facing pretty stiff challenges from democrat opponents. However, it looks now as if the Republicans will keep both seats. And have 52 Senate seats ensuring a Republican majority. And more importantly…keep Biden in check to some degree. The primary “win” for Republicans keeping the Senate will be their ability to block expanding the Supreme Court and having the Democrats pack it with radical leftists. There is also a secondary part of that win that is important…the ability for Republicans to block legislation that is passed in the ultra-Progressive (i.e. radical leftists) House. Whew!!!

But don’t get too comfortable…just as Trump’s Executive Orders undid a lot of damage done to the Republic by Obama and Bush…Biden can reverse all of that with Executive Orders…and then go WAY socialist/authoritarian.

So while the Senate outcome will help soften the coming blow…a Biden/Harris presidency will still be a hefty blow to deal with over the coming 4 years. Well, unless the fraud that was rampant in the Presidential election rears its ugly head and the Democrats win both Georgia Senate seats. Then…well, think Titanic to get the picture of what would be coming.

COVID-19 –

Do not let COVID run your life. Remember some facts (as reported by the government):

  • Less than 4% of the US has contracted COVID-19
  • About 2% of those who reportedly contracted COVID-19 have died
  • That means less than .0008% of the US population has reportedly died from COVID-19 (yes, that is 8 ten thousandths of 1%)

And let us not forget the studies of those who actually died from COVID…2% of all REPORTED COVID-19 deaths are actually from COVID…the other 98% had co-mortality conditions that are phenomenally high in mortality by themselves. So while the reported deaths from COVID-19 is about 265,000 as of today, only about 5300 died from COVID itself. And don’t forget that health officials have been caught intentionally misreporting non-COVID deaths as COVID deaths…as in Florida reporting a death due to COVID-19 when in actuality the individual died in a motorcycle accident.

My point…do not let COVID run or ruin your life. No, don’t be stupid about it…but don’t be fearful either.


We are hearing reports of a major food crisis developing…and lasting for 50 years. To that I throw the BS flag! First off the UN released that announcement that was quickly picked up by the media and repeated ad nauseam. The UN has repeatedly released those announcements for decades and then immediately asks member countries for money.

And there will always be a food shortage somewhere in the world in any given year. And that trend will not change any time soon. This year when they made the announcement they stated the need for “Better social protections for poor people…” Ah, sorry…what does that have to do with feeding people? If someone is hungry you feed them and then teach them the skills to feed themselves…and others.

And I have heavily researched the food shortages last spring. There was NO food shortage!!  There was plenty of food (i.e. normal food supply)…it was simply being bought up by people wanting to have more food in their pantry than normal and people eating more at home due to restaurants being closed. Then the spot shortages appeared on grocery store shelves.

The food supply chain was not broken either. It worked as designed…it brought food and related items to stores as normal. It was that “normal” was not tied to the new abnormal buying of those items. Hence it took longer to get those items to the stores in sufficient quantities. And food producers were producing food as normal…and again, the “normal” was not sufficient to meet the new abnormal demand. But there were NO food shortages and the food supply chain was NOT broken. They were faced with a “new normal” and are reacting accordingly.

Now, those that ran out of food in their homes did so because of poor

planning and lack of understanding the most basic of “prepping” principles. They, as individuals, chose to run out of food…the food system did not choose to deny them food, nor did the government.

I would sincerely hope that you and your family are now prepared to deal with any different “normal” that may hit the food production, supply, and distribution chains.

That being said…I would not delay in buying heirloom garden seeds for your next year’s garden. Consider yourself warned.

World of Opposites –

One thing I have learned over the years is the world is comprised of

opposites. Everything that is, or does, or takes place has an exact opposite.

The man who robs and kills a convenience store clerk is opposed by the woman who gives of her time and resources to a local food bank. The teenager who does drugs and steals from his parents to buy those drugs is opposed by the teenager leading a project to restore a local park. A serial abusive clergy member is opposed by a selfless Bishop/Minister/Preacher who dedicates his time and energy to helping his congregation. Everything has its opposite.

In our lives we see theft vs generous donation, selfishness vs selflessness, foul vs beauty, ignorance vs intelligence, calming vs chaotic, right vs wrong, good vs evil.

In politics we see authoritarian vs libertarian, politicians vs citizens, campaign promises vs post-election actions, politics vs principles, freedoms vs taxes, Constitution vs agenda, rights vs regulations, right vs wrong, good vs evil.

Everything in our world has its opposite…it is up to us as individuals which of those choices we embrace. And those cumulative choices become our principles, our morals, our ethics, our very character itself.

Someone once told me that criminals have no morals, principles, or ethics.  I disagree. Their personalities are comprised of morals, principles, and ethics…just the bad side of most of those things.

In our world today we see opposites more than ever, they are all around us, and they are clear and recognizable. Well, that is if we prevent our bias(es) from interfering and clouding our perceptions.

Our job, those of you who frequent my website, is to please do three things:

1) Truly and honestly look at events in the world today to determine

what is happening in regards to opposites.

2) Look closely at the people who we consider “power players” and determine which of the two sides they are on.

3) Reevaluate and assess where our own choices are in regards to “opposites”.

