SitRep – 1/2/2021

Well, good riddance to 2020!! What a terrible year in so many ways. But, once again it is our freedoms, liberties, and rights that took the biggest hit…from government.

No, please don’t think I am dismissing COVID at all, it has taken its toll as well. But, it also pales in comparison to what the government(s) has done to us…and so many willingly supported these draconian measures.

Obviously the national debt/deficit is right up there at the top of the crap list as well. The federal government full-on attacked the value of the dollar by creating a massive transfer of wealth to the lower levels of government and the rich/elites. How well did the rich, elites, and smart do? Well, the S&P 500 index was up over 14% for 2020. And you go back to when I was talking about my wife and I buying into the S&P 500 during the “COVID Crash”…up 63%!!!!  Yes, my wife and I are very happy with the part of our IRA that we had in a Fidelity S&P-based mutual fund. But, the average person didn’t benefit much from any of the financial positives of 2020…most folks suffered big hits. Especially hard hit were those that became unemployed due to the COVID lockdown steps…and even more so were the hundreds of thousands of small business owners that lost everything.

A couple of interesting notes from 2020…local governments showed their true colors. You saw some localities place a high value on Constitutional rights…and that was a pleasant surprise. But, what you also saw were many, many local governments, mostly in Marxist/Communist authoritarian states, absolutely go full-on Gestapo on their citizens. There is video after video of politicians announcing restrictions of rights freedoms, and liberties…and then law enforcement doing their biding. It became very obvious that many in government have fully embraced their “authoritarian” side. Beware, more is coming.

Another show of colors…many in the federal government, especially politicians who constantly beat the drum of their right to control the populace in any manner they wish. It is as if they saw it not just as their right but also their duty and their mandate to do to us as they saw fit. They wrapped their warped pabulum in “public safety”. Beware, more is coming.

Yet another show of their colors…some so-called freedom lovers and patriots…they were anything but. They embraced the politicians and restrictions, cowering to every threat of sickness or punishment for resistance. They supported the authority of government over the rights of citizens. And I include the “law & order” crowd that applauded the presence of the military in our streets during some of our toughest times. These folks will welcome the future stiffer/tougher authoritarian measures to come…and they are coming.

And of course I would be totally remiss in not mentioning the election. Yes, we all know the election was fraudulent from top to bottom, inside out, bottom up. Oh wait…back in 2010 the ultra-Progressive Marxist Van Jones announced their plans…

“Our governing move is three things — top down, bottom up, and inside out. We need to work on the middle and the bottom. Government will handle the top down but it’s also bottom-up and inside-out — so now you’re challenged as you leave here — your challenge is to take care of that bottom part and that inside-out part — the heart part.” 

So mission accomplished!!!  The Marxists have done exactly what they said they would…and touted “democracy” all along the way. And that is why the Founding Fathers, and for more than a decade – me, have been warning about the evils of democracy…and the reason to embrace the Constitutional Republic that the USA was originally created as. When politicians and others speak of “democracy” they speak from a position of ignorance or malevolent intent. Democracy is best summed up as two wolves and a lamb deciding what is for dinner.

Back on December 1st, 2020 I expressed some relief that the Republicans might be able to hold on to the Senate by winning one or both of the Georgia Senate race runoffs. But, it looks as if the Republicans may have even snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. With all the idiotic campaigning of the Republican candidates added to the in-house turmoil and fighting over the last COVID relief bill…the Republicans might have just handed the Marxist Democrats not just the Whitehouse…but the Senate as well. Please pray that it doesn’t happen!!!!  If it the radical leftists take control of the Senate…doomsday is just a breath away.

Yup, Trump set up the Republicans for a major campaign victory in Georgia or he handed the Senate to the Democrats. Trump was spot-on to demand an increase from $600 checks to $2000 checks…and I congratulate him on that. However, with the Republicans in general voting against it…well, that gives the Democrats fuel to burn down the Georgia Republicans specifically and all Republicans in general. The Republicans chose to burn themselves down by objecting to the $2000 checks.

