Biden/Harris Colluding with…

So we have Biden/Harris stopping all oil & gas leasing and new oil & gas drilling on all public lands.

Then we have Biden/Harris also stopping construction of the XL Pipeline.

And we have Biden/Harris ready to issue an Executive Order to ban fracking.

Obviously we lose 100,000+ high paying jobs in those industries according to economists. But have you noticed that the price of gasoline has gone up 15% recently? Yup, thanks to Biden/Harris and their extremist anti-oil agenda.

So we have a massive loss of US jobs occurring and a rapidly increasing price of gasoline at the pump…turning the employed into unemployed and hurting all Americans at the pump.

So is that all?????   Nope!!!

So who really benefits from this radical and rabid anti-oil agenda?  Think about it…did you guess any particular country or countries yet?

So who are the truly major oil and gas producers in the world? If you guessed the Middle East and Russia you would have guessed right.

There you have it, plain as day, hard evidence that Biden/Harris colluding to improve the wealth and power of Russia and the Middle East. And just as a reminder…Iran is a major oil & gas producer in the Middle East.

And just a reminder…It was Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, who inked a HUGE deal with Russia while Joe Biden was Vice President. And it was Joe Biden who was one of the leads on the Iranian Nuclear Deal that enabled Iran to develop a nuclear weapon…AND it was Biden who was a key player on the “plane load of cash” payoff to Iran as well.

So we can easily see that not only is Biden/Harris making significant moves to hurt American and American citizens…he is also empowering some of our biggest enemies…and making them wealthy.

Yup, the Biden Crime Family at its finest!

Just a thought…Any ideas on why Biden/Harris hate America so much that they would help our enemies to such a huge degree? Oh, maybe they are not “our” enemies…maybe just enemies of the non-leftists in America…and great friends (and business partners) of Biden/Harris.


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