Then treat each event, including anticipated events, and each person appropriately. What does “appropriately” mean? Well, that is up to you to decide. Let me share a few examples that I thought of…

Example: Local city council proposes yet another bond, tax, or “fee”…you could organize an opposition movement to defeat those measures.

Example: A radical leftist (i.e. Democrat) is running for a County Commissioner seat. Find a trustworthy Libertarian to run against them; back that candidate with your time, effort, and resources.

Example: Your church wants to embrace and sanction abortion. You could voice your opinion and work with like-minded people and through your governing church leadership body to stop the move.

Example: Local families are not getting enough to eat. You could organize a food drive and distribute that food to those in need. Or better yet, work to organize fellow congregation members, friends or neighbors to join in, thus multiplying those whose needs can be met.

Example: There are two radical leftists running against Republicans in Georgia for control of the Senate…if you live in Georgia you could actively campaign for the Republicans. If you don’t live there you could make a monetary donation to one or both of those Republican candidates.

Example: Right now we are living in a world of “isolation”, or at least far more so than we have historically seen. So, go opposite…call your neighbors, friends, or someone who you think might be in need of company and talk to them on the phone, Facetime with them, Zoom them, or perform an act of service for them. Chip away at people’s feeling of isolation.

Time “To Do!” –

I recently wrote about “control & influence” (SitRep 11/20/2020)  I think it would be a good idea to read that material as a refresher…then couple it with “What to do, What not to do”.

I thought I wrote in an article somewhere on the site about Smithy (my first mother-in-law) and what she taught me some 40 years ago. As a refresher, since I can’t find that article, Smithy taught me a very valuable lesson…albeit a very simple one. From every situation and from every person you can always learn one of two things (sometimes both)…what to do or/and what not to do.

Right now, in our time, this week, today, is the time To Do! 

However, that call to action comes with a qualification…the “do” part must be the right thing to do. And of course the “do” is also dependent on timing. Do those things that are right, but also do them at the right time.

Yes, this is a call to action…and I mean a CALL TO ACTION! 

For quite some time now I have been giving you a list of things to consider doing. How’s that going for you? What is working and what needs more effort?

I also have been cautioning you against doing certain things…alerting against those activities and actions that might not be in your best interest or those things that could be potentially dangerous. I sincerely hope you followed those cautionary promptings.

So what is different now?  I am asking you to step it up, to get more active, to do more, to be more…the world needs you! Dang it!…your family needs you, your neighbors need you, your church needs you, your community needs you!!!

You are needed…and needed right now!

And yes, you will be needed for the foreseeable future. Exactly how long I don’t know, and honestly, it doesn’t matter. You are needed…period!

You might be asking why my change in tone and my “call to action”…and it would be a valid question. My answer…well, I am hesitant to it share it all with you…but I will, at least to some degree.

I have been doing this for a long time, a very long time. I’ve been a prepper for over 40 years. I homesteaded, I farmsteaded, I have been in emergency incident management (now retired) as a professional. I’ve have closely monitored the political front and done research on politicians, political parties, movements, power players, and such for more than 10 years. I’ve been of the inside of the federal government, I sat in federal government meetings that would appall you to your very core.

What am I getting at? Well, I am seeing a very dark, deeply dark, time

coming for our country. We are entering a whole new phase of a “dark ages” as a country. We will slip further into the authoritarian government abyss. We are going to have the federal government spiral completely out of control. The conflict in government will fall as a tidal wave onto the populous. I believe the chaos that will come among citizens will exceed that of the 60’s race riots…or anything else we’ve seen short of war.

As I spoke of opposites earlier, that holds true now and in this situation. As the government and politics tanks into conflict and chaos, as the Constitution continues to disappear, as the divisiveness deepens, as the darkness gathers…there is the “opposite”…and it is you…and others like you. You cannot fail…

You must not fail!

You, and those who join us, will be a light, will be a joy, will bring hope, will bring goodness into this civil/political bleak and worsening world. Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

Why is “hope” so important?

The primary cause of suicide (and other forms of self-harm) is a feeling/sense of hopelessness.

What we as individuals must do is be the opposite of hopelessness by being bearers of hope like never before. We must be selfless not selfish. We must be willing to sacrifice for others. We must embrace the entire concept of “service” as we’ve never seen before. We must do without while we provide for those with even less.

We must do our part, a significant part, to prevent hopelessness in our families, our congregations, our communities, and our country. Because if we don’t, just as the person who commits suicide due to hopelessness…so it will happen to our families, our congregations, our communities, and our country.

We are now at a point in history the likes the United States has never seen. We have two very clear paths in front of us…we can choose authoritarianism or we choose freedom, we can choose political parties or we can choose principles, we can choose right or we can choose wrong, we can choose good or we can choose evil. In our world today it is entirely up to us what we choose…and then live through the consequences of those choices…as will our children and grandchildren because of those choices.

We must not allow evil to triumph. We must not allow those who do ill to win. We must not stand by while darkness encroaches. We must be a light, we must be hope, we must do our part…and…

the time to do our part is now!

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    I just wanted to thank you for your postings this past year. I have appreciated them and understand the effort you have made. I look forward for more, but for now I wish you and yours a healthy, happy, Merry Christmas.

    Robin Tuck

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