Think of it this way…the federal government was going to issue a $600 tax refund, returning money we already gave them. President Trump who was looking out for the little guy demands a $2000 tax refund. Good for him!!!  And then the Republicans say “No!” to the larger tax refund…right at Christmas…and when the people are really hurting financially. The Republicans shot themselves in the foot. Almost as if they intended just that. Hummmmm…….

As you can tell I’ve been extraordinarily quiet for a while, about a month. Yes, a few might see that as a blessing 😉

I assure you I have not been lazy…just not writing until I got a good feel for where this is all headed. I didn’t want premature speculation to come from this website. I leave the sensationalism, the mundane, the narcissism, the dreaming, the commercialization, and all other manner of weirdness to other prepper websites. For me…I will give you actionable information. For more information you can read SitRep – 11/20/2020, Immediate Action Warning! (11/19/2020)…as well as most of the rest of this website 😉

OK, back to my research, I have some observations/opinions:

  1. As a reminder, absolutely nothing electronically moved (email, text messages, cellphone conversations) is private. All of it…and I mean ALL of it is collected by the NSA and has been for about 20 years. It is stored and constantly mined for “flags” to identify potential anti-government sentiments and activity. For a complete picture of what is happening you can review the information released by Edward Snowden (you should watch the movie by the same name).
  2. FBI & DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristsYou are already flagged as a potential domestic terrorist…according to the FBI/DHS (U//FOUO) Rightwing Extremism report from 2009. Further, I am going to tell you this right up front…clear as I possibly can…the FBI, DHS, the NSA, the CIA, the ATF…ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!!! They are the polar opposite…THEY ARE SOME OF THE BIGGEST THREATS TO THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS THAT THIS COUNTRY HAS!!!! Remember it was the FBI and CIA who led the coup attempt four years ago against President Trump even before he was sworn in.
  3. If you do something that draws critical attention to yourself then the agencies in #2 above will “farm” the data mentioned in #1 above and will come after you with the kind of vengeance that you have never seen before. And they will win.
  4. You should not let #1 – #3 control your life or dictate your future actions. Do not let the federal government bully you…or define you…or crush you. If you go down…go down fighting…fighting to your very last breath. Remember the British Empire outnumbered Colonial patriots by more than 100 to 1…and the patriots won.
  5. Biden/Harris have extensive and significant plans to come after certain groups of people. In semi-priority order; militias, conservative media, gun owners, high-profile pro-Constitution activists and their groups, conservative groups in general, fundamentalist church groups, local conservative politicians and civil employees that opposed the corrupt election process, non-RINO republican politicians, and Christians (non-New Age) in general. The Biden/Harris administration has drawn up plans to use the full force of the government to go after those folks I just mentioned with agencies such as FBI, DHS, NSA, CIA, ATF, IRS, EPA…just to name the most well-known.
  6. Biden/Harris have brought experts into their 2nd tier circle to engage big tech companies. No, not to bring justice to the systems, not to inject any sense of “good” into the situation…oh no. They will go after all the big tech companies to the degree needed to bring them into total compliance. No, not into compliance with any regulation or law…bring them into full compliance with the radical authoritarian plans that Biden/Harris are going to implement…and to ensure large donations to all progressive initiatives. I include the push for limiting free speech on the Internet since that is the primary media for opposition to the radical leftists (i.e. Biden/Harris). And yes, expect to see ALL major mainstream media to be literal sycophants of Biden/Harris, total support for all their actions/plans.
  7. The exploitation of the COVID crisis, although significant, is just getting started. The Biden/Harris cabal has developed plans up to and including the complete shutdown of the country. As of now the duration of the shutdown could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 90 days. Although there was discussion of up to 6 months. And yes, the federal government would “pay” folks’ paycheck during that time. There was/is some discussion inside their circle that the Fed would pick up the tab after all sick leave and vacation times was used first (yes, legislative mandate). The radical steps Biden/Harris are willing to take has virtually no limits…including not just a shutdown but nothing short of martial law should a shutdown be called for and ignored. Pray that they are deterred in their plans.

