Proud Boys leader was ‘prolific’ informer for law enforcement

This is one of the reasons I told all of you to not be part of any militia…ANY militia group…period! And I told ya’ll repeatedly that federal law enforcement, specifically the FBI, had informers or undercover agents in every militia group.

I have questions for you at the end of this post…please ask them of yourself…then thoughtfully answer them to yourself.

“Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys extremist group (national chairman), has a past as an informer for federal and local law enforcement, repeatedly working undercover for investigators after he was arrested in 2012, according to a former prosecutor and a transcript of a 2014 federal court proceeding obtained by Reuters.”

The article came from court documents and interviews with court officials, FBI and law enforcement officials, and Tarrio’s own attorneys. Excerpts from the article…

“In the Miami hearing, a federal prosecutor, a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and Tarrio’s own lawyer described his undercover work and said he had helped authorities prosecute more than a dozen people in various cases…”

“Law-enforcement officials and the court transcript contradict Tarrio’s denial. In a statement to Reuters, the former federal prosecutor in Tarrio’s case, Vanessa Singh Johannes, confirmed that “he cooperated with local and federal law enforcement, to aid in the prosecution of those running other, separate criminal enterprises…”

“The records uncovered by Reuters are startling because they show that a leader of a far-right group now under intense scrutiny by law enforcement was previously an active collaborator…”

“Tarrio’s then-lawyer Jeffrey Feiler said in court that his client had worked undercover in numerous investigations…”

Tarrio “…provided substantial assistance in the investigation and prosecution of other persons involved in criminal conduct.”

OK, so here are my questions for you…

If you were/are a member of Proud Boys, and you had discussed some plans, some ideas, some imaginations, or some boisterous BS…what would you be thinking about now?

Remember, I have dealt with undercover fed sources…and they are sly and well trained to get you to say things you otherwise wouldn’t. Do you think you might be a little nervous about now?

Since the Proud Boys are now labeled as a far right-wing domestic terrorist organization…how do you think the FBI, DHS, and all the other fed agencies would view Proud Boy members?



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