Warning !

I hesitate to post this. I really do. I worry about what is happening and I worry about what comes next. Most of all I worry about the soul of our country. Actually, the soul of our country is lost…yup, gone!

What is left is the individual’s soul, the family’s soul, the soul of our congregation’s and community’s…and in some rare cases, our state’s souls. But, our country is done…unless something drastic occurs.

As you can tell by the number of posts I’ve been making since 1/7…there is a lot I am concerned about…and much more I haven’t even shared with you. The sheer volume of events and information would keep me busy 24/7 researching, verifying, sourcing, and writing. The Biden/Harris regime, along with their media and big-tech conspirators, are moving at light-speed to transform the United States of America into some weird and contorted form of Communism/Socialism/Marxism/Fascism/Corporatism. But more than just “weird” it is beyond dangerous and deadly…it is destructive of all we cherish about our Constitutional Republic.

I have been warning about our growing and deepening police state. I’ve been warning about the militarization of federal law enforcement agencies and the use of actual military troops against civilians, I’ve been warning about the utter evil that the FBI is and does. As obvious and well-documented as all of this is, these warnings have been compartmentalized for the most part. However, that ends today. Why today? Because it has all come together in a great coalescing.

Yesterday a man, Douglass Mackey, a 31-year-old social media influencer, was arrested by the FBI. His horrific and evil crime was laid out for all to see…Wait, I almost can’t bring myself to even speak of his horrible, Satanic, terrible crimes.

His crime “…conspiring to spread disinformation…”

Wait you say! He is a Russian agent, a Chinese spy, the head of a international crime family trying to bring down America?

Ah, no.

You see Douglass Mackey’s crime was…he supported Trump in his election bid. And while doing so Doug created memes that were sarcastic, cynical, mocking, and at times represented false information about some Democrats. NONE of which is a crime worthy of FBI storm troopers…until now.

Yes, you read that right…he was a political opponent of Democrats and active on the Internet pursuing his craft…a “journalist” if you will…in support of Trump.

1984 is here…thank you Biden/Harris!

Let’s leave Doug for a minute for…My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. Mike is (or at least was) an avid Trump supporter in act, deed, and financially. The Democrats, the federal government, and the media are coordinating an all out attack on his company and against him personally. They have just about ruined his company…and all the employees he provided jobs for. His crime? A public high-profile Trump supporter.

Also, Democrats are going after GOP politicians…most recently, Marjorie Taylor Greene.They are now trying to destroy her personally and as a GOP Congresswoman…for what? Opposing Biden/Harris agenda and for being a strong vocal advocate for the right.

Those are the latest faces of the Biden/Harris regime’s enemies…but they are only the beginning. The FBI has gone fully operational against America, against Americans, and against the Constitution. They are now in full Gestapo mode.

In the middle of the night…who gets the next door kicked in?  Yours? Mine? Your neighbor? Your Senator? Who?

Be very careful when dealing with the FBI…they have a single agenda.

Just a head’s up, there is a group of Democrats who are reviewing every Congressional GOP politician for any “extremist” views in order to persecute and prosecute them. Yes, “prosecute” them. Their is a group of Democrat operatives working in cooperation with the Biden/Harris regime to identify those GOP Congressmen to single out for persecution and prosecution. If the targets of this group don’t submit…then watch what they have planned.

We have entered a full-blown era of a “purge” unlike anything ever seen in America. The kind of activities now taking place by the Democrats can only be characterized by looking at their counterparts in history…Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc. America has become the worse of any Banana Republic…with a petty, hateful, and deadly dictatorship in control. Oh, and that dictator has the most powerful military in the world at his disposal. Oh, and this dictator also has a 35,000 strong FBI/Gestapo to enforce their every unconstitutional whim.

And worst of all…the FBI is now being used as a tool to go after Americans (such as Doug) just as the Gestapo went after the Jews in Nazi Germany. But the actions of the FBI ranks #1 in the “worst” category by a small margin over the use of US Army troops against our Republic and its citizens.

I ask a simply question…Each one of those US Army troops now occupying Washington DC took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so why are they following the illegitimate orders of the Biden/Harris regime…or do those troops actually see the Biden/Harris regime opposition, average Americans, as a “domestic enemy”? It appears that the US Army has now sided fully with the radical leftist extremist Biden/Harris regime and their agenda…how else could you describe their cooperation and support? I pray I am wrong and there will be a great awakening in the military…but when does that actually happen?

Summary –

We can see plainly now what the Democrats are doing…they are attacking every aspect of opposition against them. They are arresting so-called militia members, they are arresting on-line journalists, they are attacking heads of corporations, they are attacking GOP politicians, and they are attacking average Americans who advocate for Trump, the Constitution, rights/liberties/freedoms, etc.

They have implemented a military occupation of our nation’s capital. They have fully weaponized the FBI and DHS, who are now actively going after any opponent of the Biden/Harris regime or their agenda. The federal government has designated millions and millions of good, patriotic Americans as domestic terrorists! The regime has started rounding up journalists, they are daily attacking businesses that oppose their agenda. They are putting HUGE numbers of average Americans out of work. They are driving prices of basic commodities, such as fuel, sky high at an alarming rate.


“What comes next?”  Valid question. But are you concerned enough about what they are doing now?

But, to answer the question, it all comes tumbling down nationally. The only option for you is to keep yourself informed and clarity of purpose…and keep your family intact, strong, prepared, and ready. Then work with neighbors, congregations, and communities…be ready, be prepared.

I am working on an article for posting later this week on steps you can take, a “to-do list”, to prepare for what comes next, and next, and next.

Contact me with your questions or private messages…


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17 thoughts on “Warning !

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  13. I have been praying for a revival to spread across this nation, but have to come to realize that it likely won’t happen without the country first suffering severe hardship. I am becoming convinced more and more with each passing day, that we are now under God’s judgement. Just like Israel in the old testament, we will have to suffer hardship until we discover that the only solution to our problems is to turn the nation back to God.

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    • Hey Town, you made a spot on point! And yes, choices have consequences…and as a nation we’ve made some very, very bad choices over the last 120 years. And we are now reaping the consequences. May God help us…no one else can. May we turn back to God…one heart at a time. AH

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