I have read person after person (ad nauseam) write about the biblical “10 Virgins” and how it applies to “prepping”. These self-righteous individuals use it to justify their unwillingness to help those that haven’t met some allegedly deity-inspired level of preparedness. Ah…WRONG!!!!

The parable of the “10 Virgins” strictly relates to a person’s spiritual readiness to meet and dwell with the Savior Jesus Christ. To apply it to prepping is a misapplication of monumental proportions…and not even close to scripturally sound.

Consider these words of God…

  • The parable of the Good Samaritan, “For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in.” (Matthew 25:35)
  • “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” (1 Corinthians 13:13)
  • “This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” (John 15: 12 – 13)

And of course the list goes on, but my point is this…when you hear of others unwilling to help others in time of need (including “grid down” or “TEOTWAWKI”) then you are hearing a person who is either ignorant or selfish to the point of rejecting God’s word. Do NOT get caught up in those kinds of thoughts or actions in regards to prepping and using your preps to help others who are in need. If He says you are showing love if you give your life for someone else…then I think that covers feeding starving neighbors or sheltering extended family. Those who are selfish with worldly goods and preppering will have their reward. Those who abide by the word of God and follow his admonitions will receive the greater part.

Yes, I put that piece referencing the “10 Virgins” in this post for a very specific reason. You who need to understand it, will understand it. Do not reject the word of God…it is not worth it.

Moving on…The economy/banking/market outlook is weird by any definition. Unemployment will marginally improve…however, we will see yet another “step-down” in jobs. Some employment will pick up…but it will be limited and narrowly focused to two areas…1) well-paying jobs for folks who have very specialized skills (i.e. medical field, government workers), 2) former middle class job workers who now have to step-down in the job that they take along with the reduction in their paycheck amount.

Some areas of the stock market will do well…others will struggle to say the least. But, be aware of where the real money comes from that move the markets.

The economy will continue to be basically stagnant in “net” terms. Meaning…while some indicators/numbers will show economic improvement, they will be offset by the deficit/debt spending used to improve those limited economic pointers.

Federal spending (debt/deficit) was out of control the last 4 years…it will pale in comparison to the next 4 years. For a relative picture…the last 4 years (Trump/Republicans/Democrats) we’ve racked up $7.211 trillion in deficits…and that doesn’t include nearly $5+ trillion of “funny money” that the Fed created.  The previous 8 years (Obama/Democrats/Republicans) we racked up $7.282 trillion in deficits.  That’s almost a doubling of federal deficit spending in the last 4 years!!!!! For 2021 Trump just signed legislation that racks up well over $3 trillion in deficit spending. Projecting the plans of the Biden/Harris cabal…we could easily be looking at over $12 – $18 trillion in deficit spending during the next 4 years. And who knows how much more funny money the Fed will create on its own…it could be another $5 -$15 trillion more.

I see no way the US economic system can realistically handle that…at all. Well, not unless the federal government takes drastic action…that we will seriously regret as average folks.

Yes, there are all kinds of speculation regarding the “Great Reset”…some is hogwash, some is more realistic. But, to one degree or another, the reset is coming. It won’t be a “crash”, it will be more a “phase-in/phase-out” situation that takes place. But, have no doubt about it…it will support rabid authoritarian governments at the national level controlled by a strong global-centered entity. Yes, that means essentially four tiers of people post-reset; 1) global-level elites, 2) national-level elites, 3) bureaucrats and technocrats that enable the new economic model, 4) workers who provide the resources for the top 3 tiers to enjoy the new model…mostly the top two tiers. So your guess who benefits and who pays for those benefits.

I still maintain that a “crash” could occur. But, it would be proceeded by an event of such magnitude as to bring down the whole system. The reset is a more probable scenario, but the crash could occur at virtually any time.

There is a noteworthy movement developing in the country right now…Freedom Cells. I am not 100% up to speed on them but they are widespread and growing at a respectable pace. The problem is there is no set overall standard for who gets involved or what their mission statement is…each cell can be, and is, different. Here locally the majority of the Freedom Cells are keeping out racists, militia people, Sovereign Citizens, conspiracy nuts, most crazies, etc. But that may not be the case in each “cell”.

The basics of their concept is good…an alternative economy when needed…mostly based on the barter system. However, as I spoke with one cell leader he mentioned to me that they are struggling to keep out “undesirables”. Those folks that would bring unwanted attention to their group and others who would promote violence and other unwelcome activity. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to “vet” each newcomer. I also warned them about trying to acquire or maintain a secret status. Nothing draws the attention of the federal law enforcement agencies more than a group trying to be secret in their activities, especially email/text communications…particularly so-called “secure” communications. I suggested that they hold each meeting, conversation, email/text exchange as if an FBI informant was sitting right there participating…because they probably are.

So be cautious if you run into these folks, do not act too hastily. Be supportive when you can, we aware, but be careful until you can personally vet who they are locally and what their goals are.

So bottom line…as you can tell knowing me as you do…2021 will be two things…a darkening and continuing trip down the rabbit hole like none other…on the macro level. And it will also be a time of incredible light on the micro level.

On 12/1/2020 I wrote Personal Message this Evening… in which I made a “call to action” to you. The personal messages I’ve received and discussions I’ve had with some of you amaze me! You folks have rallied just as I expected you too. Thank you!!!!

Now, in 2021 those actions, and more, will be the “light”…it will be the “good”…it will be that which helps push away the darkness that is descending upon us. Please read that message again for more information, a little inspiration, and a few ideas. But get out there and do good!!!! Be the good!!!

On a practical level I want to suggest some things to you…

  1. Read/review the following books; 1984, Brave New World, and especially The Art of War.
  2. Watch the following movies; Snowden, The Report, and Waco: The Rules of Engagement.
  3. Watch the TV show Manhunt: Deadly Games (Richard Jewell).
  4. The economy will respect personal property longer than monetary based legal instruments.
  5. Crashes can’t take away skills. Basic skills can be of huge value when times are tough. The ultimate skill(s) is being able to keep you and your family safe.
  6. Any gear trumps no gear, quality gear trumps junk gear, quality training trumps gear, skills trump training, community trumps it all. My moto for years and years…please think about it.
  7. Continue to migrate to “principles vs politics”…it is very important. <read more here>
  8. Work diligently on your “plan”…ensure you have a back-up to that plan…and have a fallback plan for all of it. (i.e. Plan A, Plan B, Plan C).
  9. Prepare/learn/perfect your ability to grow some of your own food.
  10. Find others of like mind, vet them, work/plan/play with them, think about a future working together with them.

If there was ever a time to prepare…it is NOW!

I cannot express to you enough of what is coming, the speed of which it will come, and what you need to do to prepare for it. If you live in and think in a box you will get run over and crushed. Get out of your box, think out of the box, engage with those who are doing likewise. Be prepared to help others get out of their box when the time comes…and the time will come.

2021 will be another year where key history is made. Do you part to make and be part of its good history…the kind your grandchildren will be proud of.

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  4. I don’t agree with you on every point. But overall, we’re playing from the same sheet of music.

    So, will that get me on “the list?”

    Hah. I’ve been on that list for years, I’d guess.

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  5. The cabal in power act like they are immune from lead poisoning. Life, no one gets out alive. I fear 6 Jan will be the kick off to a bloody conflict that will spread like a wind driven fire.

    Yawning as I run another swab down the barrel.


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