FAQ – 1/27/2021

  • Do you think Biden is feeble?

Yes. I’ve studied him closely for the last 90 days, very closely. And he has deteriorated even in that short time. If you watch him speak, look closely at his mouth, at times he has significant trouble even forming words. That is a sign of a stroke or other significant brain damage. At times he forgets the entire point he is trying to make. At other times he makes glaring mistakes with the words he uses. And notice how often he appears disoriented. And of course watch him walk, raise his arms, etc. His mental and physical capacity is greatly diminished. I would say he is maybe 60 – 70% there physically, maybe 50 – 60% of his mental capacity.

And yes, that means Kamala will be President soon. How soon? That I don’t know for sure. But with the stress of the office, I would be surprised, shocked actually, if Biden makes it a year…and amazed if he makes it 2 – 3 years.

And as I’ve written before…it is all expected, anticipated, and planned by the Democrats. The whole idea was to get Kamala as President. She is an rabid anti-Constitution authoritarian, fully and totally committed to the Progressive agenda. That was their plan all along…as I’ve stated previously.

  • Do you think that the second impeachment of Trump do good or harm?

Harm. It will further fracture and divide the country beyond what it already is. The whole purpose of Imp2 is to humiliate Trump, prevent him from running again, and teaching his supporters (and all Republicans) a lesson. And that lessen is this…never go outside the box again…stick with the agenda and nominate a person that is part of the “establishment”, part of the agenda, someone who will advance the cause…or be crushed.

And I am sure that in the back of their minds is the fact is will probably spark more division and violence, more “insurrection”…just as we saw on 1/6. And that will be a golden gift to the leftists…one more reason for them to crush the right and any other opposition that may come along.

You see, the Democrats know that this impeachment of Trump will deepen the divide in the country, and even create more of a divisiveness among the right, as we are already seeing. That is their goal. Remember the term, “Divide and Conquer“???? That is exactly what the radical leftists (i.e. Democrats) are doing…and doing so quite effectively.

  • Will the military stay in Washington DC, effectively martial law, and why?

I expect the military to stay in DC for a while, although the numbers will decrease. And the reason…a show of power…pure and simple. It is to show US citizens as well as the world that the leftists are in charge now, here to stay, and are not to be challenged without being crushed.

It is little more than an ego stroke and a symbol of power. The left loves those things…as does the right and the law & order freaks. By in large it is only the libertarians that reject such blatant power symbols and militarism.

Until this country loses its unmitigated lust of power, domestically and globally, will we be unable to find any domestic peace, tranquility, and true security.

  • Don’t you fear for our country and where we are headed?

Oh come on…that was one of the easiest set-ups I’ve ever had!

First off…Look at the header graphic at the top of the page of this website. That should speak volumes.

Then consider this…Why be fearful? The people of the United States have been making pathetic political and civil choices for the last 130 years or so. No, not all our choices have been bad, but those directing the course of our nation have been “poor” …at best. We’ve chosen leaders, Congress and as President, to represent us that have done their very best to destroy us. They passed tens of thousands of laws to restrict or eliminate our rights, freedoms, and liberties that we started with under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We have elected representatives that have consistently fed our lusts and desires…at the expense of our rights. We’ve lost sight of the principles that our Founding Father, along side patriots, fought and died for. We have willingly given up freedom for safety. We embraced a 2-party system when our Founding Faters warned us against them. And now have a single sword with two edges hacking away at “We the People.” We’ve freely sacrificed a Judea-Christian foundation of morality for a world of quenching our most base desires. We’ve replaced civility and a sense of self-sacrifice for a complete vision of “me” that wants only one thing…selfishness.

As a country we’ve brought this on ourselves…as have all empires the world has ever known…and we will watch this empire fall as have all others. It is simple…we encouraged pride over humility. And there are consequences for that choice.

Does it have to stay that way? Of course not! There are millions and millions of good people in this country doing amazing good. We can see it every day around us…many of you, most of you, are those good people…humble, teachable, going out and sacrificing for others. The very same people who would share your food, your clothes, your time and energy, your everything in times of emergencies, disasters, and grid-down.You are those that would, and do, follow the Golden Rule…would follow the words of Christ…even if inconvenient. You know Him, know His word, you have eyes that see, ears that hear, and hearts strong enough to do His will…even when it is not easy to do so. That continued behavior can change the course of this nation. It is just that simple. Yet…many choose to do otherwise.

So no, I don’t fear for our country. I do pray for it, I do continue to write, I continue to share, I continue to give service. I do what I can…but I don’t fear